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Dark moody bedroom image
PARACHUTE TEAM - March 14, 2023

Inspirational mood matching hues from dark and cozy to bright and energizing.

PARACHUTE TEAM - March 13, 2023

Inspiration for bringing the most beautiful time of day into your home.

Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - February 10, 2023

Jessica came out from behind the camera to tell us about her idyllic southern upbringing and life on set in sunny LA.

Brownstone storefront of Parachute Boston store
Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - January 27, 2023

We just opened our 24th store…and we’re wicked happy about it.

Daniel Powell Headshot
Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - December 8, 2022

Daniel’s a born and bred tinkerer, designer…and kiteboarder! We talked to him about his life at Parachute including what he really thinks of his coworkers. Spoiler – it’s good!

Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - November 26, 2022

We asked Parachute Store Managers what it's really like working during Black Friday.

Design Services Team
PARACHUTE TEAM - November 21, 2022

Learn more about the team who’s styling the most intimate rooms of your home.

Image of Nicole Collins
Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - July 29, 2022

We chatted with Nicole about how she uses her innate sense of creativity and a human-first approach to leading our stores teams. Naturally we also had to ask her Parachute’s favorite question…how does she feel about pineapple on pizza?

parachute bedding
Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - May 19, 2022

Parachute insiders share their tried, tested and most beloved products. Time to prep your cart.

Nick Reshamwalla Head Shot
Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - May 16, 2022

Nick details how he builds and motivates an all-star team, and of course, if he likes pineapple on pizza. We just had to know.

PARACHUTE TEAM - December 6, 2021

This Q+A with Casetta Group will have you wanting to move into any one of their properties.