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How To Bring Beautiful Moody Hues To Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your personal space to unwind after a long day. One of the most effective ways to set the tone in your bedroom is by choosing products and colors that meet your mood – or at least, the mood you’d like to inspire. While bright and bold colors can be energizing, a moody palette can create a calm and cozy atmosphere that promotes rest and relaxation. Whether you're looking to create a peaceful oasis or a romantic setting, a moody color palette can transform your bedroom into the perfect place to escape from the world and recharge your batteries. Neelofer, our West Coast Trade Specialist, helps designers choose the right products and colorways for their projects every day, so we picked her brain on what it is about these palettes that help set the stage for the day ahead. 

We heard you’re the go-to for creating a moody palette – what draws you to these hues?

I love a moody palette! I feel that darker tones don’t always get the recognition they deserve. To me, these hues are the underdogs of the color spectrum, and I like that while they are so profoundly bold, they can pair with nearly any other color we have at Parachute.

What are your tried and true colorways for creating a moody palette?

A common misconception for achieving a moody palette is that it’s necessary to only use dark colors. Personally, I like incorporating lighter options like Moss, Cream, Bone or Melon amongst bolder hues like Terra, Wave, Dusk and Coal. It provides just the right amount of mood while not completely encompassing the space in one specific tone.

What emotions or feelings do these hues bring to a space?

Coal is the darkest color we offer and is the primary selection to achieve the spirit of the word “mood.” While most may consider it to be considered masculine, I think it’s perfect for achieving a cool, Scandinavian or zen, Japandi element in any space. Moss in linen is also just so beautiful, it evokes a soothing, natural atmosphere, while Dusk and Wave are perfect selections to emit a relaxing, spa-like vibe.

Can a moody palette be used in any room?

Our color spectrum offers a lot of versatility. This palette can be easily achieved in any bedroom or living room using some of our best accessories; Euro pillows, throw pillows and blankets. I tend to change colors seasonally which can create a completely different atmosphere and energy.  We’ve also begun offering our Classic Turkish Cotton Towels in both Dusk and Moss, so you can bring the nature and spa aspects from the bedroom and living room to the bathroom!

Tell us about a favorite project you’ve worked on

I recently assisted a new designer to the Trade who met with me at our Venice location. This was her first time outfitting a bedroom and using Parachute, and her client wanted to keep the existing coastal vibe in her room as she lives in Redondo Beach. We went over our color palette together and Wave and Cream made the cut. She was so happy and appreciative with the final install and told me her client felt the same – making Parachute a go-to for future work.

Tell us a little about your day-to-day and how you work with clients

My day-to-day varies, so I don’t necessarily have a set schedule – which is what I love about being the West Coast Trade Specialist! My day starts off by going through reports and emails. I have a lot of follow-ups from where I left off the day prior and spend time thanking Trade clients for shopping with us. If I have requests for purchase orders coming in, I’ll start my day off by taking care of the client first. My region is fairly large and includes Alaska, Hawaii and all of California – so I’m fairly busy, but you can find me at any of our LA stores meeting our Trade clients and working closely with the retail teams. Every day is different which is always exciting!  

Speak to Neelofer or another one of our Trade specialists and learn how to become a Trade member today. Looking for a Design Consultation? Get in touch with our Design Services team about your space – be it a question about a refresh or fully reimagining your home – with a free 30 or 60-minute consultation

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