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Life at Parachute

Behind the Seams: Working At a Parachute Store During the Busiest Time of Year

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Like clockwork, Black Friday comes around and we impatiently wait for emails to come in, websites to update or store signs to illuminate with what will surely be an exciting offer for this year’s promotions. It’s a time we all relish. A time we can fulfill our gift list for loved ones and of course…sneak in a few gifts for ourselves (because it’s been a long year). The same goes for Parachute. We only go on sale twice per year and end-of-year is always the busiest. This year, we’ve added an additional 12 stores into the mix, bringing the total to 22 locations to shop from, including online of course. And, what’s more – is this year we launched furniture – all of which is included in our 20% off promotion. Dive into something cozy! Happy shopping, happy styling, happy gifting. Cheers!

What Parachute products are most popular during Sale?

Our Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale is all about the bedding refresh. Our Linen Sheet Sets are very popular amongst customers looking to set themselves up for quality rest going into the new year. Our next major must-have is the Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt. It's the perfect cozy quilt not only for your bed but also for a movie marathon on the sofa! — Eileen, Store Manager, Chicago

Tell us about the shopping experience during this chaotic time of year.

It truly didn't feel very chaotic, thank goodness! Starting with a very knowledgeable team that knew what to plan for and making a game plan that made us feel very confident. The only thing I underestimated was scheduling the first Monday of the sale one time, which we, fortunately, got help from our Studio City store team. So grateful for the teamwork. Other than that everything felt really well put together — for both us and customers. —Rachel, Store Manager, Venice

How do you and your team stay motivated and energized during such a busy time of year?

We make sure to celebrate everything and everyone! Whether it’s a first-time transaction for a part-time seasonal hire or a mattress sale, we are sure to give high fives and praise! On our daily selling and service charts, I make sure to put reminders for the floor lead to check in with the team during their MOD hour. This often looks like “remind them to drink water!”, “ask them how they are doing?” or “tell them to feel free to take a 5.” I think this ensures that everyone is looking out for one another during a super busy period. We also do a sales update every two hours. So everyone on the team knows where we're at. Have we met the goal or are we close? They love to know the numbers, especially after successfully transacting! — Morgan, Store Manager, Austin

What’s your favorite memory from Parachute’s end-of-year Sale?

My favorite memory from our Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale has to be when I helped a frantic customer shop for her guest bedroom. Her son was coming to visit for Thanksgiving and she wanted to make a great first impression on her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  It was really fun styling the bed with her and hearing how cozy it was for them. The bar has definitely been set high for her son ;) — Cristina, Store Manager, Washington D.C.

How do you rest and recharge after a Parachute sale?

Nothing like a Bossanova playlist, bubble bath, and Brushed Cotton sheets to recharge post-sale! — Karl, Store Manager, Silver Lake