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Life at Parachute

Parachute Employees Share Their Favorite Products Just in Time For Sale

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When it comes to the Parachute sale there are a few things you should know. First, the sale runs from Monday, May 23rd to – Monday, May 30th. Second, it only happens twice a year and the next one isn’t until November. And, third, prep your cart well ahead of time because fan favorites are sure to fly off the (literal and digital) shelves. To help you prepare we’ve asked our fellow Paratroopers to share their most treasured products. From bed to bath they’ve got your inspiration needs covered. Happy sale time everyone!

Cade, Director, Talent Acquisition: Vintage Linen Bed Cover

My favorite product is our Vintage Linen Bed Cover. I tend to sleep hot and this product allows me to not only feel the softness of the vintage linen, but also keeps me cool throughout the night. I also like this product because it’s very versatile. I’ll use it as a throw while lounging around the house. I’ve gifted this to both of my sisters, one in the natural colorway and the other in coal. They both rave about the softness and the “lived in” feel of it. 

Amy, Chief Creative Officer: Brushed Cotton

Brushed Cotton has been a game-changer in my house. The first night I brought it home my husband remarked that it felt better than any high-end hotel bedding.  It's the perfect balance of soft and breathable. It feels truly luxurious. We used to be Linen all-day-every-day but the Brushed Cotton has risen to the top of our Linen closet.

Garvit, Strategic Finance Associate: Linen Venice Set

I'm a big fan of the Linen Venice Set! It's my go-to not just for its ability to regulate temperature depending on the time of the year but also for how it gives my bedroom a super comfy look. It would complement any bed and home and is perfect for anyone looking for a trans-seasonal, durable and soft bedding solution. Terra is by far my fav color for this set but we’re always innovating so it’s always possible that could change in the future!

Whitney, Senior Brand Manager: Cloud Cotton Robe

I live in my Cloud Cotton Robe – robes actually. I have four. With each new colorway we launch I fall even more in love. This robe is so soft and light enough for the warm months but still cozy for the cool ones. I wear it after every shower and when I’m relaxing around the house over my loungewear. I’ve even fallen asleep in it. A great gift for others and yourself.

Riley, Portland Store Manager: Percale Sheeting

Every Spring, I’m very conscious of the transition to warmer weather and I begin to change out my bedding to cooler sleeping fabrics. Our Percale sheets are my favorite fabrication year-round due to the cool-to-the-touch feel, but even more so as the nights get balmier in the Pacific Northwest. The crisp, inviting texture makes getting into bed a treat and I always wake up refreshed and ready to face the day!