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The Warmest & Coziest Bedding for Cold Winter Nights

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As temperatures begin to drop, we’re all tempted to spend more time in bed. Whether you’re taking an afternoon nap, having breakfast in bed on a cold Sunday morning or simply reading a good book under a few extra warm bedding layers, your bed is the perfect spot to get cozy this winter.

And just like you update your home for fall and summer to be more in sync with the weather, your bed also deserves a seasonal makeover. The goal is to make it even more comfortable and inviting by switching up your airy summer sheets for warm bedding. So the next time you crawl into bed, your reward will be a blissful night’s sleep in the softest and coziest winter bedding. 

Ready to transform your bed into sleeping heaven? Read on for a detailed guide on the best warm bed sheets for winter and the most stylish ideas on how to layer bedding for warmth.

The Best Warm Bedding Materials

Your cozy night in bed starts with the right warm bedding set. You probably know that certain bed sheets such as those made from linen or percale are more appropriate for summer, but which ones should you style your bed with when temperatures take a nosedive and you need some extra warmth? Here we rounded up the top winter bedding ideas and materials.


Sateen is a smooth and silky fabric made from 100 percent cotton. The reason for its lustrous appearance is a specific weaving technique — the same used to produce satin fabric — that results in its signature glossy surface. But sateen delivers so much more than just high-end looks. While satin is usually woven with delicate fibers such as silk, sateen is manufactured by weaving much thicker cotton yarns. The result is a strong, extra soft and warm material that is thicker than regular cotton fabric. Some of the best warm sheets are made from sateen, as it traps heat much better and more efficiently than other bedding fabrics. To learn more about how sateen compares to other popular winter bedding materials, compare accordingly in the Sateen vs. Satin vs. Silk guide. 

Sateen is the quintessential winter bedding material both in terms of looks and feel. It is naturally wrinkle-free, drapes beautifully, and has some of the most noteworthy cotton features: breathability and lightweight.

Read our post Sateen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer, if you’d like to learn more about this snuggly material.

Brushed Cotton

We all have that one favorite, extra soft t-shirt we love lounging in. Well, brushed cotton bedding feels exactly like it — super cozy and smooth — plus it’s extra warm. As its name suggests, brushed cotton starts out just like regular cotton fabric. But to give the material that flannel-like look and feel, it undergoes special treatment. Metal brushes fluff the fabric up, leaving it incredibly soft. Like sateen, brushed cotton has some great insulating qualities, but it won’t make you sweat or overheat. In fact, brushed cotton bedsheets are airy and breathable, just like regular cotton, and have that effortlessly chic look.

Read more about the fabric in our guide: Brushed Cotton: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.


Unsurprisingly, wool is one of the best winter bedding materials. It’s made from natural fibers sourced from sheep or goats. The material is known for its durability, moisture-wicking, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and, of course, superior insulating qualities.

Like cotton, different types of wool produce very different bed linen products, each with a unique look and feel. Many people associate wool with that dreaded itchy feeling, but scratchiness isn’t always a given. 

Merino wool, for example, is an excellent choice for smooth and breathable bed sheets, perfect for winter. Cashmere, alpaca, and mohair wool are ideal for throws and blankets. One of the downsides of wool is that the fabric is quite pricey and wool bedding is not as easy to wash and dry at home as cotton.

Down and Down Alternative

We can’t talk about warm bedding without mentioning down and down alternative. These two materials are often used as filling for warm duvets, comforters, pillows or mattress toppers. Down is a fluffy, natural material sourced from ducks and geese. Down bedding is extra warm and breathable because the material naturally expands, creating pockets of air. But down has one major downside — its price. Harvesting down takes time and effort, and its price certainly reflects that. 

Down alternative, on the other hand, is a great option that won’t break the bank. Made from fibers that imitate natural down, down alternative is hypoallergenic and will keep you just as warm during the cold winter months.

Read more about the difference between the two materials here: Down vs. Down Alternative: A 2021 Comparison Guide and Down Duvet 101.

Types of Warm Bedding Products

Choosing the right winter decor and bedding for your bedroom and lifestyle will be a piece of cake given the enormous variety of products available on the market.

Bed Sheets

You need at least a couple of warm bedding sets, so you’ll always have a clean one to style your bed with. Brushed cotton and sateen are wonderful options that are soft, breathable and durable. They do look slightly different, though. Brushed cotton bedding is perfect for boho-chic bedrooms, while silky sateen will be an ideal fit in a modern room. You can find many bedding products like shams, fitted and top sheets and duvet covers made from each material.

Mattress Toppers

Your mattress can be perfectly comfortable and you can still benefit from adding a topper to it. There is no better time to do so than in the fall. A mattress topper or a mattress pad will provide you with that extra dose of coziness and warmth at night that will make your bed so much more comfortable. It’s essentially an extra layer that looks a bit like a comforter that you place over your mattress and under the fitted sheet. 

The mattress toppers you’ll find at Parachute are filled with hypoallergenic down alternative that is as fluffy as natural down. You can also opt for a down mattress pad that will protect your mattress and keep you cozy in the winter.

Top of Bedding Options

From warm blankets and comforters to warm bed covers and quilts, the top-of-bed category is the most diverse and fun to choose from.

A fluffy duvet is an absolute must-have during the colder months. It’ll make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. However, if you’re not a cold sleeper or you live in a place with a mild climate that doesn’t require you to layer up in the fall, you can opt for a warm quilt that doubles as a blanket. You can also choose a couple of lightweight throws. Certain types of warm summer bedding can also work for warm sleepers. For instance, consider quilts made from linen that provide some extra warmth without making you sweat.

How to Layer Your Bedding in Cooler Months

Now that you have all the components to transform your bed into the coziest spot in your home, it’s time to style them. Turning your bed into an Instagram-worthy dream isn’t difficult to achieve. The secret is layering your winter bedding with both style and function in mind.

Of course, it all starts with your mattress, and a mattress topper to provide some extra warmth and fluffiness. A mattress pad can also be very useful as it protects your mattress from dust mites and damage from accidental spills.

Sheets are probably the most essential layer, because your skin is in constant and direct contact with them. Choose a warm bedding set that’s soft, breathable and durable. Choose a fitted sheet with a deep enough pocket to fit your mattress and mattress topper.  If you’re a fan of sleeping with a top sheet, layer it over your fitted sheet. If not, your comforter comes next. Whether you choose a down duvet insert or a down alternative duvet, make sure you purchase a duvet cover, too. This isn’t just a great way to show off your personal style. It’s also necessary to protect your comforter and keep it clean for longer.

For some extra cushioning, style your sleeping pillows with some decorative throw pillows. Stick to odd numbers when styling throws or shams, and go for a variety of shapes and sizes as this adds texture and visual interest to the bed. 

Finally, a warm bedspread, blanket or quilt will inject an extra dose of personal style into your bedroom decor. You can cuddle up in it when you’re lounging on your bed but aren’t ready to go to sleep under your top sheet just yet.

Want more tips on styling your bed? See our guide: How to Layer and Style Your Bed Like a Stylist in 2021.

When Do You Need to Switch Up Your Bedding?

The answer to this question will largely depend on where you live, and what time of year the weather cools there. But in general, early to mid-fall is a good time to switch up your summer bedding for warmer bed sheets. Don’t wait for the snow to pile up in your backyard to make your bedroom cozy.

You can actually sleep in warm bedlinen during most months of the year and even year-round. The reason? If you invest in high-quality cotton bedding, you’ll end up with breathable and airy bedsheets that won’t trap excessive heat and that are also appropriate to use during the warmer months. And if you’re a cold sleeper by nature, you will undoubtedly appreciate that extra dose of warmth on a cool summer night.

Where to Shop for High-Quality Winter Bedding?

Curling up in bed this winter can be a luxurious experience, thanks to the wide range of warm bedding options you’ll find at Parachute. Whether you’re looking to do a complete bedding overhaul of your bedroom or guest bedroom, or add a few extra top-of-bedding layers, we carry a wide range of products made from the best materials.

Parachute’s sateen and brushed cotton bedding, for example, is made from the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton. Our bedding products are available in a variety of colors and designs that will make your bedroom look like a luxury hotel, while keeping you warm and cozy. Fall blissfully asleep under our supremely fluffy down and down alternative comforters, and style your bed with one of our many beautiful top-of-bedding options for a magazine-worthy look.

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