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Magical Sunroom Ideas For Your Home

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No matter where you live, a sunroom offers year-round delight. Sometimes called a solarium, sun porch or patio room, the space is fully covered with large windows that allow you to soak up natural light and enjoy the view without stepping foot outdoors.

You want your sunroom to be comfortable and welcoming but also functional in all four seasons. When done right, it can be a truly special place — there's a reason many people refer to their sun porch as their favorite room in the home.

If you're thinking about adding a sunroom to your house or want to spruce up your current solarium, you've come to the right place. This guide will walk you through some of the best sunroom ideas, including tips for furnishing the space, decorating advice and guidance on color selection.

21 Sunroom Decor Ideas

Sunrooms aren't just for summertime lounging. They're also an ideal spot for sipping tea in the fall, cozying up with a book in the winter, watching flowers bloom in the spring and relaxing any time of year.

The space should be pleasant and cozy while reflecting your personal style and catering to your unique needs. Factors like the size of the room, window placement and what you envision doing in your patio room will impact the design.

Need some inspiration? Check out these sunroom decor ideas.

Indoor Lounge Furniture

A sunroom is nothing if not for lounging. With this in mind, look for furniture you can sit back and relax in, like a recliner, chaise or daybed. Whether you're reading a book or curling up with a cup of coffee, you'll always be glad to have comfy seating.

For more tips on selecting furniture, check out these 35 Stylish and Functional Living Room Sofa Ideas.

Porch-Style Furnishings

Sunrooms are often converted patios or decks, and some are true indoor/outdoor living spaces. You can lean into this vibe with porch-style furnishings. Think wicker chairs, loveseats with exposed wood armrests and durable, outdoor-friendly upholstery.

If you like this design aesthetic, read our blog to learn how to ​​Create Your Cottagecore Dream Home.

Wood-Framed Furniture

One of the best sunroom furniture ideas is to incorporate wood-framed pieces. The style balances indoor comfort with outdoor practicality, which is perfect for this in-between space. And you can always enhance the plushness with decorative pillows.

Our article offers detailed guidance on How to Clean Wood Furniture the Right Way.

Reading Nook

Sunroom ideas often include reading nooks. After all, devouring a page-turner is one of the go-to activities people enjoy doing in the space. Consider a comfy armchair, a chaise lounge or an accent chair with a footrest. Make sure there's good lighting nearby too — not just from the windows but also from a lamp so you can read after the sun goes down.

Strategic Furniture Placement

Sunrooms typically have large windows with nature views, whether it's a sprawling mountain range, a bubbling creek, a tree grove or your own backyard. Facing furniture toward the windows will allow you to enjoy the scenery from the warmth and comfort of your home.

Read our blog for tips on Creating a Nature-Inspired Home.

Chair Swing

A chair swing is an excellent addition to a sunroom. It's not only comfortable but also makes a cool, playful statement. If you're not up for hanging one from the ceiling, you can get a free-standing model and place the stand anywhere.

Here are 31 more Living Room Accent Chair Ideas to explore.

Bench Swing

Or how about a bench-style swing instead of a loveseat or sofa? With the soothing rocking motion of a hammock but much sturdier, this endlessly comfy piece doubles as a couch and a daybed.

Like this furniture style? Read our guide to learn How to Create a Tasteful Modern Farmhouse Bedroom.

Decorative Pillows and Throws

When it comes to sunroom decor ideas, decorative pillows and throws are a must. These essential pieces add texture, dimension and warmth to a space while breaking up the monotony of an otherwise neutral color scheme.

Want to know How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer? Our blog has all the tips.

Side Tables

You might not have the space for a coffee table in your sunroom — or even need one, for that matter. However, a couple of side tables will go a long way, giving you a place to set drinks, snacks, books, reading glasses and other things you want within reach.

Here are 33 Stylish and Functional Side Table Decor Ideas to explore.

Multi-Use Bench

Another sunroom idea is to get a multi-use bench. Aside from an extra place to sit, this exceptionally versatile piece can act as a coffee table or a serving station in a pinch. 

Read our article for guidance on How to Style Your Home with an Indoor Bench.

Light-Filtering Window Coverings

While sunrooms are all about letting natural light in, the right window coverings will allow you to filter light and block glare as needed throughout the day. Lightweight curtains or sheers will also make the space look more complete.

Our guide covers all the Best Curtain Colors, Sizes, Materials and Decor Ideas.

Flat-Weave Area Rug

While solariums can feel like outdoor spaces, sunroom ideas should generally include area rugs. Instead of plush or high-pile designs, go with a braided jute rug or another flat-woven option that's easy to vacuum and shake out if needed.

What Is a Jute Rug? Read our blog to find out, then discover the Best Rugs for Every Room.

Ample Greenery

With all the natural light shining through the windows, a porch room is an ideal place for potted plants. Sunroom plants can include anything from succulents and cactuses to fiddle-leaf fig trees and ivy with ambitious climbing vines.

Here are the Top 16 Indoor Plants for Clean Air in Your Home.

Natural Materials

When in doubt, choose natural materials, like wood, wicker, rattan, jute, sisal, leather, linen and cotton. As an outdoor-inspired indoor space, this will lend to a down-to-earth appeal that aligns with the nature views.

Natural fibers are a critical aspect of feng shui. Consider integrating these Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas into your sunroom renovation.

Organic Textures

Some of the best sunroom decor ideas feature a medley of organic textures. It could be a fringed throw, a cozy cable-knit blanket, a tasseled pillow, a tufted pouf, rattan chairs, a braided area rug or woven baskets.

Here are 23 Basket Decor and Storage Ideas for every room of the home.

Seasonless Color Palette

A sunroom is sometimes called a three-season room, meaning it's warm enough to use in the spring, summer and fall but potentially not in the winter. On the other hand, a four-season room is functional year-round. In any case, you're wise to choose a seasonless color palette that works any time of year.

Need specific pointers? The Parachute Color Guide will guide you through selecting a color scheme that works for your space.

Bold Pops of Color

On the other hand, don't be afraid to include a few bold pops of color. With a traditional Persian rug, wicker furniture, a lantern-style pendant light and an assortment of pillows in playful hues, this sunroom has a laid-back bohemian appeal.

If you like this aesthetic, see our article, The Art of Thrifting: The Boho Bedroom.

Multi-Use Functionality

Though the most popular use of a patio room is for lounging, you might consider sunroom ideas that incorporate multi-use functionality. For instance, the space can double as a home office or an art studio.

If you're always looking for ways to make the most of your available space, you'll appreciate these 29 Home Office/Guest Bedroom Ideas.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Your sunroom probably has ample natural lighting, but that doesn't mean you can go without lamps entirely. Pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, battery-powered lanterns and string lights are all great choices.

For more inspiration, check out these 27 Living Room Lighting Ideas.

Wall Decor

When compiling sunroom decor ideas, don't overlook the walls. You can hang traditional framed art, a tapestry, a series of shallow baskets, or even a large mirror to reflect the natural light back from the windows.

Read our article to learn How to Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home.

Wall Decor Alternatives

Of course, your sunroom design may not have much available wall space once you account for all the windows and doors. Instead of hanging traditional art, consider alternative wall-covering options, like wallpaper, shiplap or wood paneling that expands onto the ceiling.

Want more tips? Here are 37 Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home.

Furniture, Home Decor and Housewares From Parachute

These sunroom decorating ideas should inspire you to design a space that suits your unique needs and aesthetic preferences. When you're ready to kick things off, start by browsing the home decor and housewares from Parachute. You'll find everything from thoughtfully crafted furniture, lighting and curtains to woven baskets, decorative pillows and throws. 

If you're still stuck on how to decorate the room, an experienced design specialist at Parachute can assist. They can help with furniture selection, layouts, color palettes, choosing accent pieces — you name it. Schedule your free online consultation today!

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