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The Parachute Color Guide

Woman sitting in chair in colorful room
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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Color always sets the mood. Color is a way to express yourself, evoke feelings and create ambiance. We love to play with color at Parachute and have expanded our palette to include everything from neutrals, to sunset tones, to earthy hues to bold pops. Color has the ability to transform your home and how you feel when you step inside. If you want calm and serene a cool, minimal palette might be best. Or if you want to feel creative you might gravitate towards vibrant, warm colors. With lots of options, we created a guide to help you find the colors that make you feel at home. 


Cooling Tones

If you desire creating a serene, relaxing and tranquil environment in your home, cool tones are the way to bring that feeling to life. Cream, white, grey, beige, soft blue and light green all help to create a calming atmosphere. We love to incorporate these soothing shades in the bathroom to create a spa-like experience. Classic Turkish Cotton Towels in cream paired with our Checkered Bath Rug help to set a calm and minimalist vibe in the bathroom.


Warm Hues

Do you love a sunset palette? Do vibrant colors bring you happiness? Are you looking to make your room look rich with color? If so, warm tones are the way to go! Glowing hues like rose, clay, ochre, terra, sand and amber bring energy to a room. To create a bold, welcoming look we love a terra and ochre linen. It's reminiscent of a fiery sunset and makes a statement in the bedroom.


Pops of Color

Do you love to mix and match? Does a bright color in a neutral space give you a thrill? If so, a pop of color might be the right combo for you. Incorporating bright colors into the room adds a sense of freshness and surprise. A minimalist palette gives you the room to add bits of color without compromising the overall look and feel of the room. Perhaps a bold yellow makes you feel happy or a spot of blue reminds you of your favorite trip. Our Cobalt Vintage Linen Body Pillow adds an unexpected wow factor to this otherwise neutral room. The lush blue looks amazing mixed with whites, creams and tans! Whatever it is, adding pops of color allows you to show off your playful personality and design style while still being understated. Try it out!


Monochrome Look

If you have a favorite color that you just can't get enough of...a monochrome look is the chic design choice for you. Outfitting a room in one basic hue with various tints, tones and shades is how you create this aesthetic. Bold and dramatic, this is a color palette that will certainly get attention. It can be very elegant when done right! Our Brushed Cotton in Dusk is a beautiful yet bold choice for a monochrome look. A full bed in a calming, moody blue makes an impact while still being soft and pretty. Brushed Cotton is the ultimate fabric – soft as can be and the perfect weight for year round use. Every member of the Parachute team wants to sleep in Brushed Cotton!