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Rustic Bathroom Ideas: The Best Bathroom Decor for Your Home

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Rustic interior design is all about time-worn furnishings, repurposed materials, natural elements, and vintage accents. But everyone's interpretation of the aesthetic is slightly different, and there are virtually endless routes you can take.

If you're drawn to this decor style and want to incorporate it into your bathroom, you've come to the right place. Find a roundup of rustic bathroom ideas below, including tips for selecting materials, color considerations, and functional pieces with decorative appeal.

The 21 Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas to Consider

Whether you're designing your space from scratch or sprucing up your current digs, you'll find all the best rustic bathroom ideas here. Let's dive in.

Wooden Accents

Rustic bathrooms often feature a medley of wooden accents. This may include a vanity, drawer pulls, mirror frames, plant potters, light fixtures, towel rods, built-in shelving, or a small stool. Just make sure any wood you place in your bathroom has a moisture-resistant finish to prevent damage from inevitable splashing and humidity.

Blackened Bronze Hardware

Blackened bronze hardware lends to an old-fashioned, time-worn appeal that's perfect for rustic or farmhouse-inspired design schemes. You can incorporate it into your bathroom with faucets, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, doorknobs, and a showerhead.

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Towel Ladder

One of the easiest rustic bathroom ideas is to place a ladder against the wall and hang towels from the rungs. This provides the characteristic "reclaimed" look while offering practical functionality. Plus, the vertical design has a small footprint, and you can move it around as needed.

See our guide to learn How to DIY a Blanket Ladder for throws or bath towels.

Oversized Distressed Planter

The bathroom might not be the first place you think to put a plant — especially not a large one. But with the right humidity-friendly species and planter, it can really enhance the overall design. If you're aiming for a rustic aesthetic, opt for an oversized distressed pot that looks like it was salvaged from a flea market.

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Wall-Mounted Faucets

If you're drawn to modern farmhouse bathroom style, this one's for you. Wall-mounted faucets have a back-to-basic vibe reminiscent of a simple home life. To elevate your space, consider a double vanity with vessel sinks and dual mirrors.

For more on this design aesthetic, see our guide on How to Create a Tasteful Modern Farmhouse Bedroom.

Rolling Wood Door

Looking for small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget? A rolling wood door might be just the thing. Whether you opt for a barn-style panel or something slightly more sophisticated, this is a relatively affordable upgrade that'll save you space in both the bathroom and the hallway leading into it.

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Wooden Stool

A wooden stool is a super simple and budget-friendly accent piece that can have an immense effect on the overall look of your bathroom. It's compact, portable, and visually appealing. Plus, you can place various items on it, like a small plant, a stack of rolled towels, or a cup of tea while taking a bath.

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Floating Vanity

Have you thought about installing a floating vanity? This bathroom checks the rustic box by including a weathered wood countertop and wall-mounted faucets, then elevates the style with the clean lines of modern square sinks and dual rectangular mirrors.

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Industrial Rustic Bathroom

You can also combine rustic bathroom decor with other design styles. This bathroom features a knotted wood floating vanity, a medicine cabinet with shutter-style doors, slouchy braided storage baskets, a vintage mirror, and concrete tile walls.

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Rustic Shower Tile

If you're renovating your bathroom or designing it from scratch, you can incorporate rustic shower tile and backsplash. This home used lippage tile to create a time-worn look, meaning the edges of each piece are slightly uneven.

What about the shower curtain? Our Guide to Shower Curtains will walk you through all the best materials and styles.

Windowpane Shower

One of the best rustic bathroom ideas for those considering a renovation is a windowpane shower. Sometimes called gridscape fixed-panel, the glass wall style can make your space feel more open while lending to a bare-bones, warehouse-inspired effect.

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Free-Standing Tub

A free-standing bathtub is the quintessential rustic bathroom piece — and it doesn't necessarily have to be a clawfoot. For a more modern appeal, opt for a larger footless tub, then complete your soaking setup with a tray table, stool, or built-in ledge for candles, bath soaks, and other essentials you want within reach.

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Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving is endlessly useful in a bathroom, and with the right materials, it can offer a charming rustic flair. This space features wooden shelves with a natural finish, installed against contrasting white shiplap walls. You can stash anything from extra towels and cotton swabs to candles and small plants.

For more tips on tidy, visually pleasing storage, see our guide on How to Organize Your Linen Closet.

Wood Walls

If you have a country-style bathroom in mind, wood-paneled walls are an excellent choice. You can do all four walls, one or two accent walls, a small nook, or even just a half-wall, as seen in this tasteful industrial rustic space.

Unfinished wood and other natural materials are pillars of feng shui. Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas

Wood-Paneled Ceiling

Another rustic idea for your bathroom is to install wood panels on the ceiling rather than the walls. This allows you to incorporate natural material without darkening your bathroom too much. In any case, make sure the planks have a moisture-resistant and humidity-friendly finish to avoid damage. Instead of solid lumber, you can always go with waterproof laminate or vinyl panels, which look nearly identical to the real thing.

Shiplap Walls

When it comes to the best rustic bathroom ideas, you can't go wrong with shiplap walls. Inspired by the actual exteriors of old-fashioned boats, the overlapping panels offer a surprisingly versatile, pared-down charm. For a modern twist, consider installing the planks vertically rather than horizontally.

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Matte Black Fixtures

Matte black fixtures are simultaneously modern and industrial with a laid-back rustic flair. You can incorporate the finish into your bathroom with faucets, a showerhead, towel rods, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, light fixtures, mirror frames, doorknobs, you name it.

For additional tips, see our guide on How to Create an Interior Design Mood Board.

Concrete Tile

On the hunt for modern rustic bathroom ideas? Don't overlook concrete tile. As seen in this home, the unfinished industrial-leaning aesthetic pairs well with wooden decor accents and metal fixtures.

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Faux Wood Floors

Wood flooring has an undeniably rustic appeal. But as you may be aware, it's often not recommended for bathrooms and other moisture-prone areas, as it's susceptible to water damage. With this in mind, consider faux wood planks made of luxury vinyl or laminate. These floor-covering materials are often waterproof and very easy to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, our Ultimate Household Chore List can help you divvy up tasks among your family or housemates.

Round Mirrors

Many rustic bathrooms feature round mirrors, whether circular, oval, Norman windows, or rectangular with rounded corners. If you have a double vanity, think about placing two mirrors over the sinks rather than one large mirror over both.

For more tips and insight, see our guide on How to Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home.

Vintage Rug

A vintage rug is the perfect addition to a rustic bathroom decor scheme. It provides insulation and sound absorption, plus texture, a pop of color, and a time-worn appeal. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, a small area rug, a mat or even a runner might work best for your space.

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Down to Earth Bathroom Essentials and Decor From Parachute

These rustic bathroom ideas should get your creative wheels turning and inspire you to design a space that suits your unique needs and preferences. When you're ready to get started, Parachute has all the bathroom essentials and decorative accents you need.

We're talking bath towels, rugs, mats, and shower curtains, all thoughtfully designed and sustainably sourced from natural materials, like Turkish cotton, certified-organic cotton, and Belgian linen.

When you browse the bath collection, you'll also find various accessories, like soap dishes, shower mists, bath salts, and oil diffusers. And that's not all. Parachute carries a range of decor pieces, including woven baskets, handcrafted rugs, vases, candles, and other decorative objects.

Need more assistance with your bathroom design? An experienced Parachute design consultant can help with everything from color selection and layouts to wall decor and more.

Schedule your free one-on-one phone or video meeting today!

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