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How to D.I.Y. a Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder
Written By
Aleksandra Zee
Photographs By
Aleksandra Zee
Antrom Kury
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Blanket ladders are everywhere. In the bathroom, bedroom, living room – you name it! But the trend doesn't come as a surprise to those of us who hoard Parachute throws and are endlessly out of storage – sound familiar? Cue a D.I.Y. blanket ladder: the functional yet stylish fixture you can build yourself. Before you freak out because it seems like a lot of work, rest assured that it truly is just a few steps. Here to break it down is Oakland-based wood worker, Aleksandra Zee, who has been designing pieces for her home and other’s going on 12 years. She recently held a blanket ladder D.I.Y workshop, using Parachute throws for styling. We asked her to share her steps so you, too, can incorporate this space saver into your space. If you've got an hour, a friend and some heavy duty tools – pay attention... 

1. Sand

Sand all dowels with 60 and 220 grit sandpaper to remove any blemishes and imperfections.

2. Measure

Measure for cross pieces from the bottom of each large side dowel. First measurement is at 18”, then 28”, 38”, 48” and 58”.  Be sure to find center on the dowel, mark at ¾.


3. Cut

Cut middle pieces. The bottom piece should be cut to 24”, second piece is 23”, and 22”, 21”, 20” for the next 3 sequentially.


4. Drill

Drill your holes in the side dowels using the power drill and spade bit. Ask a friend to help by holding the dowel while you drill.

5. Glue

Apply a quarter size amount of wood glue into each hole on one of the side dowels. Insert your cross dowels.

6. Attach

With the help of your neighbor, attach the other large side dowel and fix it together.


7. Clamp

Using two clamps, one on bottom and one on top clamp your ladder together.

8. Paint

If painting the bottom of your ladder use blue painters tape to make your division line and paint.

9. Sand

One final sand to remove any excess glue or imperfections!


10. Style

Style your blanket ladder with your favorite throws. Not only do they provide a storage solution, but they act as a styled focal point. Bonus: it's a fun way to add a little personality to a space while making it feel even more minimal and modern.