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Woman laying on bed looking out window.
Parachute Team - April 24, 2024

Look to the stars for your perfect bed.

Layer Your Bed Like a Stylist
Parachute Team - November 28, 2022

A step-by-step guide for assembling your coziest bed yet.

Breakfast In Bed: Cinnamon Rolls
Parachute Team - December 18, 2019

Ooey-gooey, steaming hot, sweet, cinnamon-spiced buns slathered in date caramel.

DIY Winter Wreath, With Yasmine Mei
Parachute Team - December 6, 2019

Apologies in advance to pine sympathizers – 2019 is all about dried citrus wreaths.

8 Things Happy, Productive People DON’T Have on Their Desks
Stephanie Lysaght - September 11, 2019

Tell us what you do when that 3:00pm slump hits, and we'll tell you who you are.

Breakfast in Bed, With Jeff Gordinier
Parachute Team - September 3, 2019

The, "Hungry," author shares his family's go-to recipe, inspired by his travels.

Gabriela Cámara, Chef, Restaurateur and Author
Bedtime Routines
Parachute Team - August 2, 2019

Get to know the woman behind Mexico City’s most popular restaurant.

Blanket Ladder
Aleksandra Zee - July 23, 2019

Build and style this decorative space saver in 9 easy steps.

Experts Answer: Why is Sleep so Important?
Kathleen Berger-Christian - June 6, 2019

We hosted a panel on sleep and wellness for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Spring Floral Arranging, With Yasmine Mei
Parachute Team - May 23, 2019

Bring nature home with a simple and seasonal DIY bouquet.

First-Time Homeowner’s Guide
Parachute Team - May 8, 2019

Tried and true tips from the Parachute team.