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The Best Bedding For You, According to the Zodiac

Woman in surplus bed
Written By
Amber Warren
Photographs By
Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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When life gets tough, many take to the stars to seek answers to life’s most burning questions. Will I find love? Am I on the right path? What does it all mean? Percale or Sateen? While we can’t help you with some of the more existential quandaries, we can find the best bedding fabric for your star sign. We turned to our in-house astrology expert, Amber Warren, to share her cosmic insights so we can all sleep a little easier.


Aries are the quintessential fire sign. Natural born leaders, pioneers and CEOs fit the bill. So it’s no surprise that they tend to run hot when they sleep. That’s why for Aries, we recommend our cool and lightweight Percale Sheet Set sans top sheet, because really, who has time for that? For a cool and calming bed we recommend Cream Percale Sheets.


A Taurus is, above all else, a sensual being who relishes in the finer things: beautiful music, gourmet food and Parachute bedding, of course. Their quest for comfort can appear to others as laziness, but we know better – we know comfort. For something that looks great even in an unmade bed, go for buttery soft Brushed Cotton Sheets and a Cloud Cotton Quilt.


Symbolized by the Twins, Geminis are masters of combination, communication and influence. They love to experiment and share their findings with others. Which is why we paired them with our new Channel Duvet Cover Set. Featuring vertical jacquarded channels on the front and a crisp percale weave on the back for versatility. Switch it up by flipping the duvet to the flat side to create a whole new look.


Cancer are water signs and one of the most sensitive of the zodiac. They desire roots and resist sudden changes in life. To satisfy the dependability they crave, an always smooth and soft Sateen Venice Set + Top Sheet will give you the best night’s sleep. For the ultimate softy, snuggle up in bed with a Cloud Cotton Robe.


Leos are the sign associated with the Sun and are considered royalty of the zodiac. They are confident, warm people with larger than life personalities. To complement their flamboyant nature, we recommend a Linen Venice Set in Terra. This vibrant color will surely speak to their fiery nature. For extra drama add a set of Silk Pillowcases for a frizz free mane. After all, royalty does deserve the best. 


Virgos are the ultimate perfectionists. For them, making their bed isn’t a chore, it’s a ritual, and without that ritual they’re often left feeling restless. That’s why we suggest a bed with many components – like a White Linen Duvet Cover Set layered with a Vintage Linen Bed Cover (draped just right), delicately arranged Euro Shams and a decorative Vintage Linen Body Pillow – for good measure.


Like their symbol, The Scales, suggests, Libras are constantly seeking balance both in life and in bedding. Our Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover in White / Ivory perfectly fits their sensibility by harmoniously combining dual tones that can be changed as often as you like.


Scorpio - the planet of transformation – can tell you that change isn’t to be feared, but something you must embrace. That’s why for them we recommend Linen Sheets that respond to climate changes – keeping you warm in the frigid winter and allowing your body to breath in warmer weather. Each season will feel like a new beginning. This sign could pull off the drama of a moody monochrome Coal Linen bed.


Sagittarius are natural people pleasers known for their humor, honesty and ability to get along with everyone. They can also possess a strong independent streak. A Venice Set, our most popular bedding item renowned for its unfussy style, will do the trick. We see a fun and unexpected color palette like Blush and Terra in their future.


Work hard, live large is the Capricorn motto. They are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to any task. On the flip side, they love to savor the fruits of their labor and show off what they have accomplished. Reward yourself with a Sateen Sheet Set, as dazzling as they are comfortable, styled with luxurious Silk Pillowcases for a plush retreat.


Aquarius are ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and change. They are trend setters, innovators and humanitarians that value personal freedom above all else. For them, we recommend a Linen Venice Set topped with our Quilt. Both will become softer and softer with each wash. And don’t forget to feed your humanitarian side with a donation to Nothing But Nets.


Pisces are symbolized by two fish swimming in different directions. They are habitual daydreamers and believers in the good of mankind. A pisces would feel at home with a dreamy mix of Brushed Cotton Sheets in Ochre paired with a Percale Duvet Cover in White and topped with a Vintage Linen Body Pillow for all the cuddles they crave.