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Are Robes Worth It and What Are They For?

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Bathrobes might seem kind of old-fashioned — and, well, they are. Kimonos date back to the Japanese Heian Period (a time when the year was a triple-digit number), and European dressing gowns have been around since the 16th century.

This type of garment isn't clothing per se, and it's not pajamas or a towel. So, what are robes for, and are robes worth it? There's a lot to love about today's iterations, and they have more uses than you may think.

Keep reading to learn about the purpose of bathrobes, including what a bathrobe is used for, why people wear robes and when to wear one.

What Is a Bathrobe Used For?

A bathrobe is used mostly for privacy. Once called dressing gowns, the point of bathrobes is to cover your body during in-between times when you're not in regular clothes, like after a shower or while choosing an outfit. Since they're made of the same materials as towels, robes also help absorb water and keep you warm.

Benefits of Owning a Bathrobe

Why wear a robe? Lots of reasons. In addition to covering you up, it keeps you warm and cozy when you're not dressed. Owning a robe means you'll always have something to slip into at times when putting on regular clothes isn't actually the most convenient or logical option.

For instance, maybe you like sleeping in linen shorts and a tank, but these garments might not be warm enough to wear during breakfast. If you're making pancakes and bacon before taking a shower and slipping into your OOTD, a bathrobe might be a better option than putting on other clothes in the interim.

Joggers and a crewneck sweatshirt work too. Explore the Best Loungewear and Bathrobes From Parachute.

When to Wear a Robe

So, what are robes for, and when's a good time to be wearing a robe? Let us count the occasions! Here's where and when you might want to slip one on:

  • When you get out of the shower or bath

  • While picking out your clothes for the day

  • While ironing your clothes

  • While doing your hair or makeup

  • During your daily skincare routine

  • At the pool or beach

  • On vacation

  • While enjoying your morning coffee

  • Before bed

  • In the morning when you have overnight guests

  • When staying at someone else's home

  • Anytime you want an extra layer of warmth at home

Bathrobes shield your skin from the sun, cover you up when you're not wearing clothes, help you dry off quickly and provide warmth. Not only that, but modern designs are chic enough that you probably won't mind if someone sees you wearing one.

Which robe is right for you? Find out here:

How to Wear a Robe

The proper way to wear a robe depends on the style, but classic designs with waist ties generally all work the same. Here's how to put one on:

  1. First, slide your arms through the sleeves so the opening is in the front.

  2. Adjust the top so it sits evenly on your shoulders.

  3. Next, wrap one side inward and around your waist. 

  4. If yours has inner ribbons, you can tie them together to ensure the robe stays in place even when the outer sash is undone.

  5. Wrap the other side of the robe inward and around your waist. 

  6. Last, grab the ends of the outer sash in either hand and create a secure bow or knot.

If your robe doesn't have inner ties, you may need to hold it in place with your elbow while tying the sash. To prevent your bathrobe from coming undone, you can attach the sash only through the front two loops (as opposed to wrapping it all the way around your back) so you have more slack to create a tighter knot.

What do you use a robe for? For some, the luxury item helps Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa. Read our blog for tips.

Are Robes Worth It?

Now that you know what robes are for, you might be wondering if they’re worth it. Though bathrobes are available at every price point, you're wise to invest in a high-quality design you love wearing. Think about it: If you wear it every day (or even every other day) for two years, you'll definitely get your money's worth.

What Makes a Good Bathrobe?

Robes are worth it especially when they're high-quality. This means they're thoughtfully crafted from naturally breathable and durable materials. Here's what to know.

Organic Cotton Robe

Woven from organically grown cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTSⓇ), the Organic Cotton Robe is oh-so-soft with a uniquely stretchy jersey knit.

Check out our guide on What to Look for in an Organic Bathrobe.

Turkish Cotton Robe

The Classic Turkish Cotton Robe is made of the same plush terry cloth material as Parachute's best-selling towels. Loomed at 450 GMS (grams per square meter), it's cozy enough for year-round use.

What Is Turkish Cotton? Read our blog for a deeper dive.

Waffle Weave Robe

Woven at 230 GSM from Turkish cotton using an intricate honeycomb pattern, the Waffle Robe is a slightly lighter option with a delightfully soft texture.

See our Waffle Weave Fabric Guide for more insight.

Cloud Cotton Robe

The Cloud Cotton Robe is also made of long-staple Turkish cotton, but it features a supremely fluffy, four-ply gauze. This material is so snuggly, you'll never want to take it off.

Shopping for someone else? Robes are one of the best Gifts to Show Your Loved Ones You Care.

Linen Robe

Linen bedding devotees are sure to love the Linen Robe. And if you've yet to explore the flax-sourced fabric, this easy-breezy yet sophisticated bathrobe is a great place to start.

Can't decide on a material? Discover the Right Robe for You With Our Quiz.

Where to Buy the Best Bathrobes

Parachute is your source for the best bathrobes currently on the market. You can count on naturally sourced materials, flattering fits in unisex sizes and design-forward colors. Shop the collection today!

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