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Best Bathrobes for Couples: Finding the Coziest Unisex Robes for You Both

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From soaking up a few quiet moments together before heading to work to lazy weekends curled up on the couch, the time you spend at home as a couple is sacred. Fill your mornings, evenings and just about any other time together with tranquility and relaxation by selecting the perfect matching robes.

In this helpful guide, we’ll explore the different couples robe options. We’ll also make it easy to choose a soft, luxurious bathrobe set for couples, so you can make the most of your valued time together at home.

Coziest Fabrics for Couples Robes

Comfort is the first goal many of us have for our bathrobes. Whether you prefer to wear a bathrobe as a cover-up during your morning coffee, as an alternative to a towel when you’re fresh out of the shower or as a source of added warmth, there’s an exciting range of popular robe options to explore.

Classic Turkish Cotton

When you imagine a thick, lush bathrobe, you’re probably picturing Turkish cotton robe. Similar in style and material to classic luxury hotel and spa bathrobes, Turkish cotton offers an instantaneous sense of comfort.

Easy to layer over pajamas for frosty winter mornings, the weave of a Turkish cotton robe contains 450 grams of fabric per square meter. So beyond softness, these robes also supply a comforting sense of thickness and weight.

Learn more about this popular fabric in our guide: Turkish Cotton: Know Your Fabrics Like a Designer

Helpful Features for Matching Robes

Turkish cotton is wonderfully absorbent, so it will dry you and keep you warm after your morning shower or evening bath. 

Two generous front pockets create a place to keep your hands warm or keep items handy. During blustery trips to the mailbox, you can turn up the thick shawl collar and cinch the waist belt for better coverage. This is the perfect couples robe for an opulent feel.

Organic Cotton

Environmentally-focused shoppers will love the eco-friendliness of couples matching robes made of soft organic cotton. Similar in texture to a well-loved old t-shirt, organic cotton supplies a supersoft jersey feel in a fully organic, earth-friendly package.   

Made of 100% organic cotton fibers, Organic Cotton Robes meet the GOTSⓇ (Global Organic Textile Standard) and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Both the production process and the finished product are safe for the environment and free of harsh chemicals, dyes and pesticides.

Read on to learn more about What to Look for in Organic Robes.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Unisex Robes

When you don’t need an absorbent robe and instead value a light, breezy layer that’s soft against your skin, organic cotton is a popular choice. Two hip pockets, a removable belt and a folded shawl collar make it easy to lounge in style.

Keep the comfort going by pairing your Organic Cotton Robes with lightweight organic cotton sleepwear.

Cloud Cotton

Perfect for spanning multiple seasons, Cloud Cotton Robes are another cozy robe idea for couples. For robe sets with a welcoming feel, it’s hard to go wrong with cloud cotton.

Long-staple Turkish cotton fibers provide durability, while a 4-ply gauze weave yields a luxurious robe that’s perfectly lightweight with just a touch of texture. Who doesn’t love the idea of robes for couples that make you feel like you’re floating in the clouds?

Cute Robe Ideas for Holidays and Special Occasions

Whether you’re sharing breakfast in bed or getting ready for your wedding day in separate hotel suites, a couples robe set made of cloud cotton will help you look and feel positively sublime. 

Waffle Weave Cotton

Waffle weave robes are an excellent material choice for two key reasons. 

Waffle weave is the perfect medium-weight fabric that’s not too warm and not too light. No matter the environment or season, waffle weave cotton feels just right against your skin. The 100% Turkish Cotton fibers are loomed at 230 grams per square meter and woven in three dimensions. The result is a fabric that feels plush and substantial without adding weight or bulk.

What is Waffle Weave Cotton Fabric? Read on to find out. 

Ideal Couples Robes for Frequent Travelers

Bring the comfort of home along with you on your next romantic vacation by packing your Waffle Weave Cotton Robe sets. Not only will they hold their shape and dimension without getting too wrinkled in your suitcase, but they’ll add a sense of luxury to any adventure.

Flax Linen

100% European Flax Linen Robes deliver an ultra-comfortable lived-in feel while supplying durability, breathability and airiness. As one of the lightest-weight fabrics for couples robes, flax linen is a natural choice for warmer climates around the world.

Learn more about what makes linen so special for robes (and bedding) here:

Soft, Comforting Unisex Robes for Couples

The safe, sustainable garment-washing processes used to create flax linen robes offer instant softness that feels wonderfully familiar from the very first wear. Generous draping and an extra-long length create the perfect balance of comfort, breathability and coverage.

Couples Matching Robes for Simplified Care

Matching couples robes offer comfort, softness and style while you lounge. They also simplify your garment care, making it faster and stress free.

To best care for your couple’s robes remember to use gentle detergent and a delicate to medium cycle speed. Because robe belts tend to get twisted or snagged in the wash, try washing them in a delicates bag or inside a pillowcase.

When it’s time to dry your robes, air drying works well, though you can also run them on a low-temperature cycle in the dryer with a couple of wool dryer balls.

For more information on caring for your robe, explore our helpful guide How to Wash, Dry and Care for Bathrobes.

Selecting the Right Size Unisex Robe for You Both

Unisex robes make it so much easier to choose a robe. Each of these popular robes come in a wide spectrum of sizes to suit any body type and lounging style. Because each one features a relaxed cut and an adjustable belt, you can choose a size up or down and still have a good fit.

Most unisex robe styles come in sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large, and some styles go up to 3X.  

Here are some helpful unisex sizing considerations when you’re shopping for a couples robe.

Popular Robe Sizes for Women

Though you should always check each robe’s sizing guide, most women wear X-Small, Small, Medium or Large size unisex robes. 

Keep in mind that each robe has a different length as well. The Linen Robe typically falls between the shin and ankle on many women, while the Waffle Weave Cotton Robe is closer to knee length.

What Bathrobe Sizes, Materials, & Colors Are Best for Women? Read on to find out.

Popular Robe Sizes for Men

Most men who prefer a roomier fit for comfort and mobility wear size Medium, Large, X-Large or above in unisex robe styles. Organic Cotton Robes and Linen Robes are among the longer styles available, while Cloud Cotton and Waffle Weave robes are closer to shin or knee length.

What Bathrobe Sizes, Materials, & Colors Are Best for Men? Here’s your ultimate guide. 

To Match or Complement? Selecting Colors for Couple Bathrobe Sets

Choosing to wear the same bathrobes as a couple doesn’t mean you’ll have to look identical. Many couples like to take the matching look all the way by choosing the same colors. Meanwhile, others select colors that complement each other.

You can choose from neutral colors like Dusk, Bone, Coal, Tan or White, or go with a pop of more vibrant color like Terra, Cobalt, Surplus, Mulberry or Amber. The beauty of selecting a unisex robe for couples is that every size comes in a full range of color options, so you can choose the ones that suit your style.

If you’re still not sure which couple’s bathrobe to choose, Discover the Right Robe For You With Our Quiz.

Sustainable, Ethically Made Couples Robes From Parachute

One of the great joys in life is surrounding yourself with materials that feel good, both physically and ethically. When you select any of the couples robes you’ll find at Parachute, you’ll feel confident that only the best materials will be against your skin. You’ll also know the manufacturing process was safe for the environment and garment workers.

Whether you wear a bathrobe with pajamas or loungewear under it, or you wear your favorite robe right over your bare skin, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with consumer and worker-safe manufacturing processes. 

If a special gift-giving occasion is coming up, or you just want to treat yourselves, your investment in high-quality matching bathrobes will give you comfortable lounging and relaxation for seasons to come.

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