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man in a bathrobe
Parachute Team - December 20, 2022

You'll find the best robes for men here. Keep reading for buying tips and insights into standout materials, colors and cuts.

a couple in bathrobes
Parachute Team - September 20, 2022

In this helpful guide, we’ll explore the different couples robe options. We’ll also make it easy to choose a soft, luxurious bathrobe set for couples, so you can make the most of your valued time together at home.

cloud cotton bathrobe
Parachute Team - May 8, 2022

Read on for a rundown of the best robes for women, including standout materials and tips for choosing the right size and color.

woman in ochre linen bathrobe
Parachute Team - April 27, 2022

Whether you were recently gifted a robe or want to preserve a beloved bathrobe you've had for years, you've come to the right place.

woman in a tub
PARACHUTE TEAM - September 2, 2021

Transform your bathroom into a hotel-worthy retreat.

9 Beautiful Bathtubs
Parachute Team - June 28, 2017

Soak up some interior design inspo for your bathroom.

Bath Collection: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Parachute Team - February 15, 2017

How we built the bathroom of our dreams.

Valentine’s Day 101: A Guide for the Romantically Challenged
STEPHANIE LYSAGHT - February 1, 2017

From the best gifts to the worst flowers, here’s what you need to know.

Gifts for the Couple
Parachute Team - November 11, 2016

"That's so them, how did you think of it?" Feel free to take all the credit.

Jacey Duprie, Damsel in Dior
Bedtime Routines
Parachute Team - April 13, 2016

Unwind like the Damsel, who spills her favorite relaxing rituals.