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Bath Collection: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

Bath Collection: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Laure Joliet for Parachute
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Elevate your bathroom – and your everyday routine – with our ever expanding bath collection featuring towels (classictassel, waffleheathered), shower curtains (turkish or linen – plus shower curtain liner and rings for the whole kit and caboodle), bundles,  rugs and mats and of course, robes. Made using the most innovative technologies and best Turkish cotton, these items were designed with form and function in mind. Our Product and Photoshoot teams took some time to answer the hard-hitting questions – like what makes these tub mats so fluffy, what’s trending in bathroom decor and why the secret to capturing towels on camera is in the lighting. Go behind the ‘seams’ now…

The Design

Bathroom sink

We're constantly updating our bath collection with new color ways and fabrics. How does each new bath item contribute to our bath category overall.

Amy, Creative Director:The new products help to complete our assortment of bath essentials whether we're giving people something to step on, wrap themselves in – or a new shower curtain to offer a finishing touch. Each piece is introduced seasonally but with longevity in mind – both in design and style


What makes our bath products stand out from competitors? Don’t be bashful…

Amy:The fact that they’re Parachute, obviously!

Meghan, Product Development Manager:The Aerocotton technology. Fibers are spun so air passes through the cotton, and this makes our towels extremely soft – especially when compared to our competitors. Parachute is one of the few brands using this extraordinary technology, and it makes exceptionally absorbent, quick drying towels.

The Looped Bath Rug uses Tricotton weaving. Please explain…

Amy:Tricotton is similar to the technology behind Aerocotton. In this process, fibers are woven to create yarns with larger surface areas, giving towels superior absorbency. Because the bath rug is chunkier than the bath mat, the manufacturer suggested this technique. It has the same properties as Aerocotton, but provides additional mass for this heavier piece.

We love the fringe hem on the Turkish Shower Curtain. How is this design achieved and what inspired this decorative touch?

Amy:The hand knotted fringe is an extension of the shower curtain pattern. The stripes are carried through horizontally, while the warp (woven yarn) moves vertically. The hem extends the warp.

Meghan:Turkish fouta details are back in style, and we thought a shower curtain was the ideal way to display the decorative accent.

Bathroom floor with a parachute bathmat

Our assortment includes a tub mat and few bath rugs. What’s the difference between the two, and how should each be used?

Amy:The tub mat is designed to keep your bathroom floor dry and your toes warm when stepping out of the bath. The bath rugs are more of a decorative piece that adds style as well as comfort. Both have the same absorbency and drying qualities! A tub mat can be elevated to dry when not in use, while a bath rug is more of a staple on the floor in your bathroom decor.

The Styling

Bath towels with frayed ends

What’s trending for bathrooms in 2017?

Amy:Plants! People want to create a sanctuary that is calm, natural and streamlined – foliage has the serene quality people are seeking.

Meghan:Anything light and bright – people want to keep decor minimal – with creative storage solutions. I want the space to be pretty and functional be it drawers or bamboo baskets to store everything from toiletries to towels.