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Best Throws and Throw Blanket Ideas for the Home

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The best throws not only keep you warm and snuggly, but they're also among the most versatile home decor accessories. You can switch out your blankets seasonally, move them from room to room and toss them over nearly any surface.

If you're wondering exactly where to place them and how to position them, you've come to the right place. Ahead, thoughtful throw blanket ideas and inspiration for every room, along with tips for buying and gifting these warm, cuddly home essentials.

Throw Blanket Ideas and Inspiration

The best throws can be placed throughout your home for decoration and an extra layer of warmth when you need it. But how does one throw a throw? These throw blanket ideas will help get your wheels turning.

Toss One Over the Sofa

One of the best places for a blanket is on your living room sofa. You can toss one over an armrest, drape it across the backrest or position it casually over the seat cushions.

Check out these Stylish and Functional Living Room Sofa Ideas for more tips.

Accent Your Accent Chairs

Looking for accent chair throw blanket ideas? Similar to a couch, you can drape a blanket over the backrest of a chair, across the seat cushion or over one of the armrests for a laid-back, asymmetrical vibe.

Here are more Living Room Accent Chair Ideas to explore.

Decorate an Ottoman

Another option is to drape a throw blanket over an ottoman. You can either toss it casually or fold it into a long, narrow shape and lay it across the top.

We rounded up all the must-have Living Room Essentials in our blog, including stylish, functional necessities.

Layer Your Bed

There's no better place for your favorite throw blanket or quilt than your bedroom. You can position it at the foot of the bed or fold it into your duvet for a layered effect.

Learn How to Pick the Right Layer for You, then check out these expert tips on How to Layer Your Bed.

Add Pillows for Plushness

Decorative pillows and throws go hand-in-hand. When adorning your sofa or layering your bed, be sure to add a few pillows, whether they’re square Euro pillows, sham-covered bed pillows, a lumbar cushion or a spherical pouf.

Read our blog to learn How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer.

Store Blankets in a Basket

It's good to have a few throw blanket basket ideas in the back of your mind too. You can roll up two or three blankets and tuck them into a large woven basket. Another option is to fill a braided basket with decorative pillows, then have a throw blanket "spilling" out from one side.

Here are 23 Basket Decor and Storage Ideas to explore.

Hang Blankets From a Ladder

You can use a decorative ladder as blanket storage or repurpose an old wooden one. Lean it against your wall and hang a folded throw on each rung. (This idea works for bath towels too.)

Learn How to DIY a Blanket Ladder in our blog.

Consider Outdoor Placement

Some of the best throw blanket ideas are outside. People often think things like rugs, pillows and throws are reserved for indoor use. But as long as the materials are weather-resistant or placed in a covered area, you're good to go.

Nail the Casual Drape

Throw blankets are meant to be tossed nonchalantly onto furniture, hence the name throw. But this is often easier said than done, and you can bet most people are a little more intentional with their placement.

To nail the casual drape, try placing an unfolded blanket over an armrest. You can also go with the "rainbow method," in which you place an unfolded throw over the lower corner of your bed in an arched position.

Love cozy spaces? Read our article to learn how to Create Your Cottagecore Dream Home.

Try Folded, Not Thrown

Of course, tossing isn't the only way to style a throw. Folding lends to a tidier look while taking the guesswork out of positioning an unfolded blanket just right.

See our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets for insight into these cozy covers.

Mix Colors and Textures

Don't be afraid to play around with colors and textures. This living room features a jumbo-knit blanket in a tufted basket, a soft knit throw on the sofa, a furry accent piece across the backrest and decorative pillows in three different hues.

Area rugs are another excellent way to add warmth and texture. Here are The Best Rugs for Every Room.

Choose Contrasting Hues

Stumped on what colors to choose for your throw blankets? You can't go wrong with contrasting hues. Black and white are the most common combination, and while the pair is truly timeless, you can also go with other throw blanket ideas like cream and charcoal or blue and ivory, as seen in this tasteful bedroom.

Opt for Earth Tones

Earth tones are not only seasonless but also endlessly warm and inviting. Think olive green, rust, ochre, terracotta, clay, deep brown, cognac and sandy beige.

Explore these 31 Bedroom Color Trends to find the right color scheme for your sleeping quarters.

Go Tonal

Tonal decor means the entire room features one primary color. To avoid a flat, monotonous effect and create a multidimensional look, the key is to incorporate different shades and textures.

Check out these 35 Stylish Living Room Color Schemes for more inspiration.

Why Throw Blankets Are Must-Have Home Decor

Throw blankets are kind of like houseplants and area rugs in that they're a must-have for virtually every room. These decorative, functional accents are versatile and seasonless. They add texture, warmth and a cozy feel in any space, year-round.

Throws are also a relatively affordable decor piece. You can switch them out seasonally to change the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank.

For more tips, see our step-by-step guide to Updating Your Living Room.

Best Throws: Materials and Styles

Now that you're up to speed on throw blanket ideas, let's go over the best throw blanket fabrics and styles.

Knit Turkish Cotton

Some of the best cotton blankets are made of Turkish cotton. This oversized knit throw features an ultra-cozy, sweater-like rib pattern that'll work for your favorite knitted blanket ideas in the living room and bedroom.

What Is Turkish Cotton? Read our blog for answers.

Soft, Lightweight Cotton

This flat-woven blanket is loomed from 100 percent cotton. It's supremely soft and lightweight yet durable — a perfect choice for cozying up on the couch for a movie.

Here are more Movie Watching Essentials to have on hand before hitting play.

Textured Waffle Weave

This waffle cotton throw is exceptionally snuggly and slightly billowy. The honeycomb texture and lofty structure are ideal for tossing on a sofa, draping over the foot of your bed or folding neatly and placing on a shelf or indoor bench.

See our Waffle Weave Fabric Guide for more details about this unique blanket style.

Gauzy Cloud Linen

If you're all about soft throw blankets — then again, who isn't? — this cloud linen throw might be right up your alley. The gauzy texture of this throw blanket idea is notably fluffy and super-lightweight but still cozy enough for year-round use.

Drapey Organic Knit

Or how about a chunky-knit blanket? This thick, drapey organic cotton throw is stitched from yarns sourced from GOTSⓇ-certified organically grown cotton.

What Is Organic Cotton? Our article takes a deep dive into this sustainable, earth-friendly textile.

Alpaca Bouclé

When it comes to soft blankets, this alpaca bouclé throw is tough to beat. The superfine, wool-like fibers are fluffy and lightweight, while the looped yarns create a uniquely nubby surface texture.

Fluffy Mohair

Mohair is another wool-like material that comes from angora goats. This fluffy, lightweight and incredibly cozy mohair throw might be the softest blanket you'll ever feel.

Throw blankets make excellent gifts too. Here are more Gifts to Show Your Loved Ones You Care.

Where to Look for Throw Blankets and Pillows

Parachute is a great place to shop for eco-friendly blankets and decorative pillows. The collection includes everything from velvet Euro pillows and tufted lumbar cushions to chunky-knit blankets and waffle-weave throws.

If you're still stuck on ways to decorate with throws, have questions about colors or materials, are wondering how to mix and match pillows and blankets or need personalized advice for styling your home, a design expert from Parachute is here to assist.

Schedule your free one-on-one phone or video consultation today!

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