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Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep Things Organized & Accessible

bathroom with drawers under the sink
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From towels and toiletries to makeup and hair care products, bathrooms are home to a variety of household and personal items. Whether you're working with a small or large space, figuring out where and how to store everything is crucial.

If you're looking for bathroom storage ideas, you've come to the right place. Ahead, you'll find thoughtful tips and recommendations for keeping all the essentials tidy, organized and accessible without sacrificing aesthetics.

22 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Consider

The best bathroom storage ideas help ensure all your products have a designated spot while enhancing the look and functionality of your space. Here are 22 ideas to inspire you.

Built-Ins and Baskets

If you have the space for it (or an empty nook that needs to be filled), think about installing built-in shelving. This bathroom storage idea will make things look more intentional and integrated rather than looking like an afterthought, and you can use the shelves as both storage and a place to display decorative items. Consider leaving some shelves open and placing baskets on others as a place to keep items you want tucked away.

Freestanding Shelves

You can put freestanding shelves nearly anywhere in your space and use them to store folded towels, extra toilet paper rolls, kids' bath toys, you name it. For smaller baths, look for shelving units that are narrow but tall to minimize the footprint while maximizing vertical storage space.

Ladder-Inspired Tiered Storage

Ladder-inspired shelving also works quite well in bathrooms, as the tall, narrow design optimizes vertical space without taking up much room on the floor. With the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top, the tiered shelves of this freestanding unit provide space to stash towels, soaps, candles, potpourri or other air fresheners.

Towel Ladder

Another option is to use an actual ladder to store extra bath towels, with a folded towel hung from each rung. You can buy a small wooden ladder and lean it against the wall or purchase one specifically designed for towel or blanket storage. This bathroom storage idea can add a rustic or antique look, depending on the type of ladder you select.

Feeling crafty? Read our blog to learn How to Make a DIY Blanket Ladder.

Over-the-Door Bathroom Organizer

An over-the-door storage system is a simple storage unit that usually features a squared hook on top. These are easy to hang from the top of your bathroom door without needing any tools. The low-profile designs won't affect your ability to open and close the door. This is one of the easiest, most affordable bathroom organizing ideas you’ll find anywhere.

Skinny Pull-Out Shelves

If you're renovating your space or designing it from scratch, consider installing skinny pull-out shelves on either side of the vanity mirror. You can use this convenient bathroom storage idea in addition to under-the-sink drawers and cabinets, to make use of every available square inch.

Repurposed China Cabinet

A vintage china cabinet can be repurposed and used as a bathroom organizer cabinet. You can keep some items on display within the glass cupboards and others concealed in the lower cabinets. If you don't have enough space to accommodate a china cabinet, something smaller like a hutch or an apothecary cabinet can also work.

Compactly Rolled Towels

Storing towels in the bathroom doesn't require you to be an expert folder. Instead of folding, try rolling your extra bath towels tightly and compactly. Whether you place them in a basket, on a shelf or in a vertical storage system like this one, this bathroom storage idea is an excellent way to save time while making your space look tidy.

Read our blog for step-by-step instructions on How to Roll Towels Like a Hotel Spa.

Small Bathroom Storage Pull-Out Cabinet

Pull-out cabinets are ideal for smaller bathrooms. As seen in this home, a relatively narrow built-in cabinet can pull out to reveal shelving, extendable trays and even laundry baskets. And since this idea conceals your storage, you don't have to worry about keeping the shelves tidy at all times.

Floating Shelves Above Toilet

Over-the-toilet shelving is one of the best storage options for small bathrooms. It makes use of typically unused wall space while providing a decorative appeal. Think about installing multiple narrow floating shelves roughly the same width of the toilet (or slightly wider). Use them for extra toilet paper, candles, small plants or air freshener. When positioning the shelves, just be mindful of what could potentially be knocked off if someone leans back while going to the bathroom.

Built-In Beauty Backstock Organizer

If you're someone who likes to keep lots of extra bathing, skincare and beauty products on hand, you'll need somewhere to stash everything. A cabinet is ideal (whether built-in or freestanding), but to keep everything organized by category and optimize storage space, you might consider adding smaller shelves within the larger shelves.

Basket Storage for Extra Towels

One of the simplest bathroom storage ideas for extra towels is to roll them up and place them in a large basket on the floor. This keeps things tidy and prevents you from having to fold towels. Plus, the rolled towel look gives off a spa-like vibe.

Here are 23 Basket Decor and Storage Ideas for every room of the home.

Double-Duty Shower Wall

In a small bathroom, a shower wall can double as a storage unit with cubby-style openings. This unique idea makes use of space in the middle of the room rather than the perimeter while potentially eliminating the need for a glass shower door. You can tile the shower side along with the other shower walls to prevent water damage, finishing the other side with any humidity-resistant material.

Low-Profile Bathtub Shelving Unit

If you love soaking in the bath, consider placing a short shelving unit next to the tub. You can use the lower shelves as storage for towels, bath soaks and soaps, then use the top surface as a table for your book, a wine glass, a cup of tea or a candle. When you're not taking a bath, you can move the lightweight, low-profile unit somewhere more convenient.

Floating-Freestanding Bathroom Storage Combo

In some cases, a combination of floating and freestanding storage is the best solution for a bathroom. Think about installing an organizing medicine cabinet over a floating vanity sink with cabinets or drawers. Then, place a skinny, tall freestanding shelving unit next to the vanity. This bathroom takes it a step further with handy hooks and hanging storage on the other side of the sink.

Maximize Available Space

Beyond the standard under-sink cabinets and drawers, consider building an additional cabinet into the wall to maximize every inch of available space. You could also work in floating shelves, tall freestanding units and maybe an over-the-door organizing system to make this bathroom storage idea work.

Want more ideas for tidying up your space? See our article, Getting Organized With Parachute.

Pedestal Sink Bathroom Storage

Implementing storage can be tricky in half-baths, powder rooms and other small bathrooms with pedestal sinks. In the absence of bathroom counter storage, you can place short freestanding shelves directly underneath or on either side of the sink. This will give you space to keep soap, lotion, an air freshener, hand towels and other essentials. You could also install a small floating shelf just above and to the side of the sink for hand soap.

Portable Stool Shelf

In extra-small bathrooms lacking storage, a stool can be used as a portable shelf. You can use the surface to hold potpourri, room spray, a candle or other decorative items. Since you can place it nearly anywhere and move it around as needed, a stool makes an excellent bathside table.

Add Storage With Racks and Freestanding Shelves

Some older homes have relatively large bathrooms, often without any existing cabinets or nooks. If this describes your space, think about placing racks and freestanding shelves along the walls. This is also a good bathroom storage idea for renters who may not want to drill into the walls.

Wire Mesh Cubbies

Wire mesh cubbies have an industrial-modern appeal that works well in bathrooms. But beyond aesthetics, they're a perfect solution for stashing folded towels, toilet paper, personal hygiene products and decorative accents. You can mount them to the wall or get a unit to place on the floor and use the shelves as-is or place baskets or bins inside.

Want to elevate the look of your bathroom or linen closet? Check out our guide on How to Fold and Style Your Towels Like a Luxury Hotel.

Stackable Acrylic Drawers

Stackable acrylic drawers are a convenient way to store skincare products, travel-size toiletries, makeup or haircare products. The stackable design lets you maximize your available space while keeping things easily accessible. The transparent material makes it easy to see the contents. Place these drawers on an open shelf or in your under-sink vanity storage cabinets. This is one of the best bathroom organization ideas for smaller items.

In-Drawer Bathroom Organizers

When organizing bathroom drawers, consider using small dividers to separate and categorize items. Like the silverware tray in your kitchen, giving each item a designated spot in your bathroom will make it easier to tidy up and find things when you need them.

Bathroom Storage and Organization FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about bathroom storage below.

How do I add storage space to my bathroom?

There are a few ways to add storage space to a bathroom. You can install floating shelves, hooks and towel racks to make use of wall space without taking up any floor space. With a bit more available square footage, you can place freestanding units along the walls, like a shelving system or a towel ladder.

How do you fix a bathroom with no storage?

If you're renovating a bathroom with no storage, the best option is to install a large vanity with under-sink drawers and cabinets. Beyond that, you can hang a medicine cabinet, install floating shelves over the toilet, place a skinny shelving unit in an open corner or put a low-profile shelf next to the bathtub.

What is the best way to organize a bathroom?

The best way to organize a bathroom is to make sure everything has a designated spot. This bathroom storage idea will help you tidy up each day while keeping things off the counters. Sort items by category, such as bath linens, shower products, skincare, haircare, medication and supplements.

Then get baskets, bins, stackable drawers and dividers to create designated storage zones for each category.

What about towels, blankets and bedding? Read our blog for tips on How to Organize Your Linen Closet.

How do you arrange things in a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms should maximize vertical space (all the way up the walls) while minimizing the footprint (floor space used) of each storage solution. For instance, you might install floating shelves, get an extra-tall yet skinny freestanding unit, use an over-the-door storage system or install towel hooks instead of bars.

Tasteful Bathroom Essentials and Storage Solutions From Parachute

At this point, you should have enough inspiration to get your wheels turning. If your bathroom design could use a refresh, explore the bath collection from Parachute. You'll find sustainably made towels, bath sheets, hand towels, washcloths, shower curtains, rugs, mats and bath accessories. Parachute also has tasteful, functional storage solutions, including baskets, bins and laundry hampers.

Need bathroom storage ideas to solve a specific design issue, like an odd room shape or a multi-use bathroom-laundry room combo? A seasoned interior stylist from Parachute is here to assist. Schedule your free one-on-one virtual consultation to get started.

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