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How to Roll Towels Like a Hotel Spa

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There's something about neatly rolled towels that gives off a luxurious hotel spa vibe. Want to emulate this look at home? Mastering the technique is actually a lot easier than it looks.

Ahead, multiple methods for how to roll towels to create a five-star aesthetic and how to fold towels to save space.

How to Roll Towels 2 Ways

Here are two popular towel-rolling techniques to consider.

1. How to Roll Towels: Traditional Method

Follow these steps to roll your towels the traditional way:

1. Start by spreading and smoothing out your towel on a flat surface, such as a bed or table.

2. Next, fold it in half lengthwise (aka hotdog-style).

3) Then fold it half widthwise (or hamburger-style).

4) Smooth the folded towel out again.

5) Holding one of the short ends, tightly roll the towel inward.

Since you'll have a loose end on the outside of the roll, you'll want to be careful about storing your towels to prevent unraveling. Try stacking them with the loose ends facing down or tuck them tightly into a basket.

Speaking of baskets, here are 23 Basket Decor and Storage Ideas to consider.

2. How to Roll Towels: Triangle Method

Here's how to roll towels like a spa using the triangle method:

1. Start by laying your towel on a flat surface, such as a bed or table, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

2. Next, fold one of the corners in toward the center so that the edge lines up with the long side. This will create a triangular point on one side.

3. Fold your towel in half, hotdog-style (lengthwise).

4. Then turn the entire thing over so that the folded part is facing down.

5. Starting at the short end opposite the triangular point, tightly roll the towel inward.

6. Once it's rolled all the way, tuck the triangle into the roll so it doesn't unravel.

How to Fold Towels 2 Ways

Want to know how to fold towels like a hotel? Consider these two popular techniques.

1. How to Fold Towels for Storage

Here's a towel folding method for when you want to store your towels neatly:

1. Start by spreading out your towel or bath sheet on a flat surface.

2. Fold one long end inward so that the edge lines up with the center of the towel, and repeat on the opposite side.

3. Next, fold both short sides in toward the middle, leaving a small gap in the center between where the edges meet. (The gap leaves space for one additional fold.)

4. Fold the entire thing in half once more, smoothing out the top with your hands.

Perfect for tidily stacking on a shelf or in a closet, this folding method creates clean lines and smooth edges. For more storage tips, see our blog on Linen Closet Organization.

2. How to Fold Towels for Hanging

What's the right way to fold towels for hanging in the bathroom? Follow these steps:

1. Start with your towel spread out on a flat surface.

2. Next, fold it into thirds, lengthwise (hotdog-style).

3. Then fold your towel in half widthwise (hamburger-style).

4. Drape one end over the towel bar, pulling it down so equal lengths hang on both sides.

If you're short on time, you can also do this without having to spread out your towel on a flat surface. With a little practice, you can master the fold standing up while holding the towel in the air.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Roll Towels

Find answers to frequently asked questions about how to roll towels below.

How do you roll towels quickly?

The quickest way to roll towels is with the traditional method. Fold your towel in half lengthwise, then roll it up tightly, starting at one of the short ends.

Is it better to roll or fold bath towels?

This is really a matter of personal preference. Rolled towels have an undeniable spa-like appeal, and they look nice on display in a bathroom. But folding towels is sometimes better for storage on a shelf or closet, as it makes them easier to stack.

How do you roll a towel to save space?

To save space, start by rolling your towels up as tightly as possible. (The triangle method can help prevent unrolling.) Then stack them up in a triangle formation on a shelf or place them snugly in a basket for storage.

How do you fold your towels like a 5-star hotel?

If you want to know how to fold towels fancy, like a five-star hotel, start by smoothing them out on a flat surface. Fold the long ends in toward the center, then fold both short sides in toward the middle, leaving a small gap. Fold the entire thing in half once more, and smooth out the top with your hands.

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