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Find Clogs That Are Cozy, Comfy, and So You

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No matter where you are or what you're doing, comfortable footwear is essential. Even when you’re spending time at home, socks don't always cut it. So what should you wear while padding around your humble abode? Comfy clogs might be just the thing.

Keep reading to learn why cozy clogs are the quintessential at-home shoe, the benefits of wearing slippers and tips for finding your perfect pair.

What's So Great About Clogs?

These comfy slip-on shoes are super easy to get on and off without having to sit down or even bend over. Sometimes called mules or house shoes, backless slippers are ideal for weekends, evenings, working from home and any time you're indoors but crave more support than socks can offer. 

The simple style is timeless and endlessly versatile. You can wear a pair of cozy clogs with pajamas, joggers, a bathrobe, jeans or an athleisure ensemble. These house shoes are also great for Zoom meetings when you dress up your top half and go casual on the bottom where no one can see.

History of Clogs

Clogs date back to the 13th century, with the oldest artifacts found in the Netherlands. Originally made of wood and worn by Dutch peasants and farmers, the shoe style gained popularity throughout Europe as a dancing shoe and eventually made its way to America by the 18th century.

By the 1970s, comfy clogs were considered a fashionable footwear choice for both men and women. Backless felt shoes were a go-to slipper style throughout the 80s and 90s. Some modern iterations still feature a wooden sole, though the uppers are more often made of leather, suede or shearling.

Why Classic Clogs Are Here to Stay

Clogs remain popular among nurses and other healthcare workers, as they're supportive, durable and versatile. The classic footwear style will be here for years to come — and not just in professional settings.

With roomy toe boxes, comfortable footbeds, outdoor-friendly soles and an easy-on design, it's no wonder clogs are a favorite for at-home use and leisurely activities.

The Most Comfortable Clogs to Wear at Home: Styles And Materials

What are the best pairs of clogs to wear at home? Here are some styles and materials to consider.

Slip-On Clogs

You really can't go wrong with classic slip-on clogs. Featuring a wide, rounded toe, an open heel and a padded footbed, this exceptionally comfortable shoe is ideal for weekend mornings, winding down before bed, cleaning your home, cooking meals and telecommuting to work.

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Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Comfy clogs also come in the form of indoor/outdoor slippers. This means they're not only cozy but also suitable for walking around outside, thanks to sturdy foam or rubber outsoles and patterned treads to prevent slipping. The uppers can be made of suede, leather, felt or shearling.

Whether you wear them to check the mail, read the newspaper on your patio, take out the trash or even run the occasional errand, you'll always be glad to have a pair in your arsenal.

Work-From-Home House Shoes

House shoes are essentially the same thing as slippers. But unlike the indoor/outdoor variety, they're generally meant to be worn only inside the home. Of course, there's nothing wrong with bending the rules, though lots of folks like having one pair they know won't get their floors dirty.

Some of the most comfortable mules are house shoes. They're a go-to when working from home, preparing food and just hanging out on the weekends.

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Shearling Wool Clogs

Shearling wool clogs might be the coziest thing you can put on your feet. Featuring all-natural wool across the uppers and padded footbeds, they're exceedingly warm and toasty but still plenty breathable to prevent clammy feet.

These fuzzy mules have sturdy foam soles and grippy treads that support your stride both inside and outside the home. They'll be the first thing you want to slip on in the morning and likely the last thing you take off.

Bathrobes are another at-home essential. Are Robes Worth It, and What Are They For? Read our blog to explore the many benefits of owning a high-quality bathrobe.

Suede Clogs

Suede clogs most closely resemble regular shoes and mules. With a rounded toe, an open heel and velvety-soft uppers, this timeless slipper is stylish enough to wear with street clothes, whether at home or out on a quick errand.

These suede shearling clogs feature genuine suede uppers, real shearling linings and plush, padded footbeds. What's more, the reliable treaded foam soles are designed to hold up under light outdoor use.

There's nothing quite like sliding on a pair of soft slippers after getting out of the shower or tub. Read our blog to learn How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa.

Classic Cotton Terry Slip-Ons

Classic terrycloth slippers are another popular choice — and for good reason. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, this pair boasts an ultra-soft texture, cushioned footbeds and ribbed rubber soles for extra grip on your feet.

They're also Oeko-Tex certified to ensure chemical safety. You can rock these slip-ons with a matching classic cotton robe or the loungewear of your choice.

What Is Turkish Cotton? Is It Any Good or Better Than Egyptian Cotton? Read our blog for answers.

Sherpa Booties

Have you considered sherpa booties? This indoor footwear style isn't a clog or a mule, but it does fall under the slippers umbrella. Sherpa is essentially a vegan alternative to natural shearling. It's woven from synthetic yarns (like polyester or acrylic) and flaunts a soft, fluffy texture.

These cloud-like pull-on booties keep your feet, toes and ankles warm for hours on end, whether you're answering emails, hanging out on your porch or cuddling up in your favorite chair with a good book. They have grippy soles to prevent slips and are even machine-washable for your convenience.

For a deeper dive into comfy clogs and house shoes, see our article, Best Slippers: Materials and Colors to Consider.

The Best Clogs for Women and Men: What to Look For

What are the most comfortable clogs for women and men? That’s really a matter of personal preference, but knowing what materials and features to look for will help you find the perfect pair.


The primary job of cozy clogs is to keep your feet warm — but not too warm. With that said, you'll want to look for a pair with insulating materials that are still breathable, like shearling wool, sherpa or Turkish cotton. Suede and leather are also top choices for uppers, especially when it comes to indoor/outdoor pairs. 

Fabric slippers should ideally carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label. This tells you the materials are free of over 100 substances that could be harmful to you or the planet.

What Is Oeko-Tex?Read our article to learn more about this textile certification standard.


With clogs, the soles matter just as much as the uppers. Rubber or foam outsoles with patterned tread provide slip resistance on your feet, whether you're padding around on your hard floors or stepping out to grab the mail.

Most clogs are a slip-on shoe style, meaning they have low or no backs. This makes them incredibly easy to get on and off while standing up.

Lastly, unisex designs are arguably the most versatile. They also help take the guesswork out when determining the proper size. Check out the brand's size guide if you're ever unsure what to order.

Shopping for someone else? Here are a few Creative and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas to impress your giftees.

High-Quality Slippers and Loungewear From Parachute

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And that's not all. Parachute carries an extensive assortment of naturally sourced bedding, from percale and sateen to organic cotton and linen, there's something for everyone and every sleeping style.

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