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Best Playroom Ideas to Create a Kids' Paradise

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Having a designated space in your home for toys, games, crafts and creativity is a major perk not just for kids but also for their parents. When they have their own playroom, children have the freedom to play with all their favorite things, use their imagination and even make a mess without getting in the way or causing disarray in the living room.

So, what should the space look like, and what should you put in it? This article will go over some of the best playroom ideas and walk you through storage solutions, furniture options, tips for decorating, space-saving plans and guidance on what to buy.

25 Kids' Playroom Ideas to Consider

Simply having a dedicated playroom is one thing. But you also want to make it functional, safe, welcoming and ultimately, delightful for children.

Not sure where to start? These thoughtful kids' playroom ideas will help get your wheels turning.

Toy Bins, Baskets or Cubbies

One of the most important aspects of designing a playroom is figuring out where everything will go. Beyond furniture placement, this means finding a home for things like toys, stuffed animals and art supplies. Storage bins, baskets or cubbies will help you keep things organized and out of the way but also accessible for kids.

Here are 23 Basket Decor and Storage Ideas for every room of your home.

A Place for Books

You'll definitely want to have a place for books. While a traditional bookshelf or cubbies could work, children's bookshelves are ideal. They're often shallower, as the books are supposed to face outward so kids can see the titles and grab the one they want without pulling all the books off the shelf.

Reading Nook

Speaking of books, consider creating a reading nook in the playroom. Littles can cozy up for a solo reading session or cuddle up for story time with a parent. In any case, the space should be cozy and comfortable, so don't skimp on things like cushions and pillows. Make sure the nook has good lighting too.

Stuffed Animal Storage

As every parent knows, stuffed animals are like royalty in the mind of a young child. If your kiddo has a substantial collection, you'll need a special spot for them that's tidy yet accessible while ideally keeping them on display. There are many playroom storage ideas for stuffed toys, like freestanding roped shelves, netted hammocks, wire bins and woven baskets.

Concealed Storage

Some of the best toy room ideas are more satisfying for parents than they are fun for kids. While keeping books and stuffed animals on display is a wise choice, you may also want to incorporate concealed storage. This could be a bench with pull-out bins, a dresser, cabinets or shelving within a closet.

Playroom Organization by Color

Sorting items by color and arranging them in rainbow order might not be everyone's cup of tea. But although it's a hit or miss in adult spaces, this method is an excellent choice in kids' rooms for things like books, games and craft supplies.

For more tips, see our blog, Getting Organized With Parachute.

Vertical Storage

Short on square footage? The best small playroom ideas involve making the most of your available vertical space. This means installing shelves, cubbies, hooks and racks up the walls to free up room on the floor. And if you're intentional about colors, materials and placement, it can double as wall decor.

Check out these 7 Tips for Designing a Small Living Space.

Multi-Use Table

When it comes to furnishing the space, you can't go wrong with a multi-use table. The surface can be used for assembling train tracks, doing puzzles, playing board games, doing art projects or even enjoying an afternoon snack. You can get a kid-sized table or use a coffee table instead.

Comfy, Kid-Size Seats

Though children usually don't mind sitting on the floor, it's still worth getting a few comfy, kid-sized seats to place around the room. It could be a bean bag chair, a mini armchair, floor poufs or a saucer chair.

Here are 31 Comfy Accent Chair Ideas for the living room.

Modular Furniture

If you're interested in multifunctional playroom ideas that grow with your child, consider modular furniture. These block-style sofa hybrids can be transformed from couches into futons, beds, forts, climbing towers and plush staircases. And the foam pieces are lightweight enough that kids usually have no problem rearranging them without help.

Designated Art Zone

Spark your child's creativity by setting up a designated art zone in the playroom. You can stash crayons, colored pencils, paints, stickers, paper, glue, ribbon, pipe cleaners, craft sticks — you name it — in individual drawers or bins. If your kids are younger, just make sure any messy items are stored out of reach.

Chalkboard Wall

Looking for kids' playroom ideas on a budget? A chalkboard wall acts as both a creative activity and decoration. You can buy chalkboard paint, a special matte black lacquer, to coat a whole or partial wall. Keep an assortment of chalk colors and erasers nearby, and allow your kids to draw on it as they please.

Dress-Up Station

A dress-up station is just the thing to encourage imaginative play. You can collect pieces from past Halloween costumes or buy an assortment of hats, uniforms, suits, wigs and masks. Stash everything in a large drawer or bin, or set it up in a freestanding kid-size wardrobe.

Music Corner

A music corner is on the list of playroom ideas that encourage creativity and artistic expression. Whether your child is currently taking music lessons to learn how to play an instrument or just likes experimenting with different pieces, it's nice to have a designated spot for it.

Play Food Zone

Play food is pretty much a surefire hit with kids between the ages of 2 and 8. It's such a simple thing, but there's something about pretending to prepare and eat food that littles seem to absolutely love. Whether it's a mini kitchen, a grocery cart, a supermarket cash register or simply a collection of faux fruits and veggies, it'll most definitely get used.

Kids' Playroom Fort

If you have the space for it, a fort is an excellent choice for a kids' playroom. It could be a tent, a built-in treehouse or a canopy-style enclosure. And if there's not enough room for a permanent fixture, consider getting a pop-up fort that can be set up in a pinch.

Climbing Wall

An indoor climbing wall is one of those kids' playroom ideas that may seem ill-advised at first, but in the end, it can actually be a very safe, functional feature. A built-in rock wall gives children the opportunity to get some exercise indoors, and aside from a soft landing pad, it has a very small footprint.

Climbing Ladder

Indoor climbable toys can be crucial for encouraging physical activity on rainy days. Another idea is to install a built-in climbing ladder. Though this may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, you can take precautions to ensure it's secure and no less safe than an outdoor playground structure.

Mini Trampoline

Many modern playrooms also have mini indoor trampolines. Usually between 3 to 4 feet wide, they don't take up a whole lot of space and can often be folded up when they're not in use. If the trampoline isn't enclosed, it'll typically have a handlebar for safety.

Indoor Swings

How about an indoor swing or two? If you have enough space, this feature will give your kids' playroom that "something special." Swings can be relatively easy to install, and they double as a physical activity and additional seating.

Mini Ball Pit

One of the simplest playroom ideas that's sure to get lots of use is a mini ball pit. They're pretty affordable and super easy to set up. Yes, the plastic balls will most definitely spill out and roll all over the room, but cleanup is a breeze for both parents and kids.

Soft, Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Speaking of easy cleanup, playroom flooring should be stain-resistant and vacuumable. Since kids spend a lot of time on the floor, soft materials are vital as well, whether it's foam tiles, a carpet or an area rug.

We rounded up the Best Rugs for Every Room in our blog.

Kid-Friendly Wall Decor for Playrooms

Add the finishing touches to the playroom with some kid-friendly wall decor. This could be framed pictures, illustrations from favorite books, patterned wallpaper or a mural with a world map, outer space or woodland creatures.

Want more inspiration? Check out these 37 Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home.

Educational Playroom Decorations

Some of the most thoughtful kids' playroom ideas combine educational elements with fun things children are drawn to. For instance, you might hang a tapestry that helps children learn their letters, numbers, colors or shapes. Or you could get a mural with a map showing where different animals live throughout the world.

Bold, Cheery Colors

With all the toys, books and art supplies on display, playrooms usually aren’t devoid of color. Still, it doesn't hurt to sprinkle in a few bold hues when decorating. Even if the rest of your home is more or less neutral, this will make your kids feel like it's their space.

The Parachute Color Guide offers insightful guidance on selecting a color scheme for your home.

What Do You Put in a Kids' Playroom?

When setting up a kids' playroom that's not also a bedroom, you'll want to first ensure there's plenty of storage for stuffed animals, toys, craft supplies, activity sets and board games. This includes things like bins, baskets, cubbies, shelves and cabinets.

Next, choose a few functional furniture items, such as an activity table, kid-size chairs and maybe a modular piece that can be configured multiple ways. Then divide the space into zones for activities like music, art, reading and dress-up.

How Do I Make My Kids' Playroom Special?

To make your kids' playroom special, include at least one thing that's unique. It could be a climbing wall, a mini ball pit, a chalkboard wall, a music stage, a treehouse fort or indoor swings. Beyond activities, you can incorporate inspiring decorations, such as an oversized wall mural or a ceiling painted to look like the sky.

Kid-Friendly Decor and Housewares From Parachute

Ready to start designing your child's room? Parachute carries high-quality kids' furniture and bedding, plus adorable stuffed toys, pillows and blankets perfect for forts and reading nooks. When you browse the decor collection, you'll also find storage baskets, easy-to-clean rugs, window curtains and lighting.

Did you know Parachute offers complimentary design services? Whether you need help with the layout of a small playroom, are stuck on a color scheme or want pointers for merging a playroom with a bedroom, bonus room or family room, a seasoned home stylist is here to assist. Schedule your free one-on-one online consultation today!

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