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Tips for Gifting Linens on Special Occasions

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You've probably received countless presents throughout your life. While most of them are likely out of sight and out of mind, you'll remember the best ones forever. Giving a thoughtful gift can make a person feel seen and appreciated while strengthening your bond.

Gift giving isn’t about how much you spend, though quality definitely matters. It’s more about how thoughtful the gesture is. To be clear, this is different than saying, "It's the thought that counts." Rather, it means considering the recipient's wants, needs, lifestyle, hobbies, habits, job and current life stage.

Thinking about how a person spends most of their time and how they like to relax can offer some clues. Though not everyone is naturally blessed with gift-giving skills, anyone can learn. And it's okay to get a little help once in a while.

Whether you've got a wedding, anniversary or holiday gathering on the calendar, or your loved one has a birthday, baby shower, housewarming, graduation or another milestone coming up, linen gifts are always an excellent choice. Keep scrolling for detailed guidance on etiquette, presentation pointers and specific recommendations on gifting linens for everyone and every occasion.

Linen Wedding Gift Ideas

Looking for wedding present ideas? Checking the betrothed couple's registry is a great place to start. However, if you want to stray from the pack, it’s best to get something of good quality that they'll actually use.

Another vase or serving bowl? Maybe not. Linen gifts? You bet. When in doubt, go with table linens or a nice set of towels, both of which any newlywed couple can make good use of while building a home together.

As for the presentation, wedding gifts are traditionally wrapped in boxes, though in the modern world, it's pretty common to ship a present directly to the recipient's home. In any case, be sure to send a card with your congratulations.

What Parachute Recommends

Classic Turkish Cotton Starter Bathroom Bundle

The Classic Turkish Cotton Starter Bathroom Bundle from Parachute offers the perfect balance of spa-level luxury and everyday practicality. It comes with four of each bath towels, hand towels and washcloths, as well as a tub mat. Unless you have a very close relationship with the couple and know the color scheme of their home, you're wise to get a simple, versatile color like white or cream.

Linen Waffle Tabletop Collection

The Linen Waffle Tabletop Collection includes napkins, table runners and tablecloths, all woven from premium European flax. Elegant enough for hosting but plenty casual for daily use, they're some of the best wedding gifts in the linens category.

If you're unsure about a color, go with the most neutral option. Having said that, Parachute carefully selects versatile hues for all its linens to ensure a timeless look that appeals to every taste.

Linen Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversary on the horizon? Don't overlook linen gifts for her or him. Traditionally, textiles are included in multiple yearly themes. The second anniversary is cotton, the seventh is wool, the eighth is linen and the twelfth is silk.

Of course, you don't have to follow these themes, but if you do, it doesn't need to be boring. Does your sweetie like going to the spa? Do you travel together? Consider how they like to spend their time and go from there.

What Parachute Recommends

Here are a few top linen anniversary gift ideas to delight your loved one.

Cloud Cotton Robe

If you're coming up on two years married, the Cloud Cotton Robe makes a great wedding anniversary gift. Woven into a two-ply gauze, this slouchy bathrobe is light, lofty and exceptionally comfy.

Linen Robe

For your eighth anniversary (or any year, for that matter), give your hubby or wifey the Linen Robe from Parachute. Better yet, get a matching pair to foster a feeling of togetherness. This endlessly comfortable, garment washed piece is available in unisex sizes small through extra-large.

Merino Travel Kit

Seven years, one year, four years, two decades — the Merino Travel Kit might be just the thing for your frequent-flying partner. Made of ultra-fine wool for maximum softness and breathability, this set comes with a blanket, an eye mask and a chic carrying case.

Wrap each of these gifts in a semi-flat apparel box and tie it with a wide, silky ribbon. And don't forget to include a card — gushing to your spouse about your love for them is just as important as giving them a present.

Linen Gifts for Birthdays

The key to hitting the ball out of the park with birthday presents is getting the person something they want and would use but probably wouldn't buy themselves. This sends the message that you're thinking of them and genuinely care about their satisfaction.

So, what are the best linen gifts for birthdays? Well-made pajamas are a solid choice. Depending on the recipient and the season, you can go with a sleep set, a nightgown, or lightweight separates.

When gifting PJs for a birthday, a properly wrapped garment box is ideal. That being said, a nice bag with tissue paper is also appropriate.

What Parachute Recommends

The his-and-hers options below make delightful linen birthday gifts.

Women's Linen Sleep Shirt

The Linen Sleep Shirt is a superb pick for the ladies. Loomed from 100% European flax fibers and garment washed for an undeniably soft, never-want-to-take-it-off texture, she can wear it while catching her beauty sleep, performing her skincare routine or enjoying breakfast in bed.

Men's Waffle Lounge Set

The wear-anywhere Waffle Lounge Set is a go-to for the guys, which includes a raglan long-sleeve shirt and jogger-style pants. Woven from 100% cotton with a mini waffle weave and solid dyed in vintage-inspired hues, it's one of the best linen gifts for men.

Linen Gifts for the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, lots of folks fall into the trap of quantity over quality. But the truth is, receivers tend to calculate the average of each item unconsciously. So, a small "garnish" gift, like a candle tossed in with a pair of premium house shoes, may devalue the nicer gift. This phenomenon is called the Presenter's Paradox.

The solution? Select one high-quality item for each person on your list and leave it at that. If you're feeling stuck, pajamas, robes and slippers are great options. During the holidays, you're probably off the hook for a proper card, as gift tags are standard. However, don't slouch on wrapping. See specific presentation tips below.

What Parachute Recommends

Here are a couple of joy-inspiring linen holiday gifts you’ll find at Parachute:

Waffle Lounge Set

The Waffle Lounge Set from Parachute is available in men's and women's sizes and comes in versatile hues, like clay, dusty blue and slate grey. Inspired by streetwear pieces, this laid-back yet sporty combo is a staple for dozing, hanging out or running a quick errand.

Some families have a tradition of giving pajamas on Christmas Eve so that the giftee can wear them to sleep and in the morning while opening other presents. Whenever you choose to offer this sleep set, wrap it up in a garment box and finish it with a festive ribbon.

Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

Bathrobes make excellent holiday gifts, and the Classic Turkish Cotton Robe is ideal for winter. Made from long-staple cotton with two slouchy pockets and a cozy shawl collar, it's plush, warm and incredibly comfy.

To wrap this gift, get a large garment box. (You can find many specifically indicated for bathrobes, but jacket and blanket boxes work too.) Instead of traditional wrapping paper, you might consider using brown butcher paper or recycled craft paper and accenting the box with twine.

Cozy Booties

Most people appreciate slippers as holiday gifts, but to really wow your loved one, consider a pair of Cozy Booties from Parachute. Crafted from faux sherpa with extra-plush padding and an anti-slip rubber sole, these ankle-height pull-ons are designed to keep the entire foot toasty for hours. Yes, they veer slightly off-path from typical linen gifts, but they're sure to be a hit.

Most slippers come in a shoebox, in which case you can wrap it up with holiday-themed paper or craft paper, pop on a bow, and call it good.

Linen Housewarming Gift Ideas

When friends or relatives move into a new home, the classy thing to do is bring them a present. Whether they're hosting a housewarming party or having you over to tour their new digs, you'll want to show up with something of high quality that fills a current need.

For instance, people moving into a bigger home might not have enough hand towels for each bathroom or enough cloth napkins to host a large group. For those with pets, another idea is to get something for their fur baby like a luxury pet bed. (Pro tip: If you're ever stumped on what to get someone, always consider their pet. Be sure to check out our guide on Pet Friendly Fabrics for some additional insights on what makes for a thoughtful pet gift.)

What Parachute Recommends

Here are a couple of ready-to-go linen housewarming gift ideas sure to win appreciation:

Gift Card

It can be tough to know what your loved ones already have, what they need and what's on their to-buy list. For this reason, gift certificates make practical housewarming gifts. Parachute's Digital Gift Card is available in $50 increments from $50 to $500 and can be sent via email anytime, anywhere — in advance, at the last minute, whenever.

Canvas Dog Bed

Do the new homeowners have a pooch? If so, the Canvas Dog Bed from Parachute is a thoughtful gift option. Featuring a soft yet durable cover made of stonewashed cotton and a zipper closure for easy cleaning, it'll help fido and the rest of the fam settle into their new dwelling.

With this dog bed and other oversized linen gifts, you can typically get away with forgoing a traditional wrap job. Tying a large ribbon around the center is a nice touch, but if you don't have one, don't sweat it.

Linen Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Like weddings, the best place to start with baby shower presents is the registry. However, if most items are already spoken for and you want to get the parents-to-be something special, linen gifts are a fantastic choice.

While you want to avoid getting things they already have or may not actually use, there are a few baby products you really can't have too many of. This includes crib sheets and hooded towels, which you can wrap in a box with wrapping paper or a pretty gift bag.

What Parachute Recommends

These adorable linen baby shower gift ideas will touch the heart of any mom to be:

Brushed Cotton Crib Sheet

Made with delicate skin in mind, the buttery-soft and exceptionally cozy Brushed Cotton Crib Sheet from Parachute is a practical and thoughtful baby shower gift idea. Since infants generally aren't supposed to sleep with anything but a fitted sheet until the 12-month mark, it'll be put to good use that first year.

For extra points, get two sheets (or maybe even three). With inevitable spit-ups and diaper leaks, new parents can always use more crib sheets.

Hooded Baby Towel

The Hooded Baby Towel is one of the most popular newborn baby gifts from Parachute. Made of long-staple Turkish cotton without any harsh chemicals, it's designed to be soft, gentle and cozy against a tiny tot's skin.

Learn more about why the hooded baby towel is a special gift for a newborn in our What is a Hooded Baby Towel guide.

Dorm Room Gift Ideas

Though a dorm room might not have much square footage to spare, you can still help make the home-away-from-home as cozy as possible by getting them some college bedding essentials. With this in mind, a twin XL sheet set (note: this is the most common dorm bed size) or a throw blanket are great picks for the college-bound.

College Bed Linen Recommends

Here are two quick linen dorm room gift ideas to brighten any scholar’s eyes:

Percale Sheet Set

The Percale Sheet Set in twin extra-long is one of the best dorm room gifts. Made with the next generation in mind, it includes a pillowcase and a fitted sheet made from fine percale fabric — the top sheet is optional. It's practical, it's high-quality, and since the long-staple Egyptian cotton fabric gets softer with every wash, it might even encourage the college student in question to keep up with their laundry.

Though adding smaller items is usually not recommended for gift-giving, you might consider presenting this sheet set in a laundry hamper with a bottle of detergent and maybe some wool dryer balls

You can learn more about these college laundry essentials in our guides, Do Dryer Balls Work and Why Use Natural Laundry Detergent.

Oversized Rib Knit Throw

Dorm room beds might be on the smaller side, but that doesn't mean your favorite college freshman can't bundle up with a supersized blanket. Measuring 80 x 60 inches, the Turkish cotton Oversized Rib Knit Throw you’ll find at Parachute is as soft as a snuggly sweater and comforting to those missing home. What's more, it's machine washable for easy care while living on campus.

Where to Buy the Best Linen Gifts for Every Occasion

Giving high-quality gifts is a surefire way to make the recipient feel good. But they aren't the only ones who'll benefit from the exchange. Research suggests spending money on other people makes you feel happy, so it's really a win-win.

Browse the wide selection of linen bed sheets and home decor gifts from Parachute today!