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Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas
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Shabby Grace
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Instead of taking the standard gift wrap approach – and adding to the excess and waste that accumulates during the holiday season – try something a little more fun and eco-friendly this year.

Responsibly manufactured home essentials is our hallmark (read more on our Oeko-Tex Certification and Responsible Down Standard) – but we also endeavor to make mindful choices beyond the business. So when it came time to exchange secret non-denominational snowflakes at our recent office holiday party, we decided to give these alternative gift wrapping ideas a go. Here’s a list of our favorites that you can easily gather from home.

Parachute’s Packaging

All of our bedding comes beautifully packaged in a reusable, self-care bag because we think of our product as a gift, whether it’s for you or for a loved one. These dust bags are easily repurposed into a gift bag; simply fill any extra space with tissue paper, tie on a name tag and voilà!

Tea Towels

Using a tea towel or kitchen towel to wrap up a gift is a super chic option. This works especially well for food items such as jars of jam or honey. For an extra special touch, try scouting out vintage linen napkins or tea towels at your local flea markets or thrift stores. Larger napkins and towels provide ample material for pretty knots and accommodate larger gifts.


If you happen to have stacks of magazines around your house, you already have a treasure trove of gift wrap options – the actual pages of your magazines. For smaller gifts, simply rip out a page and use it as you would a typical piece of wrapping paper. For larger items, tape several magazine pages together to make a larger “sheet” of wrap. Have some fun choosing bright colors, unique images or fun designs.


Finally a good use for all of those lone socks that have somehow lost their mates in the laundry: Recycle them as gift wrap. Just kidding…we recommend using a brand new pair. If you have a longer knee sock, that will work particularly well as a cozy for a great bottle of wine or a beautiful bottle of olive oil. Socks also work for smaller gifts, tying off a knot on top for a bow effect. Look for socks with fun patterns, textures and colors for extra personality.

Shopping Bag

Empty shopping bags with cool patterns or colors offer a fun gift wrap alternative. Cut your bag down each side to create a larger area for wrapping. If there is a pattern on the bag you’d like to highlight, trim the bag as needed. Pro tip: Keep in mind that a thicker or heavier bag will require more durable tape to secure the gift. And don’t undervalue the chic look of classic, brown paper (read: grocery bag) packaging tied up with strings.


There’s only a few weeks left in the year, so instead of tossing this year’s calendar in the trash, give the pages new life by repurposing them as gift wrap. Calendar pages are durable and symmetrical – perfect for a sturdy wrapping job. Choose to display either a fun illustration or a meaningful date (this works well not only during the holidays but also for birthdays and anniversaries).