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Down Comforter 101: What is Fill Power?
ERIN SCOTTBERG - November 21, 2021

Down fill power is a measurement of how fluffy the down is. Learn more about how to understand down fill power at Parachute.

Pillow Guide: How to Choose the Right Pillow
Parachute Team - May 17, 2021

Facts and ergonomic stats you must consider.

cozy bedding layered in multiple fabrics
PARACHUTE TEAM - April 6, 2021

Craft your perfect sleep experience from the inside out.

Pillows and inserts on bed
Parachute Team - March 18, 2021

Which side are you on?

Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas
ERICA REITMAN - December 15, 2015

Instead of taking the standard gift wrap approach – and adding to the excess and waste that accumulates during the holiday season – try something a little more fun and eco-friendly this year.

Dream Tracking: A Primer
ERIN SCOTTBERG - June 12, 2015

By logging your dreams and their associations, you can start to identify patterns and meanings that can clue you into messages from your subconscious mind.

How to Care for Down Bedding
Erin Scottberg - April 8, 2015

From spot-treating to machine washing and drying, here is a cheat sheet on washing and caring for your down comforter.

How to Store Your Bedding
MEREDITH SPENCER - August 5, 2014

Here are our tips for cleaning and storing your miscellaneous bedroom accoutrement.