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How to Store Your Bedding

How to Store Your Bedding
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While it may spend most of its life hidden inside a decorative cover (and if it doesn’t…we need to talk!), you still need to offer it some TLC in the off seasons. Give it an annual deep clean and be smart about storage to keep your blanket looking plush and feeling fluffy for when cooler weather rolls around. Here are our tips for cleaning and storing your miscellaneous bedroom accoutrement.

Leave the Big Jobs to the Pros

If you’re short on time, your friendly neighborhood dry cleaner is best for taking care of a down filled comforter. Washing it at home can be tricky, as most home washers and dryers are not large enough to handle the heft of big blankets, and the drying process can take hours. If a comforter is not properly cleaned, the down filling can pool or clump. When you make the trip to the cleaners, bring along any luxury textiles like cashmerealpaca or merino throws. However, if you’ve got the time or are keen on saving money, we’ve put together a cheat sheet on caring for your down duvet.

Handle the Small Stuff at Home

As for duvet covers and quilted coverlets — just check the tag. Most decorative covers and simple machine-stitched blankets can be washed like your regular linens. For more delicate, handmade pieces or that heirloom blanket that you inherited from Granny, opt for handwashing and air-drying. It’s also a great time to evaluate the condition of your bedding, repair worn items, and purge any pieces that may be underused or outdated.

Keep it Cool and Dry

Mildew and mold are two scary words. To keep them out of your vocabulary (and out of your bedding), it’s imperative that you store your linens properly. A bedding bag with cotton panels will keep your winter bedding safe from humidity and dust while also allowing for air circulation. Multiple pieces of bedding can be stored in one bag; just place the heaviest blankets at the bottom and the lighter linens at the top. If your house doesn’t have a designated linen closet, choose somewhere that’s cool and dry for storage. Under the bed boxes are great if you’re short on space, and we love a beautiful (and practical) trunk tucked at the foot of the bed.

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