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Tagged with: Classic Bath Towels
Bath towels around a bathroom
Parachute Team - August 25, 2023

All you need to know to find the right elevated yet functional towels for your home.

Woman looking in the bathroom mirror
Parachute Team - August 24, 2023

Grab your plush robe, put on your favorite soothing tunes, and get ready to discover how you can turn your bathroom into a haven of comfort and rejuvenation, all with a dash of our signature style.

woman in bathroom
PARACHUTE TEAM - May 15, 2023

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom with these tips and tricks for an at home spa day.

woman sitting on ledge of bath tub.
Parachute Team - May 14, 2023

Get the most out of bathing with the best.

PARACHUTE TEAM - March 22, 2023

We'll go over the different materials, sizes, styles and price points, answer frequently asked questions and provide tips for buying top-tier towels. Let's get started.

Woman laying on cotton bedding
Parachute Team - February 14, 2022

Learn the best ways to take care of your linens.

white towels
Parachute Team - January 15, 2022

With a few key techniques, we’ll teach you the simplest way to get musty smells out of towels and prevent mildew odors from happening in the future.

woman in a tub
PARACHUTE TEAM - September 2, 2021

Transform your bathroom into a hotel-worthy retreat.

Gym Bag Checklist
Stephanie Lysaght - June 1, 2018

May you never do a spin class sock-less again.

Michael Dubin, Dollar Shave Club
Bedtime Routines
Parachute Team - May 3, 2017

The guy who helped upend the razor blade industry has some advice on 5 o'clock shadows.

Bath Collection: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Parachute Team - February 15, 2017

How we built the bathroom of our dreams.