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Bed Sheet, Quilt, & Blanket Dimension Guide

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Choosing the right bed sheet sizes is a bit like shopping for apparel. If you purchase ill-fitting clothes, you can end up with a less-than-perfect fit. The same applies to bed linen. Buy a fitted sheet that’s a size too big or small, and your bed can look uninviting.

That's why it's important to be familiar with all bed sheet sizes and how to choose the best one not only for your mattress.

Here, we break down the most popular and common bed sheet and quilt dimensions. We also share some styling insights for selecting the best bed linen size to match your mattress (and lifestyle).

Popular Bed Sheet Dimensions

Take a look at the most standard bed-linen sizes and how to match them to your bed.

Twin Sheet Size

Twin-size bedding is made to fit mattresses 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Mattress depth sometimes varies depending on the manufacturer. Still, most fitted twin-size bed sheets will accommodate a mattress up to 16 inches deep. A flat sheet (or a top sheet) for a twin-size mattress measures about 66 x 96 inches, while a duvet cover measures around 72 x 96 inches.

Twin-size mattresses are an excellent option for a toddler's or teenager's room. They can fit an adult, too, but not more than one. Bunk beds are also very often outfitted with twin bed sheets. If you have a guest bedroom on the smaller side, a twin bed will look best in it because it leaves some space to fit other small furniture pieces. Just keep in mind that if you have friends or relatives taller than six feet, you may have to go for a twin XL size.

Twin XL Sheet Size

Twin XL mattresses are five inches longer than twin mattresses (38 x80 inches). That means twin XL size bed sheets are also just slightly longer. Twin XL fitted sheets measure either 38 x80 inches or an inch longer and wider (to accommodate a mattress topper). Because top sheets and duvet covers are usually much larger than the mattress, certain manufacturers produce their twin XL and twin-size bedding with the same dimensions.

The twin bed size (and bedding size) is a college dorm room essential, since it provides plenty of room for sleep, but also leaves space in a small room for study and social time.

Full Sheet Size

Also known as a double bed, full-size beds measure 53 x 75 inches. Fitted full-size sheets mirror these dimensions. Full-size flat sheets and full-size duvet covers usually measure the same as queen-size bedding, respectively 96 x102 inches, 80 x 89 inches or 90 by 94 inches.

Full-size beds are often found in studio apartments or small bedrooms. While two people can certainly fit on a full-size mattress, this type of bed-and-mattress combination is an excellent choice for single sleepers or for an adult with a small child.

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Queen Sheet Size

Queen size is the most common mattress and bed size of all, measuring 80 x 60 inches. Fitted queen-size bed sheets reflect these dimensions, while a queen top sheet measures about 96 x 102 inches. The size of a queen duvet cover may range between 80 to 90 inches in width and 92 to 96 inches in height.

Queen-size beds can fit two people, so they’re perfect for master bedrooms (especially in apartments). If your guest bedroom is big enough (at least 9.5 x 10 feet), you can furnish it with a queen-size bed and mattress, and still have enough space for two small nightstands.

King/California King Sheet Size

The biggest bed sheet sizes are King and California King. A fitted king-size sheet measures 76 x 80 inches, while a California King is 72 x 84 inches. Both flat sheets and duvet covers often have the same dimensions, with top sheets about 102 x 112 inches and king-size duvet covers about 96 x 109 inches.

California King-size beds became popular in the 1960s when they started popping up in the homes of celebrities and athletes all over the Golden State. Needless to say, you’ll need plenty of space to fit a king-size mattress. But if your master bedroom is large enough, they’re worth it for the added comfort and versatility.

Now that you’ve got a feel for what size you need, get help choosing the perfect sheets for your room with our Guide to Bed Sheets: Choose the Right Style & Fabric for Your Home

Standard Quilt and Blanket Sizes & Dimensions

Once you dress your bed in sheets, you'll need to style it with a top layer or two, such as a quilt and a blanket.

Since quilts are usually the last bedding layer, they measure either the same as blankets or slightly larger by a few inches.

Choosing the right quilt depends on how much of a side drop you'd like to see on your bed. Another factor is how many bedding layers you style your bed with. If you'd like to style your quilt in a pillow tuck, this will add another ten inches to the ideal length for your mattress. And finally, if the bed has a spring, a mattress, and a mattress topper, you have to consider the total width before selecting a quilt.

Twin Size/Twin XL Blanket & Quilt Dimensions

Twin-size blankets measure about 65 x 90 inches. They’ll drop about 15 inches on both sides of the mattress plus the foot of the bed. Twin-size blankets are perfect to layer on a sofa, since they’re big enough to cover an adult without overtaking the entire seating area.

A twin XL size blanket and quilt measure about 70 x 90 inches or slightly larger. Twin and twin XL bedding usually have the same dimensions.

Full Size Blanket & Quilt Dimensions

Full-size blanket dimensions, or a double-size blanket, measure 85 x 90 inches. While it certainly works on a full-size bed, you could also style a full-size blanket on a twin XL bed if you'd like a little extra length and width.

A full-size quilt measures about 80-85 x 90 inches.

Queen Size Blanket & Quilt Dimensions

Queen-size blankets can be either rectangular or square. Those shaped in a rectangle measure about 90 x 90-100 inches, while square ones are about 95-95 inches.

A standard queen-size quilt is 90 inches wide and 95 inches long.

King/California King Size Blanket & Quilt Dimensions

King-size blanket dimensions vary between 108 and 90-100 inches, while a California King-size blanket usually measures 104 x 108 inches. When purchasing a throw for a California King-size bed, the essential factor is the length. That’s because a California King mattress is four inches longer than a standard king-size one.

For quilts, look into styles that measure 108x95 for a king-size bed and 102x100 for a California King. Compare the king-size bed sheet to the California King size and more in our King-Size Sheet & Mattress Dimensions Guide.

An now that you’ve gotten a feel for blanket and quilt sizes, read on to choose the right style and material for your room in our Guide to Quilts, Blankets, and Coverlets.


Do Your Sheets and Blankets Have to Match the Size of Your Mattress?

You have some room for variation when it comes to the size of the duvet cover, top sheet and quilt. But when it comes to your fitted sheet, it needs to match exactly the size of your mattress. If your fitted sheet is larger, you could technically tuck it in, but that defeats the purpose of having a fitted sheet, because it wouldn’t fit the mattress.

If your bed has storage drawers underneath it (or a taller frame) you may want to purchase a longer blanket or a quilt to account for that extra height. 

If you want your quilt to reach the floor on all three sides, measure your mattress and add the height of your bed to these measurements to get an idea of the perfect quilt dimensions.

And finally, when purchasing bed sheets, blankets and quilts, make sure you coordinate their size so they look neat when styled on the bed.

Find out more about how to layer bedding in our post: How to Layer and Style Your Bed Like a Stylist.

Where to Shop for High-Quality Bed Sheets and Blankets?

Once you've established the best sizes for your mattress and bed, check out Parachute's extensive selection of high-quality sheets. All of them are Oeko-Tex certified, and available in all standard sizes. They’re also made from premium long-staple Egyptian cotton and linen.

Our effortlessly chic quilts and blankets are the perfect finishing touch to your bed. Certain styles come in Twin/Twin XL (70 x 92), Full/Queen (96 x 96) and King/California King (114 x 96) sizes. Others are available in Full/Queen (96 x 96) and King/California King (114 x 96) sizes.

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