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Twin Blanket Size: Parachute Home

twin bed with blankets
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No matter the season, it’s important to choose the correct blanket size for every bed in your home. Not only do blankets and quilts provide warmth as we sleep, but they add a touch of style and visual harmony to any bedroom.

Twin beds can be a difficult size to find the right blanket for. If you’re wondering exactly how big a twin blanket is, read on! We’ll cover all the most important considerations for shopping for a blanket for a twin-size bed, so your loved ones can stay cozy at any time of year!

What Are the Dimensions of a Twin Blanket

Twin blankets should be between 65 and 70 inches wide and 90 inches long. Those twin-blanket measurements provide enough coverage to keep you warm at night without being too large on a narrow twin-size bed. A 65x90 inch blanket offers about 15 inches of overhang on each side of a twin mattress.

How Do Twin Size Blanket Dimensions Compare to Other Sizes?

Twin-size blankets are narrower than blankets designed for other bed sizes, but they are a little larger than most throw blankets. The exact twin blanket size and other measurements can vary from one manufacturer to another, but these blanket dimensions will generally remain consistent.

Pro Tip: Twin-bed blanket size and twin XL blanket size are the same length, but different widths. If you’re shopping for bedding for college, the dimensions of a twin XL blanket will be a better fit.

To better accommodate the different bed sizes, many blankets are designed to fit both twin and twin XL, both full and queen or both king and California king. In those cases, the size is usually listed as Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen or King/CalKing.

If you’re wondering about size differences in sheets and other bedding, check out our Bed Sheet, Quilt, & Blanket Dimension Guide.

For more information about twin-size beds, read on in our guide: Twin-Size Bed Dimensions: How Big Is a Twin Bed?

How to Choose the Right Blanket

When you’re trying to select the right blanket for a bed, size is only one consideration. Blankets vary significantly in terms of fabric, weight, softness, warmth and breathability. Here are a few things to consider as you select a new blanket for your bed.

Blankets for Every Season

Some sleepers prefer a heavy blanket, and feel added comfort from the extra weight. Others prefer lightweight blankets that add coverage without adding bulk.

If you like to use your blanket as your only bed covering, it’s a good idea to choose a thicker blanket with a bit more weight and durability. A lighter blanket might be your best option if you usually sleep with a blanket under a bedspread, coverlet or quilt.

If you’re not sure which material will provide the right warmth for you, consider some of these fabulous and popular materials.

Lightest Blankets for Twin Size Beds

Linen, waffle cotton, and organic air cotton are some of the lightest and most breathable fabrics for twin bed blankets. They provide a soft layer for that tucked-in feeling without weighing on you on a hot night or making you sweat.

Looking for a smaller blanket you can add as needed? A throw blanket might be exactly what you have in mind. Read more in our Throw Blanket Size Guide.

Cozy Blankets for Twin Beds

If you want the heavier feeling of a cozy winter blanket but you’re not looking for a duvet, then a box quilt, cloud cotton comforter, breeze comforter, or waffle quilt are all good options. These blankets are on the warmer and heavier side for cooler nights.

Read more about popular blanket materials and styles in our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets: A Modern Take on Traditional Covers

Selecting a Blanket With Design in Mind

Once you start shopping for the perfect blanket, it’s important to know how you’ll use the blanket most frequently. Will you tuck the ends of the blanket under the mattress or let them hang on the sides?

If you have a thicker mattress or a mattress with a box spring, you’ll need to choose a blanket that’s long enough to cover the sides of your mattress and box spring with extra material left over for tucking in or hanging down. With a taller mattress, it’s often a good idea to choose a blanket size larger than your bed size.

If you’re thinking of sizing up your blanket, check out our guide: Queen Size Blanket Dimensions.

Layering Blankets and Quilts

Just as you might layer your clothing in the spring or fall for flexibility and comfort, consider layering blankets for the exact amount of warmth you need every night. 

If you find yourself chilled at night, you can snuggle up under two or three thinner blankets. If you’re having a hot night, you can toss one or two of them toward the foot of the bed to give yourself a cooler covering.


If you still have questions about twin blanket measurements, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about twin blanket sizes and materials.

Is a Twin Blanket Bigger Than a Throw Blanket

Twin blanket measurements are 65 inches by 90 inches, while throw blankets are 60 inches by 80 inches. Throw blankets are small enough to easily curl up with while sitting on a chair or couch, while twin blankets are large enough to cover a twin mattress with overhang on the bottom and sides.

What Is the Difference Between a Comforter and a Blanket?

Comforters feature two layers of fabric with insulation in between them, while blankets are usually a single layer of fabric. Most comforters are warmer compared to blankets because of the extra layers and fill materials. Blankets are more versatile because you can layer them for the perfect warmth.

Can You Use a Blanket for a Larger Bed on a Twin Size Bed?

If you have a tall mattress or a twin XL bed, using a blanket designed for a larger bed can provide more comfort. A full-size blanket provides an extra 10 inches of width so you can be sure your blanket will be wide enough. If you want your blanket to extend to the floor, a queen-size blanket works well.

Comfortable, Eco-Friendly Blankets by Parachute

No matter what size blanket you choose for your twin bed, it’s always important to select an eco-friendly blanket made with materials you can trust. A big part of feeling cozy and comfortable is knowing that your blanket is safe and free from chemicals, dyes, and hazardous substances.

Parachute has a large assortment of Oeko-Tex Certified, and GOTS Certified Organic materials to choose from. Whether you prefer a lightweight blanket made of breezy cotton or a snuggly quilt, you can enjoy peace of mind and comfort, all at the same time.