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Queen Size Blanket Dimensions: Parachute Home

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Even though queen-size beds are the most popular size in American homes, different bed heights and mattress dimensions can make it hard to choose the right blanket. Avoid frozen toes or having to hog the covers from your partner by investing in the best blanket for a queen bed.

You may be surprised to learn that a queen-size blanket isn’t always the best blanket for a queen-size bed.

So — what size is a queen blanket? Are all queen blankets the same? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions about the size of queen blankets, read on. We’ll cover everything you need to know, so you can find the ideal blanket for your queen bed and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

What Are the Dimensions of a Queen Size Blanket?

Queen-size blanket dimensions are 90 inches wide and 90-100 inches long. Queen blankets generally provide enough coverage for one or two sleepers in a queen bed. With a traditional 60x80 queen-size mattress, your blanket should have 15 inches of overhang on each side and 10-20 inches at the bottom.

How Do Queen Size Blankets Compare to Other Sizes?

A blanket for a queen bed falls right in the middle of the spectrum. Queen blanket sizes are larger than full size and smaller than king size. Exact blanket dimensions, like the overall length, may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most blanket measurements for each bed size are about the same.

When shopping for a queen-size quilt or blanket, you may find that some sizes are grouped for convenience. For example, many manufacturers offer blankets in twin/twin XL size, full/queen size and king/California king size.

In these situations, it’s a good idea to double-check the exact queen-size blanket dimensions of your choice, to make sure the blanket will be big enough.

To compare standard blanket sizes with the most common mattress sizes, explore our guide: Mattress Size & Dimension Guide: Width, Length, & Height of Standard Mattresses.

For more information on bedding sizes read our Bed Sheet, Quilt, & Blanket Dimension Guide.

How to Choose the Right Blanket Size for You

In many cases, choosing the right blanket for your queen bed is a little more complex than just selecting a standard queen blanket size from a retailer’s product list. It’s a good idea to pay attention to a few other factors like your mattress dimensions, visual preferences and sleeping arrangements.

So — now that we’ve answered the question “how big is a queen blanket,” it’s time to consider whether a queen blanket is actually the best choice. The questions below will help you decide whether the best blanket for a queen bed is a standard queen-size blanket — or if you should size up to a king.

Consider Body Size for Comfort

No matter what blanket you choose, consider the added dimensions of your body when you sleep. After all, your blanket should be large enough to keep you fully covered and cozy while you sleep. It shouldn’t only fit the bed itself.

If you share your queen bed with someone, and you both like to have plenty of covers to work with, you may be more comfortable if you size up to a king-size blanket.

If you sleep solo and you tend to kick the covers off most nights, you can get away with a blanket that’s closer to the exact dimensions of your bed.

Pro Tip: Shopping for a smaller bed, or would you like a smaller blanket? If you think queen-size blanket dimensions may be much too big, see our Twin Blanket Size guide.

Factor in Your Mattress Height 

Mattresses come in a variety of heights, from slender 6-inch models to extra-tall 18-inch options. 

If you have a shorter mattress, you don’t need to worry about sizing up your blanket to keep the sides of the bed covered. If your mattress is on the taller side or you use a box spring or a mattress topper, you’d be wise to consider a larger blanket to cover all those extra inches.

Add Visual and Decorative Preferences

Think about the look you want when your bed is made. Will you tuck your blanket in and place a duvet on top? Do you prefer to let your blanket hang down the sides of the bed? Do you use a bedskirt that you want to keep visible?

Bed Frame Styles

Platform beds provide a clean, minimalistic look. If you have a platform bed, you’ll either tuck your blanket under your mattress or choose a blanket without much overhanging fabric. If your blanket is too big, it will bunch and puddle on the platform, creating a sense of disarray. A queen-size blanket is best for a queen platform bed.

If you’re not sure whether queen-size blanket dimensions will best fit your bedroom design and sleep preferences, explore our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets: A Modern Take on Traditional Covers.

Popular Materials for Your Queen Blanket

Whether you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, or you enjoy subtropical weather year-round, it’s important to invest in quality blankets that suit your needs and design preferences.

Fortunately there are plenty of materials to choose from for queen-size summer blankets, winter quilts and everything in between!

Classic Linen

Linen blankets and quilts are durable, comfortable and only improve with age. For warmer seasons and climates, a linen bedcover or linen gauze blanket is a lightweight, breathable top layer. If you prefer a heavier top layer or you need some extra warmth, a linen quilt is hard to beat.

Soft, Dreamy Cotton

Cotton comes in so many styles, weights and textures. Air cotton quilts are incredibly light and breathable yet luxuriously fluffy and soft to the touch, while cloud cotton quilts and waffle blankets are a bit warmer for spring and fall nights.

When you want to snuggle into some soft fluffy covers, waffle quilts and cotton comforters give you that perfect cozy feeling without weighing you down.

Still have questions about what will be the most comfortable blanket or the softest blanket material for you? Check out our Fabric & Bedding Materials Guide!


If you still have questions about queen-size blanket dimensions, here are some of the most commonly asked questions shoppers ask about them.

What Size Is a 60x80 Blanket?

A 60 by 80 inch blanket is usually considered a throw blanket. This blanket size is best used on a couch or as an extra layer, just in case you get cold in the night. Because queen-size mattresses are also 60x80, a blanket of this size doesn’t offer any overhang for tucking underneath.

Can You Put a Queen Blanket in a Washing Machine?

As long as you have a standard-size washing machine at home, you should be able to fit most queen-size blankets inside with room to spare. If you have a compact washer or a very thick, padded queen-size blanket, you may need to wash your blanket in an industrial-size machine at a laundromat.

What’s the Difference Between a Comforter and a Blanket?

Blankets are made of a single layer of knit or woven fabric, so they’re often more lightweight and breathable than comforters. Comforters typically include a top and bottom layer, with a layer of batting or fill in between. Comforters have more dimension and fluffiness and are perfect for cooler nights.

Learn more about comforters in our guide to the essential bed cover: What is a Comforter?

What Is the Size of a Standard Blanket?

Any blanket designed for use with a standard mattress size is considered a standard-size blanket. Standard blanket sizes usually offer enough material to fully cover the top of the mattress with extra width and length for an overhang. These sizes include twin, full, queen, king and California king.

Pro Tip: Would you prefer a throw blanket size to queen-size blanket dimensions? See our Throw Blanket Size Guide to compare.

Where to Buy the Perfect Queen Size Blanket

If you prefer to fill your bedroom and your home with well-made, attractive and environmentally friendly textiles, then look no further than Parachute. We offer a diverse selection of bedding and bath products in assorted fabrics, textures, weights and styles with colors to match your favorite home decor.

Parachute demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and textiles free from hazardous materials by providing a number of Oeko-Tex Certified and GOTS Certified Organic options.

Whether you’re redecorating your bedroom from scratch or looking for the perfect blanket, comforter or sheet set for a touch of something new and fresh, it’s easy to find options to suit any preference.

Read more about eco-friendly and organic bedding in Best Organic Bedding: What to Look for in Organic and Natural Bedding.

Dreaming of a fresh bedroom design? Take a look at our guide: How to Update Your Bedding for Spring!