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Bedtime Routines

Jenni Kayne, Designer

Jenni Kayne, Designer
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Nicki Sebastian for Parachute
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Known for its timeless wardrobe classics and home decor, Jenni Kayne’s lifestyle brand reflects the casual elegance of the founder herself. To celebrate the launch of the limited edition Parachute x Jenni Kayne collection, the L.A. native shares her perspective on decorating a home with kids, a mantra for aspiring entrepreneurs, and why investing in a comfortable wardrobe is worth it.

What three words would you use to describe your home decor?

Neutral, organic, classic.

How do you strike a balance between sophisticated and kid-friendly decor?

I don’t think you need to compromise on style when you have children. That said, when you have kids your home needs to be comfortable and useable – nothing can be too precious. Simplicity also helps make a space both stylish and kid-friendly. Paring down to only what is needed, loved or can be used is so helpful in controlling the chaos. I recommend using nice bins and containers to keep everything organized and make closets and storage spaces look beautiful, even if they aren’t visible all the time.

Jenni Kayne fixing pillows on a bed.

We recently launched the Parachute x Jenni Kayne Striped Linen Duvet Cover Set! How do you plan on styling it in your own home?

I currently have it on our guest bed at home. I love that it’s minimal but different than my typical all-white bedding – and washed linen is my favorite material. Our guests will never want to leave! I use the Fringe Alpaca Throw at the end of the bed or I’ll bring it into the living room to cozy up with the kids after dinner.

You’re known for your stunning home decor and elevated California style. What do you look for when shopping for your home?

I love classic, timeless pieces that feel special and can be enjoyed for many years, if not forever. I gravitate toward interesting textures more than bold colors. I like warm, natural materials and fabrics like wood, cotton, alpaca and cashmere. I usually incorporate color into my home through art, nature or florals.

Walk us through your bedtime routine. What products do you use before turning in?

I put on cozy pjs – I am loving the cotton sleep shirts from the Los Angeles label Sloan. I have a few natural remedies I like to use for relaxation, too. H.Gillerman Organics makes a lavender essential oil roller that I love. I also rub some magnesium oil on my forearms or drink Natural Calm, which has magnesium in it.


Bedside tables reveal a lot about a person…what’s on yours?

I keep Bag Balm in my drawer to use on my lips before I go to bed. I use a diffuser for essential oils. For something pretty and decorative with good energy, I have a silver bowl filled with clear crystals and usually have some flowers in a pretty vase as well.

What keeps you up at night?

Too much to do the next day! I keep a notepad next to my bed so that I can write down whatever pops into my head – and let it go.

Being a working mom is demanding, and mornings can be extra hectic. Do you have a tip for keeping mornings on track without compromising QT with your kids Ripley, Tanner and Trooper?

Mornings are a joint effort in my house, as I’m not a morning person! My husband picks up a lot of the slack. So, my tip is to divide and conquer! Help each other out.

Jenni Kayne

Tell us about your go-to outfit. What ensemble makes you feel comfortable and confident?

I have a uniform of an easy knit or button-down shirt from my collection, high-waist jeans, and either my D’Orsay Flats or Mule Slides. It’s comfortable, flattering, and I feel like myself in it.

You’re a successful designer and lifestyle curator. Do you have a mantra or one piece of advice you’d share with other entrepreneurs trying to build their own businesses?

Stay true to yourself. It’s easy to get swept up in what everyone else is doing, either creatively or from a business perspective, but if it doesn’t come naturally, it’ll be an uphill battle. Embracing what makes your business unique and special, and focusing on growing those qualities, is a better use of your time and energy.

[Ed. note: This collection has sold out.]