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What Is the Biggest Bed Size?

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To some, an oversized bed might seem like the ultimate luxury. And to others who are taller or larger than the average person, it may seem like a necessity. A bigger bed than a California king is an enticing idea, but is it the right choice for you?

This article will go over the biggest bed sizes, including the exact dimensions of oversized mattress sizes, the benefits, the drawbacks and other considerations. We'll also offer tips for buying a large bed frame and mattress. Let's get started.

What Is the Biggest Bed Size?

Of the widely available beds, the biggest size is the California king (74 x 84 inches). In non-standard sizes, the family bed is twice that (144 x 84) followed by Alaska king (108 x 108), Texas king (80 x 96) and Wyoming king (84 x 84), but these can be hard to acquire and hard to buy bedding for.

What Is an Alaska King Bed?

An Alaska king bed is 108 inches wide and 108 inches long. As you can guess, it's named after the largest state in the U.S. Sometimes called an Alaskan king, the square-shaped mattress is the longest and the widest, save for the family bed, which is a bit wider but shorter — more on this below.

What Is a Texas King Bed?

A Texas king bed is 80 inches wide and 96 inches long. Named after the second-largest state, it's 4 inches wider than a king and a foot longer than a Cal king, making it substantially larger than the biggest standard sizes. This could be a good option for folks who need a bit more sleeping space.

What Is a Wyoming King Bed?

A Wyoming king bed is 84 inches wide and 84 inches long. While California is technically the third-largest state, this is considered the third-biggest bed size, following the Texas king. The oversized square-shaped mattress dimensions are 8 inches wider and 4 inches longer than a standard king bed.

A Wyoming king can be a good choice for those looking for something slightly larger than a regular king or California king that will still fit in their bedroom. It offers plenty of room for two people to spread out and even space for a furry friend to curl up at the foot.

Other Large Bed Sizes to Consider

Beyond the Alaska king, Texas king and Wyoming king, there are a few other large bed sizes to consider. Find exact mattress dimensions and other details below.


As noted, a regular king-size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It's the same length as a queen bed but a full 16 inches wider. Kings are good for couples and anyone with a large bedroom who wants a luxurious sleeping experience.

California King

A California king bed measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. Though it's often listed in size order as being bigger than a regular king, it's actually 4 inches narrower but 4 inches longer. This makes Cal kings a great choice for those who are taller than average and need a bit more space to spread out than a queen provides.

Split King

Split king beds are the same dimensions as a standard king bed, but they consist of two twin XL (extra-long) mattresses instead of one king. This allows each sleeper to select their preferred mattress type and firmness, and if the bed is mechanical, they can adjust the head and foot to their liking.

Alberta King

Then there's the Alberta king, which is another oversized option. At 96 x 96 inches, this square mattress is actually bigger than a Wyoming king but perhaps not as common. If you have the space for it, it'll give you lots of room to spread out and cuddle up with a partner — and potentially a pet.

Family Bed

The biggest bed in the world is technically the XL family bed, which measures 144 inches wide and 84 inches long — the same length as a California king but the width of two Cal kings pushed together! There's also a large and a medium version of the family bed, which are 120 x 80 inches and 108 x 80 inches, respectively.

As the name suggests, this bed is big enough to fit families with kids and/or pets. It could be a suitable choice for co-sleeping or just cuddling up for family movie nights.

See our Mattress Size and Dimensions Guide for more insight.

What to Consider When Buying the Biggest Bed Size

There are a few things to think about when buying a bed, especially the largest bed size. This includes the number of sleepers, each sleeper's body size and height, the room size, the bed frame, the mattress, bedding, price, delivery and maneuverability.

Wondering what other bed sizes and types are out there? See our article Types of Beds: What Frame and Mattress Are Right for You?

Number of Sleepers

How many people will be sleeping in the bed? A queen is often big enough for one person, but if you sleep with a partner, then a king, Cal king or potentially an even bigger bed might be a better option.

Sleeper Body Size and Height

If you or your sleeping partner are substantially taller than average, you might consider a California king or one of the oversized bed options longer than 80 inches. Larger bodies might be more comfortable in a wider bed, such as a king or potentially something wider.

Room Size

No matter what bed size you choose, it absolutely must fit in your bedroom. And this doesn't just mean you can squeeze it through the door — it should allow plenty of space to walk around all sides and fit other furniture, like nightstands, a dresser and maybe a vanity.

What pieces do you need for your room? Explore Bedroom Furniture Essentials in our blog.

Mattress and Bedding Size

The dimensions of the biggest bed sizes refer to the mattress. While kings and Cal kings are widely available, the other oversized options are harder to find. In addition to a mattress, it's also trickier to find the proper bedding size for Alaska, Texas and Wyoming kings. And it should be noted that the sheer size will make it hard to make the bed each morning.

Bed Frame

As noted, bed sizes refer to the exact dimensions of the mattress. You'll also want to account for the bed frame, which will add a few inches to each side. Carefully measure (and re-measure) your bedroom before buying anything, to make sure it'll all fit.


Due to the sheer size, extra materials, shipping requirements and limited availability of oversized beds, they're priced quite a bit higher than standard bed sizes. Besides the mattress and frame, you can expect to pay more for pillows, sheets, and other bedding.

Delivery and Maneuverability

Oversized beds are not only large but also extremely heavy. Since they're so cumbersome, delivery can be expensive, and getting them into your home and placed in your room of choice can be a challenge. If you ever want to rearrange the layout of your bedroom later on, an oversized bed could pose an issue.

See our blog on Rearranging the Layout of Your Bedroom for tips and ideas.

Where to Buy an Oversized Bed

The biggest mattress sizes are available online and in some brick-and-mortar stores. However,  you can't expect to just walk in and buy one on a whim, as a majority of furniture and mattress stores don't offer them.

Most oversized beds are custom, meaning they're made to order. So you'll have to wait at least a few weeks before an oversized bed arrives at your home.

Is a King or California King Bed Big Enough for Your Needs?

The biggest bed size isn't always the best bed size. For many people, a king or California king is plenty big for their needs and preferences.

These sizes are widely available online and in stores. Most furniture, mattress and bedding brands sell them, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. Getting them into your home, set up and eventually removed is typically not too difficult.

What Bed Size Is Good for Couples?

A majority of couples in the U.S. sleep on queen beds. A queen mattress is relatively affordable, often comfortable enough for two people and easily fits in most bedrooms.

However, many couples find king and California king beds even more comfortable. If you have the space and it's within your budget, you might consider getting one of these sizes for you and your partner.

Our Decision-Making Guide for Buying the Right Mattress can help you weigh your options.

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