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Bedroom Inspirations from TV and the Silver Screen

Bedroom Inspirations from TV and the Silver Screen
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Sometimes it’s not the actors or that witty one-liner that lingers in your mind after the show credits roll – it’s the sexy spaces where the action played out. We sought to bring a little movie magic into our own homes. Here are some of our favorite fictional bedrooms, from boho beach pads to modernist man caves.

Bedroom from 'A Single Man'.
A Single Man

‘A Single Man’

Charley, the titular character’s troubled BFF, has loads of issues — but interior design was never one of them. With its citrus grove courtyard and gilded-everything boudoir, the gin-swilling party girl’s L.A. abode is the epitome of midcentury glamour. (Would you expect anything less from director Tom Ford?) Our suggestions for a real-world update on her digs: Keep the ornate upholstered headboard, luxe bedding and perfectly appointed vanity; lose the dated ironwork lamps (and the drama).

Bedroom from 'Sex and the City'.

‘Sex and the City’

For a generation of fans, Carrie Bradshaw’s bedroom is almost as familiar as their own. In contrast to her cutting-edge (and occasionally downright kooky) fashion sense, Carrie’s taste in interior design is casual and super-easy to emulate. To get her lived-in, well-loved look, outfit your bedroom with simple linens, a gallery wall and a writing desk that’s small enough to stay out of the way. And if you’re not lucky enough to have a walk-through closet in your walk-up apartment, be sure to stock up on storage for organizing all those shoes.

Room in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’.
Diamonds Are Forever

‘Diamonds Are Forever’

The ultimate example of effortless interior design style belongs to the James Bond villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. It’s not just the futuristic light fixtures and the minimalist leather couches that inspire envy here. Filming took place at Palm Springs’ historic Elrod House, designed by John Lautner. But don’t worry, even if you don’t live in a modernist masterpiece, you can still adapt this suave style with pared-down furniture, metallic accents and a well stocked bar.

Bedroom in Mamma Mia.

‘Mamma Mia’

It’s a bummer that mamma Donna’s Grecian villa is fictional, because we’d book a one-way ticket there in a heartbeat. This beachy bedroom stars a gorgeous wrought iron bed that shares the stage with an eclectic mix of accessories, resulting in a worldly and warm atmosphere. To create your own slice of Mediterranean paradise (sans Transatlantic flight), incorporate souvenirs from your travels with folk art and layers of hand-embroidered textiles. Complete the globetrotting look with something Scandinavian (you know why).

Bedroom in ‘Hotel Chevalier’.
Hotel Chevalier

‘Hotel Chevalier’ (Or Anything Wes Anderson)

Most of us wouldn’t want to bunker down in the Belafonte with Steve Zissou, but the rest of Wes Anderson’s movies have proved to be veritable decorating trendsetters. At the Hotel Chevalier, the sophisticated and romantic rooms feature Paris views and are just slightly less cluttered than the Tenenbaums’ brownstone. To give your space that Andersonesque je ne sais quoi, mix traditional pieces with layered lighting and quirky retro accents.