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Bedtime Routines

Suzanne Hall, The Chalkboard Magazine

Suzanne Hall, The Chalkboard Magazine
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The Chalkboard
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As kids, nothing prepped us better for sleep than a gentle rendition of “Goodnight Moon” or a lively retelling of Inigo Montaya’s antics in “The Princess Bride.” Now, our bedtime story equivalent is one last check of the inbox or a droopy-eyed viewing of “Modern Family.” In an effort to bring back those soothing experiences of yore, we’re asking tastemakers and health & wellness experts to share their tips on how to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

And who better to kick off the series than The Chalkboard‘s editorial and creative director, Suzanne Hall? As the inspired mind behind Pressed Juicery‘s beautifully written and designed online magazine, Suzanne curates a treasure trove of wisdom on the best ways to eat healthylive well and find time to yourself despite a busy schedule. Today, she’s sharing the intimate details of her zen-inducing nightly rituals. From anti-stress remedies to what she reaches for when she gets the (nighttime) munchies, we’re taking copious notes.

Favorite bedtime story?

Whatever story Jimmy Fallon is telling. Otherwise, reviewing my own journal like a monthly report.

The best pajamas are…

Men’s style pajama top with shorts rather than pants.

My nightly unwinding ritual is to...

Relocate the bed from under layer after layer of Pillows, darken all the lights and windows and turn on the Himalayan salt lamps—which sounds uber-crunchy of me, but they are actually quite beautiful. The amber light they give off helps the body transition into a more restful state. Before bed, I take Natural Calm magnesium powder and, alternately, a glass of wine or mint tea. I love to douse the bed with H. Gillerman Organics Sleep Remedy, an ultra-soothing essential oil blend. I try to take time to meditate, pray and reflect before getting to bed so that I focus before falling asleep.

Pillow count on your bed right now.

Despite the pile of pillows by day, I actually don’t use a pillow at night!

Sleep tracking devices: yes or no?

No. What’s a sleep tracking device? I think I’d stay awake and monitor/analyze it!

When I can’t sleep, I…

I can always sleep. But if I’ve had a wound-up day, I’ll take a few Chinese adaptogens with the magnesium powder.

The beauty product I can’t stop using right now is…

Odacité An Autumn On the World serum oil at night and everything in Rahua‘s line of sustainable hair products for evening showers. I try to use only all-natural, safe products, and it’s getting easier and easier with beautiful brands like these two.

Favorite midnight snack?

Hypothetically, some light protein. Realistically, wine and chocolate.

The person I’d love to share a nightcap with…

My husband or Soren Kierkegaard.

The best juice or health and wellness trend that you’ve learned this year?

Find an emotional “in.” So many of us resist healthy changes because we don’t want to sacrifice or change. But one thing I’ve found about making healthy changes is that one leads to another to another. Find one thing — like taste-testing green juices and finding a flavor you actually like — and start there. Start with something that makes you happy. If you can commit to one change that you enjoy, you’ll soon find others that make you feel great as well. Feeling great and “living well,” as we say, is what it’s all about. Find a few ideas that feel fun and feasible — we’re hunting for and sharing them all the time on The Chalkboard — and start there. Let happiness take the lead!