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Bedtime Routines

Sarah Sherman Samuel, Designer and Blogger

Sarah Sherman Samuel, Designer and Blogger
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Anne Sage
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Starting her career as a product and surface designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel has evolved into one of Los Angeles’s most sought-after interior designers – and she’s amassed a loyal blog and social following as she documents her (many) creative projects along the way. We’re fortunate to have hosted the Venice local at several of our workshops and events at The Parachute Hotel. Curious to learn more about her home life – and how she starts and ends her busy days as a working mom – we engaged her in some pillow talk…

Your home is well-documented on Instagram – and we swoon at every glimpse. How would you describe your house in 3 words?

Bright, modern and artful.

How has your approach to interior design changed since becoming a mom?

My approach hasn’t changed too much, I’m just more aware of choosing sturdier pieces.

How do you balance beautiful design with baby-proofing?

I don’t think you need to compromise on design to have a kid-friendly home. The only piece of furniture we changed in our home after becoming parents was swapping a top-heavy coffee table for a round option. My recommendation is to steer clear of pointy edges and secure tall or heavy pieces to the walls so they can’t tip.

We’ve been following the #SameulAFrame project in Palm Springs. Will the look there be different from your home here in Venice – or complementary to it?

It will be a bit different but definitely complementary. Being a second home with a cabin-like feel, I want it to keep it spartan, with less color and more neutral tones. My goal is to design a calming retreat…think lots of white with natural wood.

Bedside tables can reveal a lot about a person. What’s on yours?

You will find a couple of vases, a dozen or so books and a noise machine.

Pillow count on your bed right now.

Two. His and hers.

One tip for turning your bedroom into an instant sanctuary?

De-clutter! Keep surfaces clean and the room minimal to create your own personal sanctuary.

How do you unwind before bed?

Take a hot shower, braid my hair, apply my Elina’s organics night regimen and cozy into bed.

The beauty product you can’t get enough of?

I don’t use many, but I do love Elina’s Healing Formula. I have problem skin, and this lotion speeds healing and feels amazing.

Best coffee in L.A.? Fave place for a morning meeting?

Caffeine is not my friend! I always hit Blue Bottle as they make the best decaf latte in all the land. Zinque (in Venice) is my go-to spot when I need to host a business meeting.

You’re currently designing a few high profile projects, including Mandy Moore’s new home and the Oh Joy! kitchen remodel. How do you start each new project? Do your clients complete a quiz? Do they send Pinterest boards? What’s your process?

Yes! I always start with a design questionnaire, it helps me nail down their personal style and needs for the space. Pinterest boards and an in-person meeting in the space come next and then I’m off to the drawing board.

Who's your design hero?

The true interior pioneer, Dorothy Draper.