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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Eloise Bennan
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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Parachute! 

While gift-giving is not a requirement, we believe in going the extra mile to pick out a gift that shows the recipient just how much you care. Valentine’s Day is a holiday for us to take a little extra time to make our loved ones feel special. While it’s always good practice to remind people every day, sometimes life gets in the way. That is why a holiday like Valentine’s Day is so important to help bring us back down to earth to remember what’s truly important. We have selected some personal favorites from our essentials to help you say I love you! 

For Your Best Friend

A marker of a thoughtful gift is one that is well suited for the receiver and shows how much you value them. If your best friend is always telling you, “I feel exhausted,” the sleep they’re getting is probably not restorative. Hello – it’s 2024, let’s jumpstart their sleep cycle with a Valentine’s Day gift of quality Zzz’s. Our Standard Down Pillow will tell your bestie not only that you listen, but that you want to help find her a sleep solution! Bonus points if you get her a matching silk pillowcase to go with it!

For Your Mom

Does anyone deserve a gift more than your mother? And is there any gift better than the gift of a great night's sleep? Well, we would have answered no to both. Your mom has done so much for you, she deserves to sleep like a queen every night! Get her something both beautiful and practical like our Percale Sheet Set in Spa. The best part about this gift is that if she doesn’t already, she will go to bed every night thinking of you.  

For Your Husband

Nothing says, you make even the most mundane task feel special, like a gift that emulates that sentiment. Everyone loves a little luxury in their life, something that elevates an experience from just part of the routine to something you get to look forward to. With our Classic Turkish Cotton Towels, your bathroom will transport him into a personal at-home oasis. 

For Your Wife

You wake up every day choosing to love each other and we think that is something that deserves celebrating! If she said she doesn’t know what she wants or has "nothing particular in mind" that’s where the  Everyday Linen Quilt comes in. First of all, everyone appreciates something that ups the cozy factor in the bedroom. But, this gift represents so much more because sometimes, like your love, it's not all about the big moments, it's about the little things that make you love each other every day. 

For Each Other

Sometimes a holiday is the perfect excuse to splurge, or maybe you’ve needed an excuse to hit buy on that purchase you’ve been eyeing. This year, instead of picking something that will add clutter, get a gift you both can enjoy like our Eco Mattress. Together you can sleep peacefully knowing your gift will be used for years to come. Of course, if you’re going the route of a shared gift, flowers are naturally, and we cannot stress this enough, still non-negotiable ;)

For Your Work Bestie

You’ve done it, you bridged the gap between colleagues and you’re officially work bestie status. Nothing says we can get a little personal like our Classic Turkish Cotton Bathrobe. I mean who are we kidding, you know better than anyone that sometimes after a long day at the office they need the ultimate relaxation wear. Who knows, this might even turn into their new work-from-home uniform…cameras off of course!