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How to be the Perfect House Guest

Written By
Eloise Bennan
Photographs By
Kort Havens
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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about hosting but being a good guest is just as important. You don’t want your invite to get lost in the mail the following year! From the first time spent with in-laws, to visiting long distance friends, to family that still remembers you in diapers, staying with loved ones is always a special experience. We all know the rule to never arrive empty handed, but what about all the unspoken rules that come with entering someone else’s space? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the tips you need to get invited back! 

Take Off Your Shoes and Stay A While

Everyone appreciates the journey you’ve made to make your visit happen – but no one needs the planes, trains and automobiles to come with you. Whether it's a strict shoes off situation or more go with the flow everyone appreciates a little less grime in their home. And what better thing to slip on than our Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers. These slippers are a great gift for you and your host to be able to lounge in luxury and appreciate the time you get to spend together. 

Match the Vibes

Before visiting, it’s important to think about where you are going and who you will be staying with. Is it your best friend's apartment or your sister’s house with her husband, dog and three kids? Get ready to match your host’s energy upon arrival. The same goes for your housewarming gift! When you are selecting a gift, think about how it reflects your host. If you host loves cooking and dining out, we suggest the Fancy Taper Candles Set. If a Hallmark movie marathon is already in the books then a warm Scented Candle is the way to go!

Set The Table

This should go without saying, but when you are a guest one of the best things you can do is help out without being asked. It’s the little things that go a long way like setting the table before dinner and loading the dishwasher after. With these Linen Fringe Napkins as a housewarming gift you don’t even need to ask where the table linens are and you can give your host a nice surprise when you sit down to eat. 

Play with the Kids

Baby fever or not when you are staying somewhere with kids you are the new toy and should be ready to entertain. It’s only right that in exchange for free lodging you give the parents a break by hanging with the littles. While the guardians are napping, running to the grocery store or enjoying some quiet time, Stuffed Teddy Dad and Stuffed Teddy Mom are the perfect side kicks for any puppet show, dress up or hide and seek adventure of your choice.  

Step into Vacation Mode

While it can be hard to turn vacation mode on in your own home, that’s one of the easiest things you can help activate as a guest. Get your host out of their normal routine, with their permission of course, and bring the fun. One of the best parts about vacations is the ability to be spontaneous and let your hair down. Get the good vibes rolling with our Shearling Wool Slides as they are the perfect chic accessory that will add a little pep in the step.  

Come Prepared for Everything and Ready to do Nothing

The best guests are always the ones who seamlessly fit in. It’s important to remember that while you’re using PTO, your hosts may still be abiding by their normal schedule. Why not enhance their routine moments with a Cloud Cotton Robe. Upon slipping it over their arms your host will have everything they need to take the time to treasure the face to face moments spent with you. 

Respect Bed Times

From infants to 80 year olds, everyone has a time they prefer to start snoozing each night. Here at Parachute there’s almost nothing we take more seriously than getting a goodnight sleep. When you are a guest in someone’s house you need to respect quiet hours. However, certain hosts under the age of five may not be able to return that favor for a couple of years. So if you're looking for ways to help the little ones in the house sleep through the night our Waffle Baby Blanket offers extra snuggles for any late night wakeups. 

Now that you are ready to be the best house guest ever, we wish you safe travels to wherever the holiday season may take you! And for all of you who are going to be both a guest and a host this year, we’ve got you covered with all the hosting tips you could need in our Hosting Archives.