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linen duvet cover in ocean
Parachute Team - June 30, 2022

Does linen shrink? Here’s why, when and how it does, and some simple steps to prevent linen from shrinking.

ironed sheets
Parachute Team - June 27, 2022

There’s an easier way to capture that five-star hotel feeling at home. Let's dig into how to iron sheets to make bedtime so much more comfortable.

clean bedroom
Parachute Team - June 13, 2022

Your house chores list won't look exactly the same as the next person's, but this guide will go over some of the most common daily, weekly and monthly chores.

woman sitting on a bed
Parachute Team - May 16, 2022

Find tips and techniques for whitening sheets below, along with step-by-step guidance on how to wash white sheets with different products.

laundry hamper
PARACHUTE TEAM - September 6, 2021

Essential items everyone needs for their laundry room.

PARACHUTE TEAM - July 18, 2021

Our definitive resource for cotton care.

Rug with slippers next to bed.
Parachute Team - October 23, 2020

Rug maintenance 101.

Fall Cleaning Season is Here
Parachute Team - October 9, 2019

Spring shouldn’t be the only time you deep clean your home.