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Fall Cleaning Season is Here

Fall Cleaning Season is Here
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Nicki Sebastian for Parachute
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Spring shouldn’t be the only time you deep clean your home. The transition between summer and fall is the ideal time to scrub away the accumulation of summer's best activities: beach days, pool parties, backyard barbecues and all the fun, sticky messes that come with it. Whether it's a brisk Sunday clean or a multiple day overhaul, a little T.L.C. will ensure your home is as cozy as possible for the months to come. Here's a fall cleaning checklist so you can prepare your space for a season filled with long weekends at home and holidays spent with loved ones.



Window cleaning enhances the beauty of your home inside and out. Before the harsh weather of fall and winter set in, remove any build up of dirt, grime and dust with an all natural homemade solution of two parts vinegar to three parts water. This preseason clean will ward off any dirt streaked windows after autumn’s first rain. 

To clean, begin by dampening the cloth with warm water, wiping the windows, then using another cloth to dry. Next, clean again with the cleaning solution and watch your hard work glisten.



The kitchen is the heart of most our homes – where friends and family come to gather, steal bites of holiday meals and spend hours catching up over a bottle of wine. Make sure your home is ready for hosting (more on that here) by deep cleaning your kitchen.

It’s best to start with the appliances. Remove stuck-on food from the stove top, oven racks, etc. When was the last time you cleaned behind your toaster? Wipe down all surfaces with all-natural cleaning supplies.

When you’re done with smaller appliances and gadgets, move onto your cupboards. Wipe them down, empty them, replace liners, check expiration dates and reorganize. This is a great time to move older items to the front, so they’re used first, and donate any items you’re not going to use in the next six months to a local shelter or food bank.



Hopefully the regular cleanings that you’re definitely doing in your bathroom make this task less daunting. Nonetheless take this opportunity to refresh your accessories, clean your drains and soak your shower head.

  • Launder your tub matbath rug and shower curtain with a gentle detergent and dry with essential oil infused wool dryer balls to keep bathrooms fresh in the months to come.

  • Fill a bag with vinegar and tie over your shower head, let it soak overnight, then remove and wipe down any residue.

  • Go through your beauty products, toss empty or expired items and wipes down all surfaces. Medicine cabinets and the haunted are under the sink should not be ignored.



The six months between spring and fall create the perfect reminder of when to clean everyday items that are often overlooked. While we recommend washing sheetspillowcases and duvet covers on a weekly basis, pillowsduvet inserts and mattress pads should be cleaned less often – every three to six monthsMattress toppers should be taken to your dry cleaner every six months – as with mattresses which should be rotated to even out the pressure on each ergonomic zone, therefore increasing its lifespan.

This is also a great time to refresh your bedding. A white bedding set will keep the shorter and darker days light and bright, while a darker bedding look with layered quilts and throws will ease you into the season. 

Moving onto your closet, sort through your belongings – start by packing away your warm-weather pieces and bringing your winter layers front and center. Donate any items that you’re no longer and no longer spark joy. 

Finally, take stock of your nightstands. Remove all trinkets and books, and wipe down surfaces before adding back only the items you need. Removing the chaos of clutter relaxes your unconscious and helps you connect better with your partner.


Everything In Between

Fall cleaning is a way to mentally and physically prepare for the season. To make sure every last nook and cranny is rid of any dirt, dust and grime, start with the obvious: clean your floors, scrub the grout in kitchens and bathrooms and vacuum upholstered furniture – don’t forget to go under your cushions!

Seasonal allergies during fall are only worsened by lingering dust. Be sure to wipe down plants, screens, test and clean smoke detectors and, of course, clean your rugs.

Happy autumn.