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#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Foujan’s Nursery

#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Foujan’s Nursery
Written By
Parachute Team
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Nicole LaMotte for Parachute
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Decorating a nursery should not be more difficult than childbirth, but creating a special space for your little one can feel like a daunting task. How do you avoid stereotypical decor themes? How do you create a peaceful room that still has youthful personality? How can you possibly achieve minimalism when babies require so…much…stuff? We turned to one of Los Angeles’s star interior designers, Orlando Soria, to help us tackle these nursery challenges.

In this #MyParachuteHome Makeover, Orlando takes a baby’s room from blah to ahhh, partnering with Parachute’s own Director of Brand Marketing, Foujan, and her husband, Jeremy! Watch and learn how the expecting parents approached the design process with Orlando, how you can embrace color and shapes in unique ways and why you should try meeting your interior designer in the middle…sometimes literally.

Tips From Orlando, Interior Designer

On the left is Jeremy and on the right are shelves in the nursery

How did you achieve a nursery that had personality without “crazy, bright colors” or “super pink and girly” touches, as Foujan requested?

Orlando:First of all, I’m so happy I convinced Foujan and Jeremy to paint the aqua color block. It’s playful and gives the room more architectural definition. They were initially reluctant to using color on a wall, but we literally met in the middle on this detail. It’s a funny compromise, but the end result is super cute! The art from Minted and wall decals from Blik added just the right amount of personality without being too permanent of an investment. The best thing about this nursery is that it can be easily changed over the years to reflect the baby as she grows.

How do you make a nursery fun and playful while also being a calm space for babies to rest?

Orlando:The soothing color palette deserves all the credit! There’s a lot going on in the room in terms of art and decor, but the light and airy quality of each piece creates an overall mellow vibe. The seascape art and beautiful neutral bedding make the space feel cozy and serene.

What is your advice to parents designing a space a baby can grow into?

Orlando :Everything in this room can be changed or edited over the years. For example, the playful Blik door decal can be swapped out for something more grown up, while the Babyletto Crib transforms into a toddler bed. Kids grow fast – and so do their furniture needs – so it’s important to always be reimagining the space.

What are your nursery must haves?

  1. Orlando:Mobiles: It doesn’t feel like a nursery without one. The Geometric Mobile added the finishing touch the nursery needed.

  2. Washable everything: Even the Round ABC Rug in this nursery can be put in the washing machine!

  3. Child-safe art: I used wall decals above the crib rather than frames for extra safety.

  4. Soft lighting: Mellow light for rocking your baby to sleep is a must.

  5. Durable, pretty linens: I love all the bedding we used for this project! I couldn’t get enough of the cute star pattern! All of it is soft and perfect for baby.

Notes From Foujan, Client

Clients with their dog in the nursery

What was your objective for the nursery – and why was Orlando the right fit for this project?

Foujan:The objective for our nursery was to create a space that felt calm and inviting. We’re having a girl, but we didn’t want anything that was super pink or stereotypical. We wanted to create a peaceful space that our child could grow into. We were thrilled to partner with Orlando, and he immediately pitched us so many beautiful and creative ideas.

Orlando has a big personality. Describe working with him.

Foujan:While Orlando can come across larger than life on camera, he’s incredibly kind and humble behind the scenes. And, he works very hard. He plays an active role throughout the entire process, from suggesting paint colors to literally assembling the crib.

What’s one thing you learned about Orlando during this process that his fans might not know?

Foujan:If you watch Orlando’s over-the-top Instagram Stories, you already know he’s hilarious and quick-witted. What you may not see, though, is how serious and thoughtful he is about design. We were impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail.

What’s one of your most important takeaways from this experience? What advice would you share with expecting parents designing a nursery of their own?

Foujan:Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes, it’s important to meet in the middle on design ideas that may feel uncertain. At first, we were reluctant to incorporate too much color (white walls are my favorite), but Orlando encouraged us to embrace shapes and colors in ways we hadn’t considered. We’re grateful he nudged us in that direction – we love this room!