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#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Jen Gotch’s Bedroom

#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Jen Gotch’s Bedroom
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Parachute Team
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Carly Rudd for Parachute
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What happens when you put two of Instagram’s biggest personalities and a bunch of Parachute bedding in a room together, lock the door and run? You get a #MyParachuteHome Makeover for the books.

In this episode, our go-to interior design star, Orlando Soria, transforms Jen Gotch’s bedroom. The Founder and Chief Creative Officer of got divorced last year and was looking for a fresh start at home. With a little help from some brands we love, the two laughed, cried – and laughed some more – while bringing new life to Jen’s crib.

Tips From Orlando, Interior Designer

On the left is Orlando on the right is part of the room he designed.

How did you achieve a bedroom full of personality for Jen while still maintaining a calming vibe?

Orlando:It was important to keep the color palette simple. Jen loves pink and nude tones, so I started from there. Her home is historic and there is a curve where the wall meets the ceiling, so we decided against painting and focused on the accents instead. Because she’s from Florida and digs ‘90s pastels, I chose a light and airy palette. The blush linen bedding and dramatic graphic art above the bed keep the room from being boring while the ivory bed frame and neutral rug keep things calm and relaxing.

Jen can be larger than life. What was it like working together?

Orlando:Jen and I are similar in that we both present ourselves as clowns but are secretly business people – so it was easy to work with her and decode her desires. The downside of clowning around all the time is that sometimes people don’t take you seriously, so I wanted to be really thoughtful in how I designed her room. I really admire her ability to be silly and fun, but I also could tell she really wanted a grown up bedroom she could be proud of. I am a fan of hers and I had a pretty strong idea of what her aesthetic is, but we also spent a good deal of time lounging on her old bed talking about what she wanted. At the end of the day, it was just a lot of fun and nice to hang out with a friend.

What must every beautiful bedroom have – and why?

Orlando: In addition to the obvious (bedding, this is a Parachute makeover), I am a strong advocate for a real bed frame. For years I just had a mattress on one of those metal frames you get from the mattress store. And when I finally got my bed frame (not just a headboard), I knew I was a real human being. You need something to support your head while scrolling Instagram at night. I’m a huge fan of upholstered beds but any bed frame is better than no bed frame. GET A BED FRAME PEOPLE!

You do pink so well. Why are people afraid to try this color in the bedroom?

Orlando:Pink is a divisive color, and I believe it goes all the way back to when we were babies and “pink was for girls and blue was for boys.” But it’s definitely (finally) having a moment now. People are subverting it and making it cool and edgy instead of just being for preppy girls who were mean to you at summer camp. PINK FOR ALL!

Notes From Jen Gotch, Client

On the left is Jen and on the right is a photograph of her bed.

What was your objective for the makeover – and why was Orlando the right fit for this project?

Jen:Honestly, my biggest objective was to make my bedroom feel as drastically different from where we started as possible. My husband and I divorced last year, and I wanted my bedroom to feel new so that I could continue to heal and move on. Luckily, I am a huge fan of Orlando – both professionally and personally – and having a friend who truly understood my goals made him the perfect fit for this job. He did everything we set out to do and more – I love it!

What’s one thing you learned about Orlando during this process that his fans might not know?

Jen:He has the world’s largest collection of Bratz dolls still in their packaging. It is worth millions and yet he never speaks of it.

Jen and Orlando

What’s one of your most important takeaways from this experience? What advice would you share with other individuals in the process of redecorating their bedroom?

Jen:It was really important for me to think beyond aesthetics and connect with how I wanted to feel in the room – rather than just how I wanted it to look in a picture. I would recommend applying that thought process to any makeover in order for it to both look and feel like a success.