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The Most Popular #MyParachuteHomes of July

Ruffled bedding with morning light shone through blinds
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Kelsey Johnston
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This month we’re honoring the new rituals, small moments and big milestones the Parachute community sent us in their #MyParachuteHome stories last month. Through them, we see that life has a way of working out; a way of moving forward. We’re finally taking naps. We’re nourishing our skin. We're watering our plant babies...and having babies! We’re looking out sun drenched windows, redecorating our favorite rooms and moving into new homes. We’re reconnecting with our loved ones and most importantly, ourselves. Enjoy these #MyParachuteHomes from July and stay cozy out there.


Morning light so perfect it deserves an extra cup of coffee.


Raising one and growing another. Nancy, if you’re reading this, we see you.


This duo is literally making each day brighter with their homemade lighting projects.


Keeping these two cozy from head to bed is our greatest privilege.


When you’re spoiled for time you can spend each moment falling in love over and over again.


Just add lavender essential oils and take a deep breath in.


We live for people living in the Cloud Cotton Robe.


Congrats to Andrew and Paige on their first solo #MyParachuteHome. Cheers to this new chapter.