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Turning House Into Home with Alivia Fields

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We love when our community shares their #MyParachuteHome style and stories with us. So we were honored when Alivia Fields, being one of our top Brand Ambassadors, was willing to go deeper with us and share how she transformed her house into a beautiful and cozy home. Follow along for her story, tips and the advice she’s been given that she continues to pass along. 


Where do you live?

Happy Valley, in Oregon. Yes, it is a real city name! It’s a very simple, and family-friendly little town. I like that things stay pretty quiet around here, and that there are lots of kids in our neighborhood -- we don’t have children of our own just yet, but it’s great being in such a safe and simple community for when that time comes.


How would you describe your home?

Light, calm and natural. I strive to bring the outdoors in. 


What has been the biggest design challenge in your home?

It’s similar to what the industry calls a “builder grade home”. Our build was somewhat custom, but we moved in with a very bland state -- think white walls everywhere, no special design touches. So we’ve really had to go room by room and bring life to each space.


What do you love most about your home now?

I can completely influence my own environment -- it’s a visual reflection of myself.


How did you make your home your own?

It’s been so fun breathing life into each space in our home. We’ve done things like plaster-esq paint for texture, wood paneling painted white for a cottage or farmhouse sort of design, and added built in shelving to all the nooks. With all the character we’ve added, you’d do a double take knowing how bland it was to start with.


How would you describe your design style?

It can be tricky to define something that seems to be ever-evolving, but at the moment, I would describe my design style as a fresh and minimalistic approach to a classic all-American style. Think classic white paneled walls mixed with modern day architecture, and a touch of old with rustic, antique decor. I am keen to keep old century American design alive, yet reworked for the modern age.


What influences your style?

I am heavily influenced by the colors of the Earth, slow living, and old textures.

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How has Parachute enhanced your home life?

Being able to incorporate pieces that are made with natural materials that also look good to the eye and are appealing to touch are so important to me, and I love that Parachute provides all that and more.


What Parachute item do you look forward to incorporating into your life?

I recently picked up some of Parachute’s Linen Loungewear, and I’m really excited to see how I might be able to incorporate that into my life outside of the home as well.


What is the best decorating advice that you've ever received?

Pay attention to your color palette. Whether designing a full room or just a shelf, being consistent with your color palette helps tie spaces together more than you’d think. It can also help flow from room to room if you keep if you have at least one consistent color throughout. It’s easy on the eyes too.

Follow @aliviafields for more inspiration.

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