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Gifts for Superior Sleep With Apartment34

Gifts for Superior Sleep With Apartment34
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
EMMANUEL HAHN for Parachute
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Naughty or nice, we know there's something for everyone on your list! To ensure even the trickiest people to shop for are covered, we enlisted the help of home and lifestyle blogger Erin Hiemstra, of Apartment 34. She knows what the people want and together we rounded up the coziest gifts for 2018...


For the New Parent

No one ever talks about the need for true darkness when your head hits the pillow, but after recently introducing an eye mask into my sleep ritual, I can only say, GAME CHANGER. This is the perfect gift for those squeezing in extra zzz’s wherever they may be, I’m looking at you, new parents. Merino Eye Mask.


For the Wellness Expert

Tis the season for dry skin. TrueBotanicals, a completely organic and nontoxic skincare line, makes the body oil that smells as divine as it feels. Don’t forget to gift a bottle to yourself – your skin will definitely thank you! Pure Radiance Body Oil.


For the Health Conscious

Did you know that most people are chronically dehydrated? It can be really tough to fit in those 8 glasses of water we need each day but a gorgeous smoked glass night carafe adds style and a friendly reminder to drink up. Night Carafe.


For the Bookworm

As a busy mom, I can attest to falling behind on the latest and greatest Netflix binges but after recently devouring The Crown, I’m squeezing in time to prioritize me. This go-around it’s the biography of the Queen’s younger, rebellious sister. I can’t wait to gift to all my fellow readers. Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret.


For the Sleep Deprived

I’ve always loved good hotel pillows – the extra fluffy kind that you sink into blissfully. This year I’m gifting that perfect sleep to those I love so they can enjoy that vacay feeling at home. We’re all sleeping better in 2019. Down Pillows.


For the Art Lover

A soothing setting is essential for a good night’s rest. A piece of minimalist, modern art in a mellow color palette helps set the right tone. Plus, this person will always think of you when they admire the piece. Last Tuesday.


For the Beauty Maven

A good night’s sleep is especially important for skin health. Vintner’s Daughter face oil, made of 22 active organic botanicals, essentials oils, phytonutriens and antioxidants practically guarantee you wake up glowing. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothin’! Vintner’s Daughter.


For the Night Owl

For those who burn the candle at both ends, a good cup of coffee – or three – every morning is essential. Help ease those first sips with a beautiful one-of-a-kind, handmade and carved stoneware mug by Mt. Washington. Carved Diamond Mug.


For the Style Challenged

Making a bed is an art form. For you friend who prioritizes comfort but could use some guidance when it comes to style, introduce them to a coverlet – the additional layer is guaranteed to up their bedding game. Fair warning: this person may never want to get out of bed again. Matelasse Coverlet.


For the Worrier

As I attempt to fall asleep, I’m constantly running to-do lists through my head. Rather than let them keep me awake, I’ve found jotting down those end-of-the-day thoughts helps quiet the mind – and ensures I don’t forget anything! Grow Where You Are Planted.

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