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Gifts for Superior Sleep

Gifts for Superior Sleep
Written By
Erin Scottberg
Photographs By
Lou Mora for Parachute
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At Parachute, we’re pretty into sleep – and everything that comes with it. So when the holidays roll around, we’ll be gifting all of our latest bedtime obsessions. Because trends come and go, but a great night of sleep is always in style. Here are our picks for everyone on your list this year…


For the Style Star

Even those of us who look chic AF during the day can sometimes drop the ball once the sun sets. But a cute new cashmere robe can really up your relaxation game. Lounge in luxury with our sophisticated wool-cashmere robe. Cashmere Blend Robe.


For the Thrift Store Lover

Since we all know by now that blue light from smartphones keeps you up, it only stands to reason that vintage books will make you verrrry sleeeeepy. Anne Kent’s “Moon, Moon” examines the moon from scientific, cultural and historical angles. Plus it looks really great on a bedside table. “Moon, Moon,” by Anne Kent.


For the Trendsetter

If you have a friend who has tried every new restaurant before you’ve even heard of it and has the Instagram following of a small country, it can be hard to know what to get them. Try a sleep pen from hmbldt. It’s all the rage. hmbldt sleep.


For the Fancy Pants

Like some babies need warm milk before bed, your diva friends need their herbal tea. Spoil them with an Hermès tea set – or better yet, gift yourself! Talk about a happy holiday. Hermès Carnets d”Equateur Tea Cup and Saucer.


For the Restless

Our society is awash in sleep aids, both natural and pharmaceutical. But sometimes, insomnia is a lot simpler than all that; if you exercise, you’ll be tired. We love Linus bikes for getting a workout, getting sleepy, and looking good while you ride. Linus Gaston 3 Bike.


For the Tech-Addict

If your pal can’t sleep because they can’t resist the siren’s song of their smartphone, give them the ultimate holiday gift: A stint at the White Lotus Foundation, where cell service is elusive and internet use is discouraged. It’s amazing what a few disconnected days can do for your sleep – and your sanity. White Lotus Foundation Yoga Retreats.


For the Newly Adult

Your buddy is an adult now, and it’s time to start sleeping like one. Help them cart that futon to a better place, and replace it with a grown-up bed like our Handmade Wood Bed Frame. It’s handcrafted in Los Angeles using sustainable American hardwood, so it’s great sleep they can feel great about. Chris Earl for Parachute Handmade Wood Bed Frame.


For the Health-Conscious

When it comes to sleep supplements, Beauty ZZZZ by Hum Nutrition is our pick; each capsule provides a slumber-inducing mix of Melatonin, B6 and calcium. Take one 20 minutes before you hope to drift off, and wake up rested and glowing. Talk about beauty sleep. Hum Nutrition Beauty ZZZZ.


For the Beauty Maven

Why not put those eight hours to work? The Beauty Chef’s Dream Repair Cellular Serum is an antioxidant-rich formula that boosts collagen production while you sleep. Translation: Supple, dewy skin in the morning. Beauty Chef Dream Repair Cellular Serum.


For the Sleep-Deprived

If someone in your life is sacrificing sleep in order to get more done, break your super-driven friend of their sleep delusion with Arianna Huffington’s book on the importance of zzzs, for both wellness and productivity. ‘The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Nights at a Time,” by Arianna Huffington

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