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#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Gabby Prescod’s Bedroom

#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Gabby Prescod’s Bedroom
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Parachute Team
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Carley Rudd for Parachute
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Bustle’s Fashion Editor, Gabby Prescod, exudes chic – but her bedroom did not. Overflowing with designer clothing, accessories, odds and ends, her space needed a look that matched her elevated personal style. Enter Orlando Soria, our makeover master. See how he used oversized floral wallpaper, lush bedding and smart, organizational pieces to make this room worthy of fashion royalty.

Tips From Orlando, Interior Designer

On the left is Gabby's room on the right is Orlando

Our bedding is very versatile. How did you use it to achieve this preppy and sophisticated bedroom look?

Orlando:The great thing about linen bedding is that it works with any decor style – from modern to traditional. I chose white bedding for Gabby to contrast the tufted bed and flowery wallpaper. The beautiful Matelasse Coverlet not only adds a cozy layer, but also visual interest to the bed. Gabby wanted a bright, fresh look and the Parachute bedding was key to creating that vibe.

Gabby works in fashion – were you nervous to partner with someone in that field? How does your design approach differ based on your clients’ professional backgrounds?

Orlando:Quite honestly, I was a bit nervous working with a fashion editor. First, I was worried she would immediately judge my outfit (she didn’t). Second, I thought she’d have a very specific idea of what she wanted and no interest in my opinion about what she should put in her space. My preconceived notions were totally off! Gabby was very open to my designs! Strangely, people who are fashion phenoms aren’t always good at interior design and visa versa. I actually asked her if she could give me a personal style makeover and I’m still hoping that happens – Gabby, I need help!

The wallpaper looks amazing. Why are people afraid of it – and how do you assuage their fears?

Orlando :Wallpaper generally scares people because it’s permanent and expensive. Luckily, we found a removable wallpaper to use behind Gabby’s bed. It was much more affordable to install than traditional wallpaper, and will be a lot easier to remove. You just pull it off the wall yourself, no professional help needed!

Wallpaper can set the tone for the whole room, which can be intimidating. It’s important to choose where to add a pop of color or graphic interest – and where to go simple. In this room, our graphic pop was the wallpaper so we left the rest of the furnishings pretty minimal.

Notes From Gabby Prescod, Client

On the left is Gabby and on the right is her room

Describe how your mornings – and overall quality of life – have changed because of your bedroom makeover.

Gabby:I don’t have the words to truly articulate how much my life has improved since Orlando and Parachute made over my room! After the cozy bed, I’d say the custom dresser/vanity is the best part of the room – it’s so functional! The vanity mirror is a lifesaver, enabling me to do my make up in my room instead of monopolizing the bathroom. I can’t tell you how many people have asked about it and want to know where to get it – and I’m like, “Sorry, it’s custom!”

The wallpaper is also one of my favorite elements. I was skeptical at first when Orlando suggested a removable wallpaper, but now I can’t imagine the space without it.

Ultimately, the best part of my room is the bed. It’s beautiful and so soft! I’ve never had linen sheets before and I am never going back. Like ever. When I wake up in the morning, I never want to leave.

How would you describe the bedroom – and Orlando – in three words?

Gabby:For the bedroom: Chic, clean, perfect. For Orlando: Creative-genius, hilarious, fun.

gabby's bed

What’s your biggest takeaway from this experience? What advice would you provide others in the process of redesigning their spaces?

Gabby:Orlando helped to define my interior design aesthetic. I had no idea what I wanted – or even liked – but he was able to immediately pinpoint my style. I feel like my overall quality of life, overall mood and overall happiness has improved since the makeover.

For anyone in the process of redecorating, my best advice is to be patient and don’t settle. It’s going to take time to find pieces you really love! Living in a space that is unfinished for a few months is well worth it for an end result that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

[Ed. note: The Cashmere Throw is sold out.]