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How to Create Cozy Corners

How to Create Cozy Corners
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Aubrie Pick

Our favorite homes are outfitted with a multitude of cozy corners. Regardless of square footage or floor plan, ‘corners’ can be created throughout a living space to align with different intentions – to settle into a new book, to prepare a restorative night’s rest, to admire the outdoors or even to watch movies with friends. Above all, your corner needs to be comfortable – and with a little creativity, you can achieve one just about anywhere.


Bedside Alcove

Let’s get real – it’s hard to leave bed when there’s a chill in the air. So how can you make the transition a little easier? The idea here is to extend your comfy, dreamy space slightly beyond your bed. The floor may feel cold to the touch when you get up, so you’ll need something to burry your feet into. Try placing a rug next to your bed rather than in front of it, that way, you will be creating a “corner” visually (whether or not a wall is near the side of your bed), while also making the atmosphere more plush and nourishing. Add a side table or a chair and a place for books, a dream journal and your favorite cup of tea or coffee. This little nook also works as a great meditation space for when you need to clear your mind upon rising or before resting. As a final touch, a table lamp, a wall sconce or a hanging light will create a softer feel than overhead lighting when you’re reading before a restful night of sleep.


Reading Nook

We often want to cuddle up with a good book before bed, and this time of year is an ideal one to turn inward, take our time and read. To create a reflective yet rejuvenating reading nook, place your favorite chair in a new spot that you can claim as your own – perhaps a corner that needs some attention. You can utilize a stack of books as a “side table,” which is both cost effective and handy – just be sure to use a coaster for the warm beverage of your choice. We recommend bringing a plant into your space to purify the air. Not only will it foster an environment for a clear mind, but it will also bring some of the great outdoors inside. A small hanging plant or a big tree both do the trick, so you can choose according to your budget, space and style.


On the Floor

We can only spend so much time cozying up alone, so sometimes it’s best to invite others along. Throw a pillow party…on your floor! This is a cozy solution for movie night with friends, board games with family or even a casual dinner party. Add in an ottoman or a pouf where you can place snacks for everyone to share and bring in a lot of blankets for a luxurious experience. Make sure to light candles for an intimate vibe. The great thing about floor pillows is that they can go anywhere. So after movie night is over, you can clean it up or leave it there to extend the fun for Sunday morning brunch.


WIndow Gazing

A cozy corner by a window offers a peaceful setting for contemplation and meditation. Choose a window either overlooking a setting you enjoy or one that abounds with natural light. Sunlight exposure increases production levels of chemical serotonin, a natural antidepressant. Light therapy – be it daylight or artificial light specifically designed to replicate natural light – is often used in the treatment of sleep disorders, jet lag, Alzheimer’s disease and depression without adverse side effects. Key takeaway: Sunlight positively affects your well-being and elevates your mood. If your abode lacks a good source of light – especially common during the winter months – consider purchasing a light therapy device for your window nook to get that natural re-charge. Once you’ve designated your sunny spot, design an easy means to sit or recline – perhaps a built in window seat, a favorite worn chair or a stack of oversized pillows. This corner is meant to inspire creative writing, prayer, meditation, journaling – whatever provides you with peace and fulfillment.