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Best Bridal Shower Gifts: Tips and Ideas to Explore

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Have a bridal shower coming up? The event is undoubtedly a fun way to get together with other guests and celebrate the bride-to-be. While it's rooted in tradition and etiquette, things have evolved a bit over the decades, which might leave you feeling confused about what to bring.

Getting something from the wedding registry is now a mostly outdated rule, as modern showers focus more on the bride than the couple. So, what should you get the bride-to-be? Find a roundup of thoughtful and unique bridal shower gifts below.

33 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Stuck on what to bring to a bridal shower? These are some of the most useful, practical, fun and tasteful gifts for the bride.


You could gift bedding, such as a sheet set or a duvet set. Opt for high-quality, breathable materials, like linen, brushed cotton, percale or sateen. Bed linens are something everyone needs and uses, of course, but you'll want to choose a color that goes with the bride's bedroom and home. Make sure you know what size bed she has too.

Bath Linens

Bath linens make some of the best bridal shower gifts. Like bedding, everyone needs and uses towels, so it's just a matter of choosing top-tier materials in tasteful hues that go with the giftee's space. Consider a towel bundle, which will come with a set of matching bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.

Beach Towels

Another idea is to give the bride a set of plush, oversized beach towels. Whether she's heading on a beachside vacation for her honeymoon or doesn't have any immediate plans to hit the sands, she’ll definitely use this gift at some point.

Table Linens

Table linens make excellent housewarming gifts, which is why they're also a great choice for soon-to-be-married couples who are building a home together. Think cloth napkins, placemats, a tablecloth or maybe a table runner. You can gift any of these items individually or as a matching set. If possible, find out how many place settings can fit at the bride's dining table, and get that number of napkins and placemats.

What's the best way to set the table when hosting guests? Here are some Table Linen Styling Tips to explore.


You could also go a little more personal with something like a bathrobe. This will give the bride a comfy garment to wear while getting ready on her big day or while sipping coffee in the mornings on her honeymoon.

A robe is a practical yet luxurious item that's sure to get used, no matter who you're giving it to. That said, you'll want to choose top-quality materials, like plush Turkish cotton, a waffle-woven fabric or cloud cotton.

Pajamas, Nightgown or Chemise

Pajamas make good shower gifts as well. You could choose a practical set of PJs, like a long-sleeve collared button-down and matching pants or a shorts and tank set. The best option depends on where the bride lives, what time of year it is, where she's going on her honeymoon and her personal sleeping preferences. Alternatively, you could go with something more feminine, like a nightgown or chemise.


Lingerie is a fun gift for brides, whether it's something she can wear on her wedding day, on her honeymoon or just in general. If you don't already have it, ask the shower host if they know what size the bride wears.


Slippers make wonderful bridal shower gifts too. The bride can wear them while getting ready on her wedding day, padding around at a resort on her honeymoon or spending time at home during the wedding-planning stage. You can't go wrong with classic Turkish cotton slippers, but you could also step it up a notch with fancy house shoes or shearling clogs.

Throw Blanket

Comfy, cozy pieces are always great gifts. But instead of getting something the bride can wear, consider an item she can cuddle up with, like a soft throw blanket. Knitted or waffle-woven cotton are good choices, though you could get a more luxurious material like alpaca, merino wool or cashmere.

Silk Pillowcase

Some people consider silk pillowcases a crucial part of their beauty routine, as the smooth material is thought to minimize creases on the face while preventing split ends and frizzy hair. It's also not quite as absorbent as cotton and linen, so your skincare stays on your face rather than soaking into your pillow. At any rate, this is a thoughtful gift any bride will love.

Why silk and not satin or sateen? Learn about the difference between Sateen vs. Satin vs. Silk in our blog.

Sleep Mask

A silk sleep mask is a stellar gift on its own, as it's luxurious yet practical and easy to pack on a trip. You could also pair it with a silk pillowcase or get several to give out as bridal shower gifts for guests.


Some people give cookware at bridal showers, such as pans, pots or cooking utensils. This is undoubtedly a useful, practical gift. Keep in mind that since a bridal shower is about the bride, you want to be careful about presenting the outdated idea that cooking is only the wife's job in a marriage.

In other words, this is an excellent option as long as you know the bride well enough that you're confident she won't misinterpret your intentions.


Another idea is to get nice serveware, like a platter, a salad bowl, salad servers, a soup ladle or serving spoons. Any of these items could be a nice standalone gift, though you could also add them to a set of table linens.


Glassware is almost always a foolproof gift option for anyone engaged to be married or moving into a new home. Consider wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, highball glasses, martini glasses or margarita saucers. If you know the bride's favorite liquor, you could buy a bottle to go with the glasses.

Wine or Champagne

When in doubt, opt for a nice bottle of wine or champagne — that is, if you know the bride enjoys drinking wine or champagne. To elevate the gift, you could throw in a fancy electric wine opener or carafe.

Ice Maker or Bucket

Almost anyone who hosts often or likes to whip up evening cocktails will appreciate a countertop ice maker. Looking for something a little more affordable? Consider an ice bucket, whether it's designed to hold a bottle of champagne or for scooping ice into cocktail tumblers.


In addition to bridal shower gifts, candles make excellent prizes for bridal shower games. You can get classic scented jarred candles, votives, pillars or fancy tapered candles. In any case, this is something anyone can use, whether they're hosting or embarking on an evening of self-care.

Oil Diffuser

Instead of candles, you could give the bride an essential oil diffuser. It provides a safe, flame-free way to enjoy various home scents, plus it looks nice placed on a countertop, dresser, shelf or bedside table.

Toiletries Case or Makeup Bag

You could give the bride a toiletries case or makeup bag, either of which will come in handy on the big day and on her honeymoon. Look for something with lots of pockets and compartments to help her keep everything organized.

Bath Salts or Bombs

How about a jar of high-end bath salts or a set of bath bombs? These bridal shower gifts will allow the bride to pamper herself and relax with some self-care leading up to her wedding day.

Want to take your self-care routine to the next level? Read our article to learn How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa.


A clutch is a thoughtful present for a bride. It's something she can have on her wedding day to keep essentials like lipstick or powder close by when she may not want to carry around a full-sized purse. Matching clutches are also great gifts for a bridal party.

Notebook for Wedding Vows

Another idea is to get a notebook for the bride to write her wedding vows. Look for something small — potentially small enough to keep in a clutch — and consider getting one for her fiancé as well.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A wedding day emergency kit for a bride might include blister bandaids, dental floss, bobby pins, a mini can of hairspray, clear nail polish, cotton swabs, tweezers, a nail file, tissues, oil blotters, lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, breath mints, aspirin and a portable phone charger. You could also throw in a small sewing kit, fashion tape, static guard and a lint roller.

How should you wrap a bridal shower gift? We rounded up a few Creative and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas.

Lighted Makeup Mirror

A lighted makeup mirror will come in handy on the wedding day, whether the bride is doing her own makeup or other members of the bridal party are getting ready around her. It's just nice to have while doing your glam away from home when you don't always know the lighting situation or how many available mirrors there'll be.

Silk Clothes Hanger for Wedding Dress

A padded silk clothes hanger is a useful bridal shower gift, as the bride can hang her wedding dress on it without worrying about damage. And if the dress is sleeveless, it'll make for more aesthetically pleasing photos of it hanging up.

Portable Steamer

Speaking of wedding dresses — they often can't be ironed. That's why a portable steamer is an excellent gift the bride may or may not have thought of herself. Whether she's having a destination wedding or getting married in her hometown, this de-wrinkling device is sure to be of use.

Ring Holders

Ring holders are also stellar bridal shower gifts. They offer a safe place to set the rings when they're not being worn while making them more photographable on the big day.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is always a good fallback gift for a bride. She's sure to have lots of photos commemorating this special time, and a frame will make it easy to put her favorite moments on display in her home. As with anything else you buy for the home, make sure it aligns with her personal style and decor taste.


On a similar note, brides often like taking their own photos in addition to what their hired photographer captures. Yes, smartphones have pretty good cameras these days, but a nice digital camera will still elevate her picture-taking experience. If you're not sure she's into that level of photography, think about getting an instant camera instead, like a Fuji or Polaroid.

Carry-All Tote

A carry-all tote is something every bride can use on and around her wedding day. She can use it to stash anything from a makeup bag and wallet to snacks and her vows notebook. Consider a monogram tote or a design that goes with her wedding colors.

Packing Cubes

If the bride will be packing a suitcase for her destination wedding or honeymoon, she'll be glad to have a set of packing cubes. These compressible satchels allow you to optimize space in your luggage and keep everything organized while on the go.

Luggage Tags or Passport Holders

Another idea for traveling brides? A set of luggage tags or passport holders. If you opt for leather or another durable material, these bridal shower gifts will be useful not only now but also years into the future.


When in doubt, money is always a great gift. There are lots of things to buy and many vendors to tip for weddings. Even if that's all covered, it can go to the betrothed couple's nest egg. In any case, it'll be much appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal shower gift etiquette can be confusing. Find answers to frequently asked questions about bridal showers below.

Are gifts expected at a bridal shower?

Generally speaking, yes. Gifts are expected at bridal showers. The term shower means to shower with gifts, so guests should always bring something. Like baby showers, gifts may or may not be opened in front of everyone at the event.

What kind of gifts are given at a bridal shower?

Bridal shower gifts mostly focus on the bride rather than the couple getting married. With this in mind, you can give anything from a makeup bag or clutch to a bathrobe or nightgown. In some cases, the host might specify a theme for the gifts, such as lingerie or "stock the bar.” The latter would call for items like glassware or liquor.

Should you buy a bridal shower gift off the wedding registry?

Since there's not typically a bridal shower registry, some people opt to get gifts from the couple's wedding registry. While you can't really go wrong here, this tradition is sometimes considered outdated. Ask the host if there's a theme, and if you know the bride well enough, feel free to choose something else you know she'll like and use.

Should bridal shower gifts be just for the bride?

These days, bridal shower gifts are often only for the bride. However, you can really go either way here. If you have something in mind for the bride only, go for it, but if you want to give something like high-quality bedding or towels, that's great too. Wedding shower gifts, on the other hand, will focus on the bride and her fiancé.

How much should I spend on a bridal shower gift?

Though there's no official rule book, bridal shower attendees will often spend $50 to $75 on a gift. The maid of honor, family members and her closest friends may spend a bit more, but they certainly don't have to.

How much money do you give for a bridal shower gift?

If you're giving cash or a check in place of a physical gift, you might give $50, $75 or $100. Having said that, there are no specific rules stating how much is appropriate to give. In the end, it should be what you're comfortable with and can afford.

Should you bring the bridal shower hostess a gift?

Brides sometimes thank their hostess with a gift. This shows how grateful they are for the time, effort and money spent on the event. Guests don't necessarily need to bring a gift for the host, but they might check in about pitching in for food, drinks or bridal shower favors.

What is the difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is just for the bride and is most often attended by only women. However, there are definitely some exceptions, and it's ultimately up to the bride and host. A wedding shower, on the other hand, is typically a co-ed event to celebrate the couple rather than just one of them.

Wondering about bridal shower versus wedding gifts? Bridal shower gifts are more focused on the bride, as she'll be attending the party without her partner, whereas wedding gifts are for the couple and are usually chosen from the wedding registry.

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