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Table Linens: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

Table Linens: Behind the Design + Styling Tips
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute
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Our mission is to make the highest quality home textiles for everyday use – from the sheets in your bedroom to the towels in your bathroom. We’re now honored to join you in what is arguably the most popular room in your home – the kitchen! Set the table in style with our table linen collection. Made of 100% linen, this casually elegant collection is for daily meals or special occasions. Get the dish on how our Product and Creative teams approached the design, which meal our Founder and CEO is currently perfecting, and more. Let’s eat!

A picnic in the grass set up on a table linen

What inspired the brand’s table linen collection?

Ariel Kaye, Founder and CEO:Our initial focus was on the rituals surrounding waking up and going to bed. We wanted to further that relationship with our customers and be a part of their daily routines in other areas of the home – so table linens was a natural next step. Sharing a meal is an important part of the day, and this collection allows us to connect with our customers in another way. Eating – and nourishment – are also an essential part of wellness, and we take that seriously at Parachute. I love that our brand encourages and upholds these values through the home essentials we offer.

The table linens feature both solid and striped designs. How did you approach designing the different products in this collection?

Amy Hoban, Creative Director: We thought it was best to offer the tablecloth and table runner in grounding solid colors and the placemats and napkins as the mix and match pieces. Napkins will likely be the most popular and used items, so we wanted to give options! A lot of consideration goes into how people buy and use our products. In the end, I think we developed a collection that is versatile but also consistent with our brand.

How do you envision the Parachute community using these table linens at home?

Ariel:We’re committed to designing products that are functional and will last. Our table linens can be used for everyday meals or dressed up for special occasions with floral arrangements, candles, etc. I envision people mixing and matching because we work with such a neutral color palette. I also see people taking the linens outside. You can use our tablecloth as a picnic blanket or elevate a simple al fresco meal with a table runner and napkins. This collection not only looks great, it works great!

How is this collection a reflection of your own personal style?

Ariel:My personal aesthetic doesn’t differ much from that of Parachute’s. Our unfussy style and natural color palette appeal to me – they help to create a cozy, relaxing space. My decor is equally influenced by the beach, the desert and Scandinavian design. Because I’m all about hosting and having guests over, my biggest priority is creating a comfortable yet chic place for my friends and family to gather.

Styling advice! Which do you recommend: using a tablecloth and runner together or using them separately?

Amy:Personally, I like the table runner on its own. It's a minimalist touch that goes a long way - pun intended!

Meghan, Product Development Manager:I agree, the table runner makes a statement. I like to style it with different floral arrangements and ceramic bowls - and not only for meal times. Keep your table styled all the time!

Cake on a plate on top of a table linen

Describe the vibe of the shoot and how you incorporated food for the first time.

Amy:In addition to our go-to stylist, Scott Horne, we worked with a food stylist for the first time. I was blown away by Marah Abel! No detail was overlooked – even the herbs in tiny silver tins were meticulously placed.

Meghan:Everything at the shoot – the natural tones of the Heath Ceramics dinnerware, the Moroccan Spanish-Style Wine Glasses, the subtly mismatched Crate and Barrel flatware – ties back to who we are as a brand. The styling made the linens look clean and fresh.

What’s your ideal menu for a dinner party?

Ariel:Fresh, California cuisine is always a crowd pleaser. I would start with a light salad – with avocado, obviously – and tossed with a citrus dressing. Next, I would serve grilled fish or other seafood main. I’ve been perfecting my octopus recipe – it’s a delicious, unique dish. I would also include roasted veggies from the garden. I like to keep it simple with a really good extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs. A sweet sorbet for dessert is a nice touch. I also can’t live without a bite of dark chocolate after dinner!

What’s the one piece from the collection you think everyone should have in their home?

Ariel :Our linen napkins! They elevate your entire dining experience. A simple meal – or even take-out – becomes a win when you use a real napkin. Plus it cuts down on waste. Double win.

Amy:Napkins! Everyone should have a nice set of napkins. Why not make every dining experience special?

Meghan:The table runner is so easy. It’s one item on the table and automatically ups the look of your decor.