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8 Ways to Make the Most of Daylight Saving

8 Ways to Make the Most of Daylight Saving
Written By
Parachute Team
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Nicki Sebastian
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This weekend marks the end of daylight saving time, meaning your Sunday will be 60 minutes longer and infinitely better. An extra hour can mean more sleep – possibly followed by week of interrupted sleep – but more importantly, a chance to do something rewarding and for yourself. Here are eight ways to make the most of this year's time change so you can fall back into your best self – mark your calendars!



Hear us out. This activity isn’t only for the overachievers. Yes, working out is a great way to start the day and benefit your physical and mental health, but squeezing in a workout post daylight saving is a great way to help you sleep better and fall asleep faster that night. Immediately helping your body adjust to the change.


Make Breakfast in Bed

Whether you believe meals should be eaten in bed or not – we’re not offering our opinion on the matter – nothing is more exciting than a long Sunday breakfast cooked at home. Prepare a fridge cleaning out frittata, finally attempt a buttery dutch baby or keep it classic – this is your hour and don’t you forget it.


Start a New Book

…Or finally finish that one on your nightstand. Take advantage of this obligation free hour by curling up with a good read. Is there anything more relaxing? Here are few books we’re loving this fall.


Get Ahead of Holiday Gifting

It’s never too early to start thinking of the perfect gifts for special someones – especially with holiday sales just around the corner… Make a list and brainstorm something just right for each person in your life. And we’re not just talking about Grandma – don’t forget to acknowledge those who help us everyday: teachers, postal workers, crossing guards and more.


DIY a Spa Treatment

Self-care Sundays are very real and while we don’t always get to indulge in them as often as we’d like, now’s your chance. Draw a bath with some relaxing bath saltsmake a face mask with ingredients in your fridge and get your glow on.


Test Bake Your Thanksgiving Dessert

Nothing is more disappointing or stress inducing than trying out a show stopping recipe for all your loved ones, and then realizing you don’t know how to make a meringue that doesn’t weep. Take this hour as an opportunity to test and perfect your Thanksgiving contribution. Need inspiration, Bon Appétit has been waiting for you.


Give Back

November is a month centered around giving thanks. Carry on the spirit of the holiday by using your extra hour to give back to those less fortunate. Whether it’s a beach clean up, volunteering at a food bank or donating canned food and clothes to a local shelter, you’ll feel great doing it. Here’s a resource of great organizations to partner with.


Clean Your Home

If you do one thing this Sunday, let it be cleaning your home for fall. We’ve already gone over this – in detail – but a few simple, and under an hour, tasks to consider include rotating your mattress, swapping out summer bedding, dropping off down inserts at the dry cleaner’s and most importantly, switching out the batteries in your smoke detectors.