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Visit Airbnb’s Most Popular Listing Ever

Visit Airbnb’s Most Popular Listing Ever
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Parachute Team
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Sarah Dorio for Parachute
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Nestled in the woods outside Atlanta, Georgia, stands Airbnb’s most wished-for vacation property. It’s not a luxurious castle or a modern mansion…it’s a cozy treehouse for two. And it’s completely decked with Parachute. With over 300,000 site visits per month and 158,000 users saving it to their Airbnb “wish list,” the Treehouse is built among seven majestic trees and composed of three separate structures. Its proprietor, Peter Bahouth, invited us to visit. Take a tour and discover why this magical place in the sky is capturing the hearts of travelers worldwide.

Describe the unique features of the Treehouse. What makes it so beloved?

One of the most unique features of the Treehouse is that it’s actually a suite. It’s not just one room (like a traditional treehouse), but three separate spaces. I’ve designated them mind, body and spirit because each provides a completely different atmosphere.

Another special takeaway is that while the Treehouse is secluded, it’s still in the center of Atlanta (with less than a 10-minute drive to downtown). Guests get the best of both worlds! They experience the outdoors, but can easily have a five-star meal nearby in the city.

We know the Treehouse is very popular. How far in advance do people have to book a stay at your site?

The suite has received some amazing press coverage recently, including a report on The Today Show and articles in Vogue, Country Living and Cosmopolitan. Because of the wonderful recognition, we’ve already received reservations for 2020!

Airbnb treehouse

What are three words you would use to describe the Treehouse?

Gracious, generous and comfortable. The Treehouse offers the ultimate in southern hospitality.

What types of guests does the Treehouse attract? What are people looking to experience when traveling to the Treehouse?

We welcome a wide range of guests to the Treehouse, from the newly engaged to couples celebrating 20+ year anniversaries. The Treehouse attracts an open and accepting crowd. You are out in the elements when staying in our suite. Guests have to have a good attitude towards nature…you never know when a storm will roll through or an uninvited critter may stop by.

In the end, I’m always trying to meet and exceed people’s expectations when they visit. I truly believe that the Treehouse offers a nice, simple option in what is becoming a more trying world. The Treehouse gives people what they need.

Airbnb treehouse

How far have people traveled to stay at the Treehouse?

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a lot of Australians. I also had a couple drive from Toronto, Canada. I’m constantly amazed by the distance people are willing to travel to experience the property.

What has been the most surprising thing about opening your home to (essentially) strangers?

The people! They are amazing. I don’t interact too much with guests, but I do ask them to leave a note upon their departure. Their stories are always touching and moving. If managing the Treehouse was just about the money, it would be a job. This is something special.

Airbnb treehouse

You built the Treehouse – bravo! What inspired the project? Do you have construction experience?

I had a small “treehouse” as a kid and it helped me to discover the meaning of sovereignty. Many years ago, I bought an acre of property next to my home and started to think about what I could do with the land. I kept reminiscing about my days in my childhood treehouse and how I could recapture that magic. I worked with a construction crew to draw up plans and perform the actual buildout. The entire process was very organic.

The Treehouse is integrated into the presence of 7 trees. There are Beech, Tulip Poplars (with their tulip-shaped leaves and gorgeous orange and bright green blossoms), and the “old man.” A magnificent 165-year old southern Shortleaf Pine. Now that’s a tree with character. I could tell stories…

Was the plan always to make it a vacation destination?

No, I just built the suite for myself. It never occurred to me that I could rent them out until I heard about Airbnb. I often get asked if I plan on building another Treehouse or raising the price because of the demand, but I’m not interested. I put a lot of thought and care into this Treehouse and people respond to that.

How would you describe the decor inside each of the spaces in the Treehouse?

The decor is eclectic. I’ve furnished the space with a lot of antique items, unique art and cozy blankets. Most importantly, there is a lot of open space to admire the surrounding greenery.

Inside the treehouse

The Treehouse is outfitted with Parachute’s bedding and bath essentials. What makes our products a good fit for the space (in your opinion)?

To me, Parachute is reminiscent of the southern nature of the Treehouse – a place of comfort where you know you’ll get a good night’s sleep. The bed has been one of the biggest changes and improvements in the Treehouse over the past 18 years. I want to provide people with the highest quality bedding. Parachute consistently delivers and is the only brand I share with my guests…plus it goes with the decor!