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White Glove Mattress Delivery - Ready to ship in 4-6 weeks Reviews

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Save yourself the hassle and purchase white glove delivery

Save yourself the hassle. The mattress is pretty heavy and I'm glad that I purchased white glove delivery. Well worth it. AND they take your old mattress which is an added benefit.

Ryan B. - Verified Buyer
Myriam Z 11 Prince st

Best delivery even the young man was delevering my mattress which was bloody heavy Very profil am gave a 5 1/2

Myriam Z. - Verified Buyer
Sweetest sleep

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new mattress so much . It has been so relaxing especially during these stressful times . And it so beautiful!!!!

Jennifer N. - Verified Buyer
Great mattress.

Great mattress.

Maureen O. - Verified Buyer
Perfectly balanced support system

I have nine mattresses from Parachute in my home. Everyone finds them comfortable. They are beautifully designed and made.

Chelsea D. - Verified Buyer

I finally replaced my old mattress after FIFTEEN years (too long), and almost immediately I could feel the improvement. I could literally feel my back loosening up each night. The only downside was that my cat was weirdly suspicious of the new, much less...flat...surface, but she’s finally come around too and now I can’t budge her either when I need to move the covers.

Samantha D. - Verified Buyer
Exceeded Expectations

I absolutely love this bed. I am so happy I decided to purchase it. I sleep so well on this mattress. It has great support and is super comfortable. Exceeded my expectations.

Tracey K. - Verified Buyer
Super Eco Friendly and Comfortable

I love this mattress!

Kathryn T. - Verified Buyer
Worth it.

I combine the mattress with the Sleep Cycle iOS app for a 30 minute gradual/gentle wake up. I've got a percale fitted sheet for my twin mattress and a cool weather duvet/comforter. I do wake up warm sometimes but that could certainly be due to late night eating and have nothing to do with the mattress. Hard for me to tell the difference between a mattress of this price VS half the price given it's a bit impossible/unmanageable to test both in parallel. I just know this one I could afford and purchased in the hopes the high (IMO) price would be my insurance policy to a good nights sleep. I know that requires more factors than just the mattress but anyway I think it's worth it IF you can afford it. If the price point seems expensive you may be fine with a cheaper mattress. I can't verify that though.

Jeremaih C. - Verified Buyer

Very comfortable but a little on the soft side for me.

William S. - Verified Buyer